Friday, May 08, 2015

The End of the Saga of the Not Roswell Slides

Yes, I know I have beaten this dead horse repeatedly over the last few days, but I have learned from two separate and independent sources that the placard in the case of the alleged alien has been read. I do not know why it has only taken 48 hours to get this information when other have had the slides for years. The placard says that it is the mummy of a two year old. But I didn't get this myself. Others did the work. Here is the web site for more information about this.

Unless Don and Tom can provide some compelling evidence proving this is wrong, this should end the controversy. I expect, in the next few days others will also provide information about the placard and maybe they will get a different reading. If they do, I'll post it here and if any of the original participants in the Great Reveal have comments, they know where to find me. I feared this would turn out bad but I didn't expect this.


Lance said...
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Curt Collins said...

Thanks to
José Antonio Caravaca
Isaac Koi
Nab Lator
Lance Moody
Tim Printy
Curt Collins
Tim Hebert
Paul Kimball
Gilles Fernandez
Trained Observer
Chris Rutkowski
Roger Glassell
S. Miles Lewis and others!

Bubbles said...


Seems like a textbook "smoking gun", huh?

You have always been honorable and honest; not perfect, since we all make mistakes, but you've always been a straight shooter.

It now seems obvious why your Dream Team 'partners' never shared these sacred slides with you.

But as you know, neither Carey nor Schmitt are really smart enough to pull off a scam of this magnitude...

You also know that Chicago-based Adam Dew deciding to directly contact Carey/Schmitt seems, at best, unlikely.

Could it be that the "Scientific Director" of CUFOS (Dew's local UFO group that was started by Dew's own Northwestern University Professor Emeritus J. Allen Hynek), hooked Dew up with ex-CUFOS Director Schmitt, and the rest is history?

Lance said...
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TheDimov said...

Lies! All lies! Its a real alien and you KNOW it, these people are trying to rain on Don and Tom's extremely well-researched parade, like, 3 years worth!

*obvious sarcasm*, I mean Don was on Coast To Coast the other day saying the "alien" had no rotator cuff bones, no this no that, the leg bones had no kneecaps, the amount of steaming BS coming from his mouth astonished me. Unfortunately I wont ever be buying any of their books again nor listening to a word they say. They tried to cash in big time, and they failed big time and, unfortunately, they deserved it big time. I love their books and still think there's definitely something to Roswell but they ruined their reputations good and proper, forever. And all for a quick cash grab.

eBikesRC said...

To Adam Dew and Slidebox Media...
To the Roswell Slide Team...

Unless you release the Unaltered High Resolution Scans to the public immediately, then I consider your team fraud artists that perpetrated a money making scam and outright lie on the UFO "community". IMO. Why?...

I think you've better be very careful to reveal the real unaltered high resolution scans online within 24 hrs, otherwise you're going down as the next Bill Moore and Richard Doty "disinformation agents" along with your ENTIRE Mexico Team too! IMO.

Yes, I say again, that includes everyone in the Roswell Slide Team...

Time has run out... IMO.

Bubbles said...

"perpetrated a money making scam and outright lie on the UFO "community". IMO. Why?..."

Seriously? "a money making scam... Why?"

Really, WHY???!!! disappoint, eBikesRC

John's Space said...

This would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Curt Collins said...

Slidebox Media posted a few new images at the site including this one of the placard. Loaded very slowly for me.

eBikesRC said...

@ Curt Collins wrote: "Slidebox Media posted a few new images at the site including this one of the placard. Loaded very slowly for me."

The problem is we need the unaltered full high resolution scans released to the public immediately! These are NOT unaltered scans, IMO, especially, the placard image. Why?

There is a much darker and thicker "line scribble" that appears to be an overlay over a lighter colored original handwriting underneath, and, if correct, this is proof of a deliberate fraud to "cover-up" the truth of the original handwriting underneath.

This appears to be a willful and outright scam, but the original unaltered real high resolution scans can still prove otherwise.

We are waiting for the original scans that need to be released immediately! IMO.

CommanderCronus said...
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Brian B said...

