Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tom Carey's Fourteen Points or The Roswell Slides Revisited

Tom Carey, who seems set on keeping the Roswell Slides controversy alive, contacted Rob McConnell to say that he had thought of several things that he, Carey, should have mentioned during his last interview. He had a list this time. Fourteen items that he wanted to say, though I confess I don’t know what difference it makes at this late date. You can listen to it here:

We were treated with some of the same things that we’ve all heard in the past. We learned about Joe Beason who contracted Carey to alert him to the slides but this time Carey said that Beason had some sort of IT company which should have been
Tom Carey
a red flag for them. Then Adam Dew appeared on the scene and it was Dew, without Carey or Don Schmitt, who went to Kodak to validate the age of the film. As I have mentioned in the past, Dew, at least according to Carey, told them that the code on the side of the film was the code used by Kodak in 1947… but, of course, had Carey asked me, I would have told him that the code was for motion picture film and was rarely if ever used on slide film.

There are other things in the interview, such as them being fooled by the age and importance of other slides (or maybe Carey still believes that the photographer, that is Bernard or Hilda Ray, were pals with the Eisenhowers). This connection suggested the Rays might have been allowed to see the top secret alien bodies and to photograph them because they knew the Eisenhowers. This really makes no sense, when you think about it, but that connection to Eisenhower, because the Rays had pictures of Ike on the back of a train, seemed to suggest some sort of relationship.

But all of this has been discussed before. The interesting points come near the end of the interview. Carey said that Beason had originally contacted Stan Friedman, but Friedman was too busy to get involved in the investigation of the slides. This, as I have said, makes no sense because Friedman, who sees himself as the first Roswell investigator, has been told about the possibility of the definitive proof for the alien nature of the Roswell crash, but he’s too busy to pursue it. Instead, he said to hand this possible smoking gun over to Carey… And at no time did Carey or Schmitt ever mention any of this to Friedman even after nearly everyone in the world knew something about the slides… It is important to point out that Rob McConnell had asked Friedman about this and Friedman denied that he had ever been approached about it by Beason.

The other revelation, which also came toward the end, was that while Carey and Schmitt and those working with them had done everything they could to read the placard, it simply couldn’t be done. But Carey tells us here that there is a third slide that Dew and Beason kept to themselves. Remember, as I pointed out once we had seen the slides, they were numbers 9 and 11, and I wondered what was shown on slide number 10. Maybe there was something there that would have made reading the placard easier or revealed exactly what had been photographed.

And this is what Carey claimed. He said that while in Mexico City for the Great Reveal, there was another slide that had been shown to, or given to, Jaime Maussan. This was slide number 10, and when Richard Dolan asked for a copy of one of the slides to email to colleagues, Maussan accidentally gave him slide number 10 so that deblurring, or reading the placard, was done quickly. Well, I suppose this could be true, but the fact remains that the placard, using the proper program, could have been read prior to the Great Reveal. But Carey has confirmed that there was a third slide and that the placard seemed to be clearer in that slide which makes you wonder about them not pursuing this.

At the end, Carey seemed to accept the idea that the image was of a human child… but he sort of talked around it, so I’m not sure that if he isn’t holding out some hope that the image might not be human. He concedes that the image photographed by the Rays in the 1940s is the same as the image in photographs made in the late 19th century and again in the 1930s. But he doesn’t seem to rule out completely the idea that it might be an alien creature that had died sometime earlier and had been interred by the native peoples. Though it seems that the answer is no, it also seems that this might be the last gasp in this sad tale.


Brian B said...

Eee gads.....and more "child of the earth" references alluding to the "Jerusalem Cricket" nonsense. Well, if not aliens folks then ant people from the inner earth who no doubt settled here millions of years ago as colonists from a distant plant...or some other nonsense.

Mr. Sweepy said...


When will this Slide story end? Do you think someone will bring it up again in 5 or 10 years from now? I am not critical of you but old and fake UFO tend to reappear. This is one that you can add to the list.

Unknown said...


This will go right next to Aztec in the Pantheon of Never Going Away.

KRandle said...

All -

You know, I think it would be interesting to hear what Adam Dew has to say about this. I have invited him on the show, but he's too busy right now. Maybe later... Well, you can't make someone appear before you unless you happen to be in the legal profession or a member of Congress. We'll just have to wait to see if he wants to respond to the allegations made by Tom Carey.

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Adam Dew said...

As is pretty common in a lot of Toms' recollections, he's half-right. But he's getting less right the further away we get from the Mexico City event. The two body slides were numbered 9 and 11. We have no idea what photo was taken in between (number 10). While the two body slides were wrapped and hidden according to Joseph's sister, the rest of the slide collection was mixed up in the box. There was no way to tell which slides went with which roll.

From the event in Mexico City I was pressed by Richard Dolan to send a copy of one of the slides to be put out by Coast to Coast in conjunction with his interview immediately following the event. The masters of the two raw scans were too large to email from the bowels of the auditorium. The only copy I had on-hand that I could email easily was the version where I had enhanced the whites to bring out the shadows in the body (Kodachrome never reacted well to shooting in poor light). When I brought up the white levels to get a better look at the body it blew out the text on the placard. I warned Richard Dolan of this fact when I sent him that version at the event. He said Coast to Coast needed something immediately. Any time people were shown the slides, including some who post on this site, they were shown the two raw body slides in full resolution, full screen, on my 17-inch Macbook as well as the one I enhanced to show more detail in the body.

KRandle said...

Adam -

I say again, I'd like to have you on the radio program. It takes less than an hour and it would be good to have you clear up some of what you suggest are errors in the way things are being told. If you wish to do that rather than dodge the questions again, you can provide an email address in the comments section which do not appear here until I see them so only I will see the address. How about clearing up some of this?