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Not the Roswell Slides and Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan has now chimed in on the Not Roswell Slides and his critique while interesting does little to further our knowledge. We are basically back where we were on May 4 except that there is now a better quality photo out there for us to look at.

Dolan says, repeatedly, “…my position on the slides is still not firm. I have been and remained impressed with the story behind their provenance — such as we can put it together. And I am currently impressed with the analyses performed on the slides themselves, as well as the body in question. These analyses are far more technically detailed than the criticism against them that I have seen. My position would change if I am presented with analyses that deal with the data already provided. Not people’s hunches or invective.”

And that is where many of us are, except that we might be leaning in one direction or the other more so today than we were on May 4. We don’t have enough information but the reason we don’t is that it hasn’t been offered though it had been promised.

Dolan said that he was impressed with the story behind the slide’s provenance, but that is all there is, a story. No evidence was provided that proved these slides were taken by the Rays, the chain of custody is broken in repeated instances, and we really don’t know when or where they were taken. What we do have are guesses based on limited information and I think back to the Alien Autopsy when the same games were played. The provenance would be provided but it never was. Here we are told that the Rays lived in Midland, Texas, the slides were recovered in Sedona, Arizona, and ended up in Chicago some twenty years after discovery owned by a man whose identify has not been revealed. Not a compelling provenance.

Dolan wrote about those who had suggested the body is a mummy of some kind. “Such people — all of them English-speakers — obviously did not acquaint themselves with the detailed and technically proficient treatment of these very questions by the three scientists who were featured last night: Jose Benetez, Dr. Luiz Antonio de Alba Galindo, and Richard Doble, The first two of these spoke in Spanish, and I understand there may have been glitches at times with the translation on the livestream. However, Richard Doble’s Skype interview was in English and extremely easy to follow. The Spanish speakers were simply outstanding, and I was able to listen via translation. All of these gentlemen spoke in detail and with deep analysis as to why that body was not a human being.”

This is known as an appeal to authority. We are not allowed to voice an opinion because experts in the field have rendered the proper opinion and we are not qualified to judge it. And while the experts cited by Dolan have impressive credentials, they are not the only experts who have spoken about this. Others, who have been approached by the skeptical community, have suggested a variety of other opinions and before anyone points it out, I’m well aware that they didn’t have access to good quality copies of the slides. The point is, we’ll end up with dueling experts and unless or until someone finds the precise mummy, the arguments will rage.

Dolan has suggested that we all should wait until the investigation is completed or as he said, “I do think they absolutely deserve genuine investigation.”

Yes, but shouldn’t that have been done before the great reveal in Mexico City. After all, they sat on this for three years, apparently investigating them. They promised an expert from Kodak, who would explain why the slides were dated to the late 1940s, but he was a no show… and blame is laid at the feet of those who dared to call him at home, irritating him to the point that he wanted no part of this. One of those, Lance Moody, called him in the middle of the afternoon and had a nice conversation with the man. The other harasser was apparently Billy Cox, a journalist who could be expected to attempt to verify the information and who also called in the middle of the afternoon. So who were these other harassers?

Dolan and I agree on one thing. The Not Roswell Slides deserve more investigation and research, and as Jimmy Church said during his radio show last night, there are now, literally millions of potential investigators out there. They have a fairly good image, and they will be scanning the Internet and museums and everything else in search of the twin of this image. We do have access to about every aspect of human knowledge now that we have the Internet and global connection.

There is one other point to be made about the Not Roswell Slides. Paolo Harris made the point, as has Stan Friedman, (and which has also been said by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey) and one that I will reinforce. There is nothing to tie these slides to the Roswell case and that is where the provenance fails completely.

So, here we are, two days after the great reveal and we have nothing new to show for it (other than a better picture). We don’t really know anything that we didn’t before, so, as Dolan suggests, we do need to complete a full investigation. The only thing I fear is that this will take as long as it did for the Alien Autopsy… I hope we get an answer in a little timelier manner but given what I have seen, I don’t see that happening.


Lance said...
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Lance said...


I cannot fathom why you keep saying that we don't know any more than we knew on May 4th.

We know a lot more.

All of the claims made by the Dream Team have been shown to be false. And now we can see very clearly that this photo was taken in a museum or similar setting.

None of the things they claim to have seen in the photo are there.

It is obviously a case of extreme belief overriding reason or just plain fraud.