No no...I am positive that "some secret agent working for the CIA" switched the placquard by golly..... I mean isn't that just what THEY would do to foil the truth about "space aliens" from ever coming out?

Seriously though...Ufology should black list these clowns and someone ought to get an autorney to press for a class action suit against these con men.

Now do you "believers" understand that half the people or more in this Roswell case have been outright lying to you all along?

This is YOUR "dream team" we are talking about now...the ones you swore were telling the truth for the last 30 years...yeah, right.

Nitram ANG....where are you man? Don't you want to defend your idol Mr. Schmitt?

Unknown said...

So the "Kodachrome"-documentary ist listed as a comedy on IMDb

Anthony Mugan said...

First of all my thanks to the team who have done so much work to establish the true identity of the remains shown in the image.

Sadly I am not remotely surprised as this was always the most likely outcome.

Secondly this sorry episode highlights a basic problem with the whole subject. Speaking as someone that has come down in favour of the ETH for quite specific reasons we need to recognise that most ( not all) of the prominent figures in the field are at best amateurish in their approach, and at worst either completly delusional or fraudsters. This slides affair was so absurd that it has been destroyed quickly, thankfully and that may serve a useful purpose in getting many people to critically re-asses the previous claims made by the principle players...including the very poor books by Dolan as well as those of the principals in this affair.

Sadly the problem goes much wider and deeper. this is edging off topic, but I hope may be justified in terms of considering the bigger picture. I have recently been doing one of my detailed personal reviews of a superficially promising case...specifically Rendlesham in this instance and I rather fear that could be an even more serious scandal than this slides nonsense if my worst fears about that case should ever be established.

It is easy to sympathise with the more objective wing of the sceptics at times like this

cda said...

I am still waiting for some comment from Anthony Bragalia. Perhaps he has decided enough is enough and that the whole Roswell saga is now tainted so severely that it can never recover.

I seriously suggest that Roswell is now suffering from terminal cancer, or worse.

cda said...

Anthony Mugan:

As you say, Rendlesham certainly has terminal cancer too.

Tom said...

Dolan, by hitching his wagon to Maausan and these slides, has ruined himself forever in ufology. He's in the same league as Hoagland now.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that you can still read "OF...OLD BOY" in the "Actual Scan" on Slidebox Media's website.

OTOH, the lies continue: Slidebox claims that the corrected placard is "the original that the group is claiming they worked from BEFORE the claimed deblurring", when the corrected placard is the result of the deblurring.

I guess the RRG also photoshopped in a wolf head just for funsies.

TheDimov said...

On the more serious topic of fraud, I don't think it was a deliberate case of fraud because I don't think they could be *that* stupid. These days an 8 year-old kid can do more amazing things than I can with a computer, which is ironic because Richard Dolan was complaining the other day that people were acting like 10 year old kids about the whole affair... no, I just think they all saw big dollar signs in front of their eyes and it clouded their vision. Dolan was talking about the lovely hotel he was staying at on Coast To Coast for heaven's sake, it was one big cash-in attempt that has failed gloriously. The question is now, where to for Roswell from here..

Daniel Hurd said...

I think Adam Dew made a documentary poking fun at alien believers and used all of us to promote it for him and build hype for him. As Zak points out, imdb has his documentary listed as a comedy. Enough said.
Do not support these people any longer. Do not buy their books, do not listen to their radio shows, do not watch their "documentaries". It's events like these that further cloud and taint Ufology. Luckily we still have folks like Mr. Randle, Mr. Redfern, and others.

Curt Collins said...
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Tim Hebert said...

Have receive an official response from Anthony Bragalia?

Rather than using Kevin and Rich Reynolds as a conduit, it would be interesting that Tony would post, in full, his take on the latest developments.

Brian B said...

Unfortunately for Roswell as an event, I would say 10 years from now and perhaps no more than 20, the entire event will have been largely forgotten in that it has been relegated to just one more overly fabricated story in saucer lore - more of an urban myth than a real event. If there were any truth there it will have long died by the hands of UFOlogy's own hucksters and in the passing of both researchers and witnesses.

