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(Blogger’s Note: I’m sure that you all remember the stir caused by the revelation of yet another eyewitness to the Roswell UFO crash. This was Charles Forgus whose story was told in Dr. Irena Scott’s book, UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up. Here, is the update on that story, supplied by Philip Mantle who has communicated with Forgus family members. This takes the story out of the Roswell narrative, but indicates that it deserves a footnote in it.)

Information and story by
Philip Mantle

In June 2017, I released the testimony of the late Deputy Sheriff Charles Forgus who claimed that he had been a witness to the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. He was the Deputy Sheriff in Big Springs, Texas after serving in the military during WWII.

Charles Forgus
Photo copyright by Philip Mantle
In brief, he claimed that he was en-route to Roswell with the Sheriff, Jess Slaughter, to pick up a prisoner. When approaching the Roswell area, they heard about the crash on the Police radio and drove to the area in question. Once there they observed the recovery of a 110-foot UFO and dead alien bodies before being told to leave the area. This testimony was given to a US private investigator by the name of Deanna Short. Sadly, this lady had also passed away. There is a video interview of Mr Forgus where he details these events.

This testimony was investigated by myself and Irena Scott PhD the Mutual UFO Network. