Saturday, July 15, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Ecker

Don and Vicki Ecker
My guest this week was Don Ecker. We talked about his entry into the UFO field and sort of his exit from that same field. We covered a wide range of topics. You can listen to the interview here:

Don mentioned some of the things he had been investigating in the UFO field including the possibility of human mutilations. He talked about some of the things he had observed in the field as he continued his work and how his position as a police officer opened a few paths that were not available without these law enforcement connections. And I mustn’t forget that he did mention that he lived in Southern California.

Don and I also talked about some of the trouble faced by MUFON and some of his trouble with them over the years. He related a run in with Walt Andrus, one-time International Director of MUFON in Las Vegas in 1989.

Next week’s guest: Alejandro Rojas

Topic: UFOs today (more or less).

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