TheDimov said...

Is Adam Dew taking the p-ss with people or is he just plain dumb? On the "actual image" on his website you can immediately see "OLD BOY" without doing anything at all! Is this his damage control, playing stupid? Can he not even see what I saw instantly, for himself? Dolan has at least waved the white flag immediately and that's the best thing to do at this point. But putting "comedy" on imdb for the Kodachrome film, blueing the mummy image during BeWitness, Schmitt/Carey stating nothing at all on the RoswellInvestigator site about the slides, the name Hilda resembling the Alien Autospy 'alien', showing the first mummy slide with no words on the placard.. I'm starting to wonder now, seriously, if this could be something more suspicious.

Curt Collins said...

SlideboxMedia is making some allegations, saying the RSRG boys are posting a fake.

Silly rabbit.

TheDimov said...

I've heard Tom and Don's next book will be entitled "The Not Not Roswell Slides".


Unknown said...

So what we have here is a classic Mexican standoff. Frankly I don't trust either side. I am convinced that the picture is most likely a mummified child but I waited until after the presentation to come to that conclusion.
Until an independent party is able to confirm what the wording is I'll reserve judgement.
From what I've read from on some of the blogs by RSRG members I certainly don't trust them to tell me the truth. I've seen pure speculation presented as indisputable proof in those blogs, nothing to trust about that.

TheDimov said...

lol, Neal why don't you actually take a look at the recent photo Adam posted as the actual photo and you can read quite easily "Old Boy", and also "of" in the heading line without doing any processing work whatsoever.

Dennis Pharr said...

As we have seen, those involved in the Be Witness event grew quite upset that anyone outside of their little circle would attempt to verify some of the claims made regarding the slides. I find it extremely odd and deeply ironic that the participants in this charade would insist on a secret three year investigation on a
subject which has its roots in the underlying premise of a vast government conspiracy. Who are the conspirators now?

Everyone should have recognized this debacle for what it was since it springs from the root of almost every story-line in the UFO field - i.e. the government is keeping the secret of UFOs from us. The government knows the truth but won't let the rest of us in on the secret. This is the constant refrain.

I am certainly guilty of having bought into this story-line to some degree or other over the years. But, never again. This incident and the recent actions of those involved should result in serious repercussions. Unfortunately, that will likely not occur. The UFO field is so full of nutjobs, egomaniacs and outright liars to the point that no serious scientific investigation is possible. However, this outright
fraudulent incident of the "roswell slides" should cause those of us with some modicum of critical thinking skills to look upon any future claim within this field with extreme skepticism.

As the old saying goes 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence' - this is more true today than ever before. The days of the information gatekeeper are over and have been over for some time. The average Joe-blogger has access instantaneously to almost any information they may choose to pursue. Information and knowledge is
good. More information and more knowledge is better. Faster, please.

I can only wonder at this point - what was their motivation? Was it purely pecuniary? Are the participants mentally ill? Are they simply incompetent? Are they, each of them, egotistical to the point of insanity? Did they expect that everyone would simply buy into the myth without doing a small amount of investigation on their own? Indeed, I think they did.

Obviously, things seem to be changing and that's a good sign. The UFO field is long overdue for a good housecleaning. The Moon-alien basers, the Mars Rock aficionados, the abductees, the crop-circle believers, the cow mutilaters and so on - should be lent no credence and should be shunned. The crazies need to go. As for myself at this point, I can only call to mind one UFO researcher/writer that I still feel I can trust - Mr. Randle.

Unknown said...

I have looked, I see two words with three letters each. Possibly "old" could be "odd" too. Like I said, I'll wait for an independent party to confirm. I'm not accusing anyone of fakery, it's just that I see no reason to trust the RSRG group, and certainly no reason to trust the dream team.

Unknown said...

The End of the Saga of the Roswell Slides?


Look of the real Placard how the Font look like:

and now look at the faked Placard from Blue Blurry Lines:

Can you see the Difference???!!!

