Friday, May 08, 2015

Not the Roswell Slides and How the Pictures Were Taken

While I hesitate to post anything more about the Not Roswell Slides, there is one point that has not been covered during all this talk. Although we had been told that we would learn all about the slides, the provenance and the scientific testing, little of that came out that we didn’t already know. As I was thinking about this, I realized there is one question that probably would never be answered adequately. That is, how is it that a couple of civilians, no matter how highly connected, were allowed into what would have been a restricted area, with a camera, manage to take two pictures and leave with camera and  film intact?

They have used the pictures of Eisenhower to suggest a connection to the general because he is in uniform, but that doesn’t explain how they got into the restricted area. Eisenhower would have never allowed it.

How do I know?

Take a look at his performance as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. During 1944, Eisenhower demoted a number of officers for their breach of security. True, these breaches might have resulted in higher casualties during the invasion of Europe, but security is security. Eisenhower would not have tolerated civilians in a restricted area… providing we all agree that the Rays were pals with Eisenhower and he would share this information with them. That hasn’t been proven yet.

The first stumbling block in all this is how they took the pictures in the first place… or is the first stumbling block the lack of provenance so that we don’t even know if one of the Rays took the photographs. That’s just speculation because the slides were allegedly found in a collection of slides that belonged to the Rays and if they did take them, there are breaks in the chain of custody so the box could have had slides added later in the decades they floated around.

Anyway, the point is that there is no plausible explanation for the way two civilians would be allowed into a restricted area to photograph the body of an alien creature and if you can’t explain that with some sort of evidence, then the whole premise of Not Roswell Slides of an alien creature fail.


Gen said...

I have been wondering the same thing! Why would civilians be allowed to see anything that is secret with the military? Did they get a special viewing? Why? ...and no one knew they had a camera? ...Then they just kept the slides in a box they didn't care enough about to give to someone in their family- or put in a safe!?

If the slides are really from 1947 and the mummy exhibit came to the US in 1956…maybe they got a special viewing of that? Or maybe the date of the slides are wrong and it is from the 1956 exhibit. Some of the other photos showed a woman in a museum standing next to a big ship. (she was also wearing a blue skirt like the woman in the "alien" photo.) If you watch the smithsonian video about the child mummy, there are parts shown that are in a big room with the same kind of metal rods with holes in it holding up hundreds of glass boxes. They look identical.

Another thing I wonder is why is it so important to say this was an alien from roswell specifically? If they were real, how could anyone possibly know how we got them? Just because the slides are dated AROUND that time doesn't mean anything. It seems like the is such a push to connect them to roswell.

I want to believe! But, come on… The part of me that wants it to be true keeps thinking back to reading about roswell…when they were going to do a press conference and show the crash evidence of the metal you could bend with your hands, the military came in at the last minute and replaced the wreckage with that of a weather balloon to make everyone seem foolish…..supposedly.

I can only hope that this happened again! lol

cda said...


I am inclined to agree with your premise that two civilians ought not to have been allowed into a restricted area (if it really was a restricted area) to photograph an ET.

But maybe during the intense excitement of the military discovering an ET, someone was a bit careless and let these two pass the security.

The same principle can apply to the Ramey memo. If it was truly a top secret document (as its promoters insist) why was Ramey holding it so that anyone present could view it? Carelessness maybe?

Unknown said...

Kevin, the other thing I have been wondering about is why would the select few who would have access to
alien bodies have them presented in a fancy museum style enclosure? Wouldn't it be more logical to have
them stored in a more basic manner, maybe in a freezer or coffin type enclosure? So we are led to believe,
what, that there is an 'alien museum' for just a few people in the government? It's kind of laughable when you think about it. It reminds me of the movie Independence Day for some reason.

Gene Steinberg said...

The positioning doesn't make sense. The corpse would have to be properly preserved for further examination, not put on a glass table. And how are they protecting the populace against possible alien viruses? That's one of the biggest logical fallacies of all, that someone not wearing any protective gear appears in the picture next to the display.


Brian B said...

As noted previously there is a bear head (or wolf-head) in the background behind the mummy.

The skull of the child mummy also exhibits black painted numbers between the eyes(#12?) which are artifact codes extensively used by Egypotologists who are currators of these items. Egyptologists have already seen these as of Tuesday and they claim its a fake - just another mummy.

You don't really need to speculate on how civilians got to see the aliens because they didn't. THIS IS A CHILD MUMMY.

Which makes you wonder just how much effort Schmitt, Carey, Dolan, Bragalia, Dew, and Maussin actually put into their researach - obviously not much at all.

Reminds me of Greer's claims that the minature mummy found in South America was proof positive that aliens were breeding with the Nazca. Well we know how that turned out too....

Lance said...

No idea why these kinds of musings are even warranted.

The basic claim (in regards to this being an alien body) should get a full stop just at a glance at the slide.

This is such a silly farce.

Instead the discussion might be about what a shithole UFO "research" is.

These are the very best UFO "researchers" and they are stupider than a bag of rocks.

Let's all listen to them speak about paradigm-shifting, etc.!


Unknown said...

I see a cottage industry of self promotion popping up over this. As many people will come out of the woodwork with all kinds of different ways of proving this is fake. A book or two, speaking fees and the radio circuit for a few years at least.

Anonymous said...

Nick Redfern may have solved it.

The thing to note is that the mummy my have actually been marketed as an alien being. It's still fake, but the placard itself would have denoted it as being possibly non-human.

I'm of the opinion that the slide owner saw and read the placard, which gave them the idea to market this picture as a picture of a Roswell alien. If true, then this would definitely be a scam, a fraud, because the owner would have whited out the placard so we could not read it. The placard also likely revealed the location of the exhibit or made it so that it could easily be discovered.

Sorry, Kevin. This is looking like an outright hoax, a con, and that would mean that Don Schmitt and Tom Carey are conmen.

jim bender said...


So is your POST that KINDA like Roswell UFO newspaper headline :

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing the "capture" of a "flying saucer

Then within hours they retracted the story and claim Weather balloon????

LOL Your post is KINDA bias and
sarcastic right???

Gen said...

Jim B- yes, completely sarcastic. :) I really wanted it to be true! I love this stuff! oh well... guess I'll start looking for bigfoot!

Anonymous said...


Why do you keep using "Not The Roswell Slides" when that liar Tom Carey specifically said, when asked by Jaime Maussan on where the being in the slides came from, "We are speculating the being came from the impact site"? He said this on stage at the May 5 presentation.

Don't you think it's time time to call Tom Carey and Don Schmitt what they are, liars and cons?

KRandle said...

Jason -

I think my new posting will answer your questions...

I call them the Not Roswell Slides because both Tom and Don said they weren't from Roswell when it was clear from the rest of their interview they clearly did believe they came from Roswell... though now, I just don't know how they didn't know the truth.