Thursday, July 20, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas
This week I spoke with Alejandro Rojas, a UFO researcher, writer and broadcaster with a wide range of interests and a long history in the UFO field. I did have an agenda in mind, but as so often happens, the direction of the discussion was dictated by the answers to the questions. We didn’t make it to a couple of the things that I thought would be interesting. You can listen to it here:

(And, as always, if the link doesn’t work, look to A Different Perspective on Youtube with the guest’s name attached and that should get you there.)

This is not to say that the show wasn’t interesting. We talked about Alejandro’s investigation of the Stan Romanek’s UFO sightings and his video and photographs of an alien creature. Getting Alejandro’s personal insight, from someone who spent time with Romanek and his family is interesting.

We also delved into MJ-12 and his conclusions about the validity of the documents. He seems to think about them the same way that I do, and which, I believe, the majority of those who have looked at the case think. In other words, the evidence for a hoax is overwhelming and in the world today, it’s fairly clear who created those documents and the reason behind them.

Anyway, the show was side ranging and filled with information that should be interesting to a cross section of the listeners.

Next weeks’ guest: Peter Robbins

Topic: UFOs and Disclosure.


Signifying Nothing said...

Hope he didn't spend too much time on Romanek's computer.

Lance said...

Hi Kevin,

I listened to the episode.

Alejandro comes across as a nice guy. But unfortunately he perfectly represented why UFO "research" is actually mostly a laughable amateur hour. My own observation of Open Minds confirms that they promote the worst kind of paranormal thinking, thinking that cheapens and betrays the value of truth

I also watched the Romanek documentary. Rojas comes across as the worst kind of true believer: obvious gaps in logic seem to escape him as he serves as a sort of cheerleader for Romanek.

Alejandro now seems to understand that Romanek is a transparent lying fraud (among the least his sins) but amazingly still keeps the door open that Romanek might have had "real" experiences. Virtually every single UFO fraud from Adamski to Maussan seems to be able to attract useful idiots who piously make excuses in order to keep the UFO religion alive.

Alejandro opened with his impassioned defense of those who tell him dubious UFO stories. He repeatedly and soberly mentions how his witnesses are "credible".

The irony is apparently lost on Alejandro that he also vouched for Romanek as "credible". Is is possible that it hasn't occurred to Alejandro that he is simply a terrible judge of who is credible or not?

Such a tawdry joke the UFO religion is.