The real Placard from the Slidebox-Media-Website has a other Font as the faked Placard from Blue Blurry Lines...only the middel Section on the faked Placard has the original Font.

And now look at the People who told that they have deblurred the Placard:

UFO Sceptics! Really Kevin, is that your Seriously!

Kevin...keep cool and listen to the Music:

Ok?! ;-)

Gilles Fernandez said...
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Gilles Fernandez said...

Michael Mu & A. Dew "team" in fact (and Schmitt, Carey, Maussan and all),

If as A. Dew lastly released, you cant understand the difference between an input and output of a SIMPLE deblur software, and have not hesitated to claim the second one as the "original" inputed in the deblur software, then a "FAKE", I can nothing for you...

You are "auto-suiciding" U more and more you are posting...

Continue to demonstrate how you aren't, well, "the men of the situation"...

Please, continue to post... Encore!


Gilles, BeingWitnessOfaModernMythCalledRoswell

Doc Conjure said...

Tom Said:

"Dolan, by hitching his wagon to Maausan and these slides, has ruined himself forever in ufology. He's in the same league as Hoagland now."

I guess you didn't realize that before the Roswell Slides that Richard Dolan supported a psychic medium, promoted just about every single government conspiracy, and defended Stan Romanek when he was busted with child porn. Richard Dolan hasn't had credibility in years. That's why he so easily and readily yoked up to this mess. Dolan actually thought he could sign on to this, take the money, and then pretend as if he was neutral.

Doc Conjure said...

Adam Dew's documentary is classified as a comedy on IMDb. So this means the slides truly were "Alien Autopsy 2.0", as they released a comedy movie on Alien Autopsy as well. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if in the documentary Adam Dew admits the slides are not of an alien and then goes on to poke fun at the UFO community as being stupid saps who fall for everything. (Even though most intelligent people didn't fall for this crap.)

Unknown said...

Somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the "Million Dollar Museum" near Carlsbad, NM. It operated from 1927 until around 2000. It had a lot of strange things including unusual animal heads, skeletons and a mummified child. All the placards we hand lettered. See

Tim Printy said...

IMO, the burden of proof has been met. Nab lator provided me with the deblur model file (I tried doing it myself but, as Kevin can confirm, it did not come out as well as this) and the result is a stake in the heart. This is using Dew's own file.

Unknown said...

@Tim Printy

Ok...understand that i correcly?

You used the same programm like the sceptic People from the france UFO Board but you used a file from the Man who faked the this new Placard-Photo, right?

Are kidding me? You are kidding me, right?

Use it without the file, the model from the sceptic faker!

Use Gimp or some other programm and than - when the result are the same - than we can further discuss!

Tim Printy said...

Mu...I sent a video of me doing it manually to KR. My results were not as good because I made a slightly different deblur model. In this case, Nab's was the superior deblur image. It is just an image file that is a black background with a white "hockey stick" in the center to tell the program the direction of the blur to compensate for. The bottom line is we were challenged to deblur Dew's own image and it was done. We now have the file up on the Roswell slides group so others can download it and do it themselves.

Unknown said...

@Tim Printy

I think i am trying that with another programm like Gimp or so and not with a faked file from unknown People from a UFO Skeptic Board. ^^

Brian B said...

Larry Halcombe - The "Million Dollar Museum" was already referenced several times on parallel threads - you just missed it.

Mu - Focusing on the placquard at this point in time is meaningless. The slide is a child mummy: a bear/wolf's head is right behind it. This is not an official government photo of any kind. And it ain't from Roswell.

Even if the placquard said "mummified alien" it doesn't prove anything since the mummy at the Million Dollar Museum was thought to be the same sort of thing...and the people who ran that museum joked about how silly that notion was too. They knew it wasn't an alien.

I'm starting to think UFOlogy is coming to and end as well.....especially with this sort of defensive logic being applied to a clear and premeditated hoax and $$$ making scam. MJ12, Alien Autopsy, and mummified aliens.

Your leading researchers are circus con artists - just like we have been saying for a long time now. This is no difference in what they are doing today than those who propegated the faked "mummified mermaids" that made their rounds in the 1800's.