The claimed provenance of the photo, even if true, means absolutely nothing.

And Dolan shows himself to be completely without integrity. There is no low that some people who earn their living peddling UFO nonsense will go, it seems.

The silly experts that Dolan claims to be impressed with are just more UFO pretend science. One of the morons says that he can see that the mummy was evolved like a lizard and is reptilian! Can it get stupider?

This isn't science. It's farce.

And Dolan deserves to be castigated for it regardless of how much cowardly back-pedaling he is doing now.


Doc Conjure said...

On the recent Coast to Coast AM interview, Dolan said skeptics of the slides were like "10 year old children".

Reminder, on Coast to Coast AM as well, Dolan came on to defend Stan Romanek after he was arrested for possession of child porn.

Jack Brewer said...

I largely agree with Lance. This is not nearly as complicated and convoluted as apologists are now making it.

There's nothing to debunk. There's an image claimed to be from some slides that depicts something unidentified of which there is no chain of custody. Burden is on the claimants.

Moreover, claims of forthcoming information were not delivered. The circumstances have been repeatedly obscured, and good faith has not been demonstrated.

Further investigation required? How about accept the writing on the wall...

KRandle said...

Lance -

Because, other than a better quality picture, they didn't tell us anything that we hadn't deduced before...

Not all the claims were false. They did show up in Mexico City and provided the name of one of the scientists that we didn't have.

I suppose I'm looking at it as thinking they would reveal something about the provenance, that they would provide a better resolution scan, and that we would have additional information. We got none of that.

I have said we have nothing new other than the picture and from that we can deduce many things. I was looking at this narrowly from the point of view of expecting new information from them, not deductions we can make from the picture.

But, Lance, you can make your points without being so nasty about it. Yes, we know you are disappointed (or maybe not because you expected we we got) but you need to tone down the rhetoric because it approaches libel.

Manny Coto said...

I was one of the lunkheads who actually paid money for the live stream. I'm also fluent in Spanish. While the Mexican speakers were polished and seemed knowledgeable, I continually got the feeling they were seeing what they wanted to see. For example, they kept stressing that the specimen's proportions do not conform to those of an adult human. I kept thinking, that also goes for my six-year-old son. Does that mean he's from Beta Reticuli?

Brian B said...

Dolan would be wise to review the comments posted at Mike Heiser's blog for solid and concrete evidence from known and highly respected Egyptologists that these slides are indeed that of a child mummy.

Dolan is simply back-peddling and playing the old political game of not really saying anything of substance to avoid further potential damage. Anyone can say "they deserve further investigation".

And if Dolan did say all the skeptics are like 10 year olds then he is only displaying his own arrogance.

Heiser has already commented on the fact the skull has tell-tale signs of a painted museum ID number so common to all mummies for those who study them.

Carey said in the live interview prior to the event that the skull "had something on it" that clearly was kidding dude. Painted numbers.

And what about the markings of the Jerusalem Cricket? I guess they have painted numbers on their skulls too...

cda said...

Isn't Richard Dolan a conspiracist? In other words, he believes that the US government has the evidence, knows the truth, etc, etc...

Why don't we all accept, once and for all, that ANY Roswell ET believer MUST, by the very nature of the case, be a conspiracist.

This applies to Kevin (assuming he still goes along with ET), Schmitt, Carey, Rudiak, Bragalia and in fact anyone at all who accepts the general picture of an ET craft crashing in the desert that day.

What became of those bodies? We have decided, I do believe, that the slides do NOT depict the said bodies.

So where, in God's name, are they now?? And where have they been for 68 years? Why are we only presented with slides, movies and the like?

Why are we not being shown THE REAL THING?

I would prefer an answer from a non-conspiracist, if at all possible.

Dr Tim Brigham said...

Dolan is 'impressed' by the backstory?
I asked him via facebook who was responsible for 'vetting' the aging 'whistleblower' he was featured interviewing on YouTube a while back- the 'deathbed confession'- because he stated bluntly that the background of the claimant had been investigated. I received no response. Which is too bad, as I want to like Richard, on a personal level.
Tim Brigham, PhD

Larry said...

CDA: do you or do you not acknowledge that there is a difference in meaning between the word "conspiracy" and "classified program"?

If you do not acknowledge that distinction, then it is pointless to engage in this discussion with you.

