Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Additional Witnesses for the Zamora Sighting

Since I’ve had so much fun with the “What symbol did Lonnie Zamora see?” a question sparked by my interview of Ben Moss and Tony Angiola, I thought I’d try it again. If you remember the interview, Ben or Tony mentioned that three people had called the police in Socorro to say that they had seen or heard something about the time that Zamora was approaching the UFO. I asked if they had checked the police logs to confirm this but somehow I didn’t get a solid answer for it.

Well, I now have that answer.

As I was looking for descriptions of the symbol in the Blue Book files, I was reading the various reports made by those involved in the investigation. Although undated, one report does mention the sighting on April 24, 1964, and was clearly written in the days that followed the sighting. It is signed by Captain Richard T. Holder, who was an Army officer assigned to White Sands in 1964 and who lived in Socorro (he was the up range commander and Socorro was closer to his duty station than Alamogordo).

Holder wrote, “Upon arrival at the office location in the Socorro County Building, we were informed by Nep Lopez, Sheriff’s Office radio operator, that approximately three reports had been called in by telephone of a blue flame or light in the area… These reports were not entered on the dispatcher’s log so no time on those reports is available – the dispatcher indicated that the times were roughly similar. Reports were completed at approximately 0100 25 April.”
Holder's report from the Project Blue Book Files.

I will say that this is becoming slightly annoying as I gather more information. We can say that Zamora’s report is single witness, but that’s just not accurate. Here is an indication of three other sightings of the blue flame or light (and there could be more that had been called in) but no one logged them and no one bothered to get the names. Holder, however, has confirmed the reports into the police and that is something. In other words, the Zamora sighting is not single witness


Anonymous said...

Here is the YouTube video:

Mr. Sweepy said...

In reading your particle document, there is a officer (blank) who's sighting was "at 1750". Was this Zamora or the other witness?

Trouty said...

The Albuquerque Journal of April 27 1964 mentions a few names in relation to sightings of egg-shaped and flying bathtub objects at La Madera. Police officers Romero, Vigil and Pyland, witnesses George Mitropilis, Orlando Gallegas and family, and an un-named female resident of Vermont. Do you have these in your notes?

KRandle said...

Craig -

Yes, that was Zamora.

Trouty -

The Blue Book file has a large assortment of newspaper clippings that name many people but there are few who are on the record as having seen the object that Lonnie Zamora reported. Most of them had other sightings around the time of the Socorro sighting.

J. T. Drake said...

I am starting to think that this encounter, and perhaps Levelland as well ( along with maybe a few others ), might be Von Nueman probes. Does anyone else have any opinion on this? I know this is a bit out there, but it would be a potential explation for at least the most problematic, hard to explain, sightings such as this.

TheUFOGuy said...

Once again there was an extensive investigation by the FBI, CIA, Air Force and Blue Book, along with inquires by The White House.There was no craft made by anyone, Bell, White Sands, and all of the other suspects that were capable of this flight, nothing flying at this time, and all man made objects were investigated and dismissed. Lt Holder was the White Sands up-range commander, he knew of all things flying in and out of there. The Lunar Lander had no working internal engine in 1964. The blue flame was not a propellant based engine, it knifed into the ground and had no smoke or residue form a man made engine. There was no black project operating at this time in this area. It was not a probe, helicopter, etc. That is why it is still classified as an 'Unknown' in the files.

jamesrav said...

this will seemingly be a case that is never explained, all the theories have major shortcomings. Hoax involving a balloon and candles done by high school or even tech students? ... can't buy that. Some contemporary lunar project? nothing in existence that remotely looked like an 'egg' and took off with the type of force he described. Yet to think aliens in a (frankly) tiny alien craft with 1950's sci-fi movie landing gear that could barely clear the dynamite shack (wouldn't that have been something) got spooked by Zamora and fled the scene is also a head-shaker. A hoax involving Zamora to promote Socorro? Zamora just doesn't seem the type to go along with that. Either certain things were not described correctly by Zamora or ... well I just don't know.