It's a gimmick, an act, an entertainment venue for those who love mystery and dream of world-wide conspiracy.

Unknown said...

@Brian Bell

Nope...that is what skeptic Impostors from scrap france skeptic UFO Board to make you believe!

I dont see there a Head of a Bear or Wolf! I only see there a little bit round shaped indefinable something...maybe its charred because its very black.

Thats a Head of a dead Bear:

And thats a Head of a dead Wolf:

I see nothing like that...

What did you smoke that you see such things? :D

Brian B said...

Mu - You're right. That's a Wookie's head if I've ever seen one. Might even be Chewbacca himself. LOL

By the way...what exactly is a "scrap france skeptic UFO board?"

D.J. Mahar said...

Hopefully a little something to cheer up both believers and skeptics alike following the let-down of that much anticipated to-be-disappointing not-so-Roswell-Slide non-event.

Unknown said...

Mr. Bell:

I said "mentioned here" that means on this thread. Perhaps your debunking blinders are so tightly wound around your head that you can't see when someone is acknowledging his skepticism over the event in question.

Brian B said...

Mr. Halcombe - You write books but surprisingly can't recall what you just wrote?

Let's look again. You said:

"Somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the "Million Dollar Museum" near Carlsbad, NM. It operated from 1927 until around 2000. It had a lot of strange things including unusual animal heads, skeletons and a mummified child. All the placards we hand lettered. See"

You never said "mentioned here"....get your story straight. As far as debunking goes, you obviously don't like the fact these slides turned out to be a hoax. Don't blame that on me...

Daniel Hurd said...

@michael mu

In reference to the taxidermy head on the opposing display. After looking at it for quite some time and looking at various animals, in fairly certain it is a primate. Possibly a gorilla or baboon.

Daniel Transit said...

As far as I can see - and as others have previously commented - the arms and legs of the "child" are not in the normal proportions. As such (if this is not disputed with any logical explanation), I can't fathom how it is that the placard makes no allusion to this, or to any other physical irregularities to be noted in the "child mummy".

Anonymous said...

@Daniel Transit:

1. Cause it's a museum placard, not a physical anthropology paper.

2. Why would an "alien corpse" have a placard next to it?

Brian B said...

Daniel - A very quick web search will tell you that such deformities are common in offspring of various royals from the ancient world. In Egypt, even today, inbreeding is twice or more the world wide average. This causes any number of serious physical deformities. If this is an Egyptian mummy it can easily be explained - if not then for the same reason found in other cultures as well.

Unknown said...

YO Larry!!!

"I said "mentioned here" that means on this thread. Perhaps your debunking blinders are so tightly wound around your head that you can't see when someone is acknowledging his skepticism over the event in question."

OR perhaps your pompous hat is too tight, as you stroke your handsome chin, superficial 'investigator'-boy?


Unknown said...

Mr. Bell:

You are correct I did not include "here" as I thought. My mistake. I will say that I assume that people understood I was speaking of the thread I was posting on.

As far as the outcome of the so called Roswell Slides, I have found the whole issue amusing but have never posted a word anywhere about it until I wrote about the "Million Dollar Museum" a couple of days ago. Bringing up the museum should have indicated my skepticism of the issue.

Although I am a strong supporter of the Roswell ETH I am also a skeptic of some people and events involved in UFOlogy. I think this is a position that any person interested in the legitimate study of the phenomenon takes. As far as spelling the demise of Roswell (I'm not saying that is your position but I know some have) I think that is foolish. The alien autopsy film had no impact on UFOlogy or Roswell and far more people on the outside of UFOlogy knew abut the film than the slides.

Unknown said...

Let me add another thought to my above post. I said I was amused by the discussions on the so called "Roswell Slides." I am no longer amused as I brook no favor with anyone, on either side, who is involved in deception or hoaxes involving the UFO phenomenon. It does great harm to legitimate research into the subject.

I don't know the background of this unfortunate event so I'm not pointing fingers. But at the very least it seems most unhelpful to the advancement of the study of UFOlogy.