TheDimov said...

The title "The Dream Team" in retrospect, is quite apt.

Unknown said...

Good question to cda Larry. As cda was off topic I won't comment except to say by his definition I am a conspiracist and proud of it, and he's a debunker and I hope he is proud of it.

Gene Steinberg said...

I'm worried that Dolan is too accepting of things nowadays. I confronted him on The Paracast once about the Aztec case, and his response was wishy washy. Well, it didn't have enough back it up as Roswell, but he didn't dismiss it.



Brian B said...

CDA - In regards to the term "conspiracist" note that in a YouTube vid of Don Schmitt speaking at a UFO conference in 2014 was asked by an ET'er in the audience if he considered himself a conspiracist based on the fact that he used the term repeatedly in reference to the Roswell cover up, using that term (cover up) as well.

He responded quote: "No, I don't like to use that term or be called that because it means something different to other people and it's not what I want to be referred to as."

Minutes later he goes back to referencing the Roswell cover up activities using the term "conspiracy to hide the truth".

They don't want to be called that, but they have no other way to present their case without using the terminology - therefore they are indeed conspiracists whether they like it or not.


Conspiracy Theory: A theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups.

Conspiracist: One holding a conspiracy theory.

Brian B said...

PS - We are not being shown "the real thing" because it doesn't exist (alien bodies that is).

If they were human test subjects in some ultra secret plutonium experiment and died as a result, their bodies were cremated long ago.

The real conspiracy on the part of the US government is that they can't explain what the phenomenon really is but know that they cannot ignore it or discuss it publically.

Nitram said...

Larry posted:

"do you or do you not acknowledge that there is a difference in meaning between the word "conspiracy" and "classified program"?"

Well put Larry and 100% correct.

"If you do not acknowledge that distinction, then it is pointless to engage in this discussion with you."

Couldn't agree more Larry.

No point arguing with idiots - otherwise you drop to their level and they beat you with experience.


cda said...


Read what I wrote. I said:

"Why don't we all accept, once and for all, that ANY Roswell ET believer MUST, by the very nature of the case, be a conspiracist."

I did not say the converse, i.e. I did not say: "any conspiracist must be a Roswell ET believer."

Meaning that there are some, perhaps many, conspiracists who do not go along with Roswell being an ET crash. For all I know, you are one of these.

One day, when you learn to spell your name correctly, you can let us know.

At the same time you can also tell us your views on those two slides and the whole Mexico presentation. As someone who has been to Roswell and spoken with numerous people, your views are eagerly awaited.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Do we know if Richard had the chance to converse with Benítez and Galindo and ask them about their study on the slides, prior to the May 5th presentation?

I confess Benítez's point-by-point analysis did give me pause during the event. Of course, as a medical examiner for the Mexican Navy, it's unclear if he's had had the chance to study mummies --either recent or ancient.

I found Galindo less credible. He seemed to be extrapolating way too many conclusions from just 1 single image.

Nitram said...

The "one and only" wrote

"There are some, perhaps many, conspiracists who do not go along with Roswell being an ET crash. For all I know, you are one of these."

Following the same logic - it could be argued that everyone is a conspiracist - unless you have NEVER believed in a "secret plan"...

"At the same time you can also tell us your views on those two slides and the whole Mexico presentation. As someone who has been to Roswell and spoken with numerous people, your views are eagerly awaited."

I am disappointed by the whole slide fiasco. I never thought this would amount to anything and like the Alien Autopsy, this undermines the important work that Kevin & David (and others?) are doing in trying to understand what really happened in July of 1947.


Nitram said...
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Nitram said...
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Larry said...

CDA, please just answer the question. Do you acknowledge a distinction between "conspiracy" and "classified program"? A simple yes or no will suffice.

Dennis Pharr said...


I'm not clear on why you believe there needs to be any additional investigation....I mean, at all. Unless they were displaying alien bodies in museums and sideshows in the 1940's and 1950's then I think this farce is over.

The higher resolution picture released yesterday clearly shows a mummy in a display case along with either a monkey or an ape head - with placards for each. It's clear to see and quite obvious. Why prolong the charade?

What angers me and should enrage everyone is that it must have been obvious to those involved in the "investigation" since they had access to the high resolution pictures all along. And yet they chose to continue pushing the myth - why?

If there's any further investigation to be done, it should be to find out why the "dream team" pushed this myth as far as they did.

Unknown said...


This conspiracist question is something I would like to address. However, since it is somewhat off topic how far will you allow it to go? It does have a basis in the "Roswell Slides" issue but perhaps a reach. Anyway it is interesting, your call.

Unknown said...

It should be noted that "conspiracy theory" is not a dirty term.

Any historian will tell you that our history, particularly modern history, is replete with real conspiracies. Factions or groups getting together in secret to plan or put in action some effort to gain boons for themselves and compatriots.

This is not a wild fantasy, it is a reality of history.

The use of the term "conspiracy theory" in the media to denote "crackpot ideas" was encouraged in its use by elements of the US government in the '60s. This is a known fact and can be backed up by an analysis of the prevalence of negative use of the term post-1960 in US media.

Are critics really saying that "conspiracies" don't exist? Every time a jury convenes, it is a conspiracy.

What we have to differentiate between are crazy-ass ideas like Reptilian overlords controlling the government, and something like factions of crooks getting together to influence public opinion, share prices, or who gets elected.

The latter actually exist in history and to list examples would overload the comment section.

I have no idea what happened near Roswell in '47, but to allege that the US government wouldn't engage in a "conspiracy" to hide classified material is plainly asinine.

Unknown said...

Checo Beeper:

Well said!

Unknown said...

Larry Holcombe:

This pompous hat-wearing chin-pose question is something I would like to address. However, since it is somewhat off topic how far will you allow it to go?


William Strathmann said...


Previous descriptions of the victim in the "Cha-ching-co-de-Ma-yo" slides have stressed the unusual proportions of limbs, as well as unusual cranial shape and strange hands and feet. But there are genetic disorders that present similar symptoms. Here is a link to a short film of a happy baby with a rare Miller syndrome genetic defect that left his arms significantly shortened. What is not clearly seen is the fact that the child, like his older sister, had cranial malformations as well.

This child and his sister underwent repeated corrective surgeries.

At about 3 mins into the vid at the following link you can see various malformations of the sister.

A website for genetic defects provides a description of a different inherited handicap which includes shortened limbs.

"Distinctive facial features are also seen with rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata. These include a prominent forehead, widely set eyes (hypertelorism), a sunken appearance of the middle of the face (midface hypoplasia), a small nose with upturned nostrils, and full cheeks."

Whether or not these specific symptoms are present in the slide victim, they indicate that humans can be born with similar deformations. Perhaps the good physician for the Mexican Navy is a specialist in genetic deformities, but if not it would have been due-diligence for the "big reveal" crew to have such a specialist analyze the image and present meticulous examples of why this victim is outside human genetic range, including by deformity. I gather this was not done.

Brian B said...

Humm...the demands for CDA to acknowledge the difference between a conspiracy theory and a classified project seem a bit ridiculous not to mention off topic concerning Dolan's role in the Mexican Circus event.

Of course there is a difference, but that isn't the point CDA is making. To be clear, what he is saying is that many proponents of an alien crash at Roswell, or for that matter anything to do with UFOlogy, seem to be odd fellows who promote that their governments do nothing but tell lies to them (and others) continuously about things they demand to know even if they have no right to ask (classified projects being one of them).

It does seem to me that folks like Carey, Schmitt, Maussin, Dolan, Friedman and the like all seem to despise their US or Mexican governments and feel they are the vanguard of truth in pressing for what they demand is a confession of wrong doing. Seems a bit hypocritical given that some of these folks (Schmitt and even Kevin) are receiving retirement benefits and pensions from the very government they served who they now want to outright attack or verbally condemn for not giving them answers that satisfy their need to know.

My tax dollars are paying those people's benefits...if you are receiving them and a conspiracist against your government I would like to see you stripped of your service time privileges. The Constitution can protect the right to your opinion but that doesn't mean you're right about your conspiracist attitudes.

Unknown said...

Mr. Bell's comment appears quite odd to me.

Is he saying that the US government does not lie to its people? I think a very short examination of 20th Century history supplies inordinate examples of official lies.

Or is he saying that recipients of retirement benefits and pensions do not have the right to question their government?

This seems very silly. They not only have a right to question their government(s) but a duty to do so. More so than many other citizens, it could be argued.

Whatever benefits they receive are irrelevant. They earned those.

Respect is also earned. If you mindlessly hold to the view that government or officials therein deserve respect merely through the position they hold, then you've eschewed rationality, in my opinion.

Informed individuals are quite right to suspect that the US government is keeping secrets. Trotting out the "conspiracist attitude" accusation is meaningless.

Would you like a list of proven conspiracies and "questionable" secret activities the US government has engaged in? Really?

There are more than enough reasons to warrant suspicion from any intelligent person about the motives of branches of the US government.

It's not crazy to present this argument. It's factual. It's based on historical evidence. Also on what we know of human nature.

I'm not suggesting the USA has alien bodies in jars somewhere. I merely point out that the tack taken by some commentators, using "conspiracy theory" as a pejorative, is profoundly stupid.

"Don't talk out of turn! How dare you question your government! I pay your wages," etc, are the catch-cries of those who willingly allow others to manipulate them. This is the language of jingo-spewing nationalistic blockheads.

This is not a conspiratorial stance ("wake up, sheeple!") - it's just an experienced one!

Let's just avoid getting into the David Icke area - or the Anthony Bragalia area, either.

On the matter of the slides and Dolan, everyone who supported this Not-Roswell Slide business has ruined their reputation and credibility. I know many serious people with an interest in UFO research who have found his stance mind-boggling.

I strongly suspect that identification of the actual museum exhibit pictured in the slide may only be weeks or days away.

These clowns probably didn't make as much money from this as they thought, either.

In the mean time, it may be amusing for some to watch Dolan attempt to back-pedal away from this clusterf*** at the speed of sound.

Nick Redfern said...

Below is a link to a new Mysterious Universe article from me on the Roswell Slides.

Yes, it's speculative and based on a hypothesis of mine, but I think it's a valid one.

Take a careful look at the article, and particularly the old museum I mention in the article.

I think there is a good chance this is where the photos were taken.

Plus, the nature of what was held at the museum explains other things too (such as the "wolf head" in the slide) - and it's a New Mexico museum filled with oddities - and it also has a dead alien story attached to it.

And NM was an area that Bernerd Ray's work covered.

Anyway, here's the link, feel free to link to it, fwd etc.

By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to Phoenix, AZ for a lecture. I'll be offline while away, but back online either Sunday night or Monday morning.

KRandle said...

All -

This is about Richard Dolan's suggestion that we shouldn't be so negative about the Not Roswell Slides and is not about conspiracies. Let's move back on track here.

Isn't anyone annoyed by Dolan's take on this? He's telling us not to question the experts and to take a wait and see attitude as the investigation plays out. We should reserve our judgement until these experts tell us what to think...

I say they had their chance. They picked the time and the place and they made many promises that were not fulfilled. The only thing they did was provide a better quality photograph. Let's move back on track.

Oh, and Nick, thanks for the link which eventually leads to a YouTube video of an alien in a museum in White City, NM.

Red Pill Junkie said...

He' not telling us not to question the forensic experts. He's telling us to at least take them into consideration. It seems that the participation of the specialists who participated in the event was cut short during the live streaming? Can someone confirm this?

Not to mention that due to the fact that 2 of the specialists gave theirntestimony in Spanish, I reckon it was hard to follow for the non-Spanish speaking viewers.

Gen said...

It would be great if a reporter would go to the smithsonian RIGHT NOW and take updated photos of the child mummy 2397 on display. It seems like that would clear everything up pretty quick. I'm surprised that hasn't been done- or wasn't done already and presented as info at the huge mexican press conference that no one could understand.

One thing I wonder about though- in the smithsonian pictures of the child mummy, his chest cavity is "blown up"...not sunken, like the photo. Do they do something to it at the smithsonian to inflate the chest? Or maybe the child mummy photo I saw wasn't the one being compared to this alien photo. I'm no expert, but it clearly seems to be a mummy.

Were they ever able to see what was printed on the white label on the box? I bet this is on the box at the smithsonian. Someone go take a picture!!

And why would the slide owners keep slides of an alien body in a box they clearly didn't care about...and why would they even be allowed to take them!?

The person I am most disappointed in is Edgar Allen Mitchell. He's an astronaut! Why is he doing this???? He was the only reason I paid any attention to this. So sad.

cda said...

Edgar Mitchell was presumably there because he has, long ago, been converted to the UFO/ET cause. He had a sighting himself in the distant past (not in space). Whether he believes in the 'Roswell is ET' idea I know not.


In your last message, you used a double negative in the first line. Are you saying Dolan is pro the Roswell slides (as evidence of ETs) or anti the slides? What does Dolan believe in, anyway?

Checo B:

"I'm not suggesting the USA has alien bodies in jars somewhere." Thank goodness for that! All the Roswell ET promoters I know of say that the US govt. HAS got ET bodies stashed somewhere, although maybe not in jars. This is precisely what I meant by 'conspiracy theory', i.e the dotty idea that the guys at the top have known the great truth for 68 years but still ain't telling the public.

KRandle said...


You are confused by the joke... Don, Tom, and many others have said that these are not Roswell Slides. That's a term applied by the skeptics, so I have dubbed them the Not Roswell Slides.

Dolan has suggested that his mind is not made up on the topic.

Jack Brewer said...

Excellent comments from Dennis Pharr. Very well expressed.

Kevin wrote, "Isn't anyone annoyed by Dolan's take on this?"

Yes. I'm also annoyed at the apologies being indirectly offered for Dolan's lack of addressing the exaggerated and unsupported claims leading up to the event. If I am completely sincere in what I think about it, I'd say that I question both the objectivity and intelligence of people rationalizing the fiasco and Dolan's involvement.

TheDimov said...

Richard Dolan did it for the money, he is almost apologetic for being involved if you hear his latest interviews, they needed him and Edgar on board just to get some big names. Richard pretty much says it flat out that its for the money, and do I blame him? Well, yes. You either have integrity or you don't in my opinion, and to get involved when you even openly admit as he has "Ive barely had any time to look into it", then all it does to me is cast a shadow on whatever else you've done, so I am personally not happy with Dolan's involvement. I thought more highly of him.

Gen said...

CDA- It seems Edgar Allen Mitchell is supporting the Roswell slides, so I guess he does believe "Roswell is ET."

I have also read about him, along with his book, and really respected his opinion. Like I said, he was the only reason I paid attention to this, and it seems completely false. I just wonder why he supports it?

Once you lose your integrity, you can't get it back!

Jeanne Ruppert said...

Red Pill Junkie, my impression watching the stream of the last hour of the event was that the presentations by scientists and forensic experts were cut short. It was difficult to follow the two presentations in Spanish, but the one that included visuals and charts conveyed considerable information. I've read that the reports (and transcripts) of these and perhaps other scientific consultants will be put up on the web as soon as possible. It would have been better if that had been done at the time of the live event. Anyway, Dolan is, imo, prudently suggesting that these reports should be read before one jumps to conclusions and followed by other investigations by specialists.

Brian B said...

CDA - On Mitchell...well he may be a bonafied American hero but that doesn't mean he's right about every opinion he shares on UFO's. He does support Roswell as an ET event:

"On July 23, 2008 Edgar Mitchell was interviewed on Kerrang Radio by Nick Margerrison. Mitchell claimed the Roswell crash was real and that aliens have contacted humans several times, but that governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, stating: "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real." In reply, a spokesman for NASA stated: "NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe. Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.""

He is also into Eastern mysticism, ESP, and "spirit consciousness" that can meld with the cosmos. He has experimented with ESP and claims it healed his cancer.

I'm not certain this gives him more or less credibility when it comes to the slides and Roswell.

Lance said...

@ Jeanne,

Ok let's read the reports then...

You have a link for them, I assume?
Or links to the scans done of the slides?

Or anything?

They haven't released them although they promised that they would at the event.

Not to pick on you, Jeanne, but the hucksters are hoping for just that kind of good-natured gullibility.

What we know of what they have said is nonsense (that the being in the slide evolved like a gecko? Please!).

As you will shortly see, the whole thing reeks of all out imposture.


Gen said...

wait- they didn't release ANY photos at the event? the one everyone is looking at is still the same one someone got out of the documentary??

Wow! I didn't realize that! I didn't pay the $19.95 to watch the event.

I thought that was the entire point of the event- to show the photos!? Did they not do it because of the leaked photo and all the criticism? If it was real, then prove everyone wrong and show the photos!

How can ANYONE be sticking up for these guys now? It's really sad.

cda said...


Thanks for the info on Edgar Mitchell. It does not surprise me in the least that he was wheeled out to give support to the 'slides show ET' idea.

And the fact that he goes along with other pseudoscience ideas is also standard practice.

Governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, and he happens to be privileged enough to be in on the fact. He should learn to keep his mouth shut or he might lose his NASA pension!

eBikesRC said...

As Kevin pointed out, the "Roswell Slide Team" has had years to uncover "the truth" about the 2 Slides. It's a "mental trick" of the trickster, imo, to "now" suggest we have to disprove their experts assertions about the non-human anatomy without even offering the real high resolution scans UNALTERED, as was "promised" to be done on May 5th, right? Or, at least soon after...

Until the RAW [unaltered] FULL high-resolution scans are provided this whole matter is a 100% SCAM. Why?

Adam Dew "and company" is still hiding "the evidence" without anyone able to fully analyze "the truth" about the slides. Right now, we are inside a complete "cover-up" and conspiracy to hide the truth about these slides. It is simply a scam at this point in time UNTIL the raw unaltered high resolution scans are provided to the public. IMO.

As for Richard Dolan, a major publisher and author of UFOlogy, WTF, he has known about these slides for years now too. Are we to believe his disclaimer that he knows little about this subject, when he has had years to follow this too AND months to prepare for his trip to Mexico.

That's really being disingenuous and dishonest, imo, and unless we're provided with the real unaltered high resolution scans ASAP we've been screwed for years about this matter...

Well, Adam Dew? Slidebox Media? Richard Dolan: how can we analyze anything about this without the real high-rez scans?

Unknown said...


While I agree that a hi res scan would be far better than what we have seen to date. I'm not sure it would reveal all we would like to see. This scan appears to be from an underexposed slide and has lost detail in the shadows and highlights. What might be far better would be at least three scans, one targeted at the highlights, another at the mid tones and another at the shadows. In photographic terms D-min to D-max where D stands for density. In the digital world this is known as tone mapping. The scans can be combined to produce an image with the full range captured in the original slide. I would prefer to combine them myself so I would like to have at least three scans, more might be better.
Richard Dolan does appear to be doing a tap dance but he may have a point. Until an unbiased peer review is done on the experts reports maybe we should reserve final judgement. Of course the problem is getting that kind of review may not be possible. The debunkers and the tin hat crowd have muddied the waters so much that true unbiased scientists are unlikely to touch this subject with a ten foot pole.

Terry the Censor said...

Dolan is pandering to his audience -- the faithful believers. Dolan is also trying to conserve his integrity.

He cannot do both here.

Dolan fails because he seems to think the faithful are idiots. He seems to think the believers cannot tolerate any UFO claim being disconfirmed.

If Dolan had read the comments sections at UFO blogs leading up to the big reveal, he would have seen record-breaking levels of doubt expressed about the Roswell slides.

But judging from his Facebook commenters, Dolan lives in a bubble of sycophantic ass-kissers. And when you live in a bubble, you can't tell which way the wind blows!

David Rudiak said...

Neal Foy wrote:
Richard Dolan does appear to be doing a tap dance but he may have a point. Until an unbiased peer review is done on the experts reports maybe we should reserve final judgement. Of course the problem is getting that kind of review may not be possible. The debunkers and the tin hat crowd have muddied the waters so much that true unbiased scientists are unlikely to touch this subject with a ten foot pole.

Thanks Neal for expressing so well what I've been trying to say. Yes, it's a mummy, but is it a normal human being or a very abnormal one? If the latter, then it goes a long way to explaining the opinions of the medical forensic experts and Carey/Schmitt/etc. who relied heavily on this testimony.

If it's normal, then there is either fraud or a degree of incompetence and/or self-deception. I don't see people laying their reputations on the line pushing what they know to be a fraud with so little to gain. Any money they might be paid would be peanuts compensation for the humiliation and professional stigma of being part of a fraud.

Scott Lee said...

Please stop being absurd. You are stating they could have made all those medical conclusions based on a 400 year old deteriorated corpse yet could not decipher what was written on the Placard. Get Real. This is was and by evidence is apparently intentional fraud for financial gain. They by evidence planned it they set it up and they brought in the victims. They whited out the placard blurred the slides intentionally and sucked as many people as they could in by employing Dolan after canceling the first scheduled event and then going forward after getting Dolan on board.

Not a single case of any of them offering a cent returned speaks volumes and points directly to a preplanned deception and a huge scam. Why would anyone reserve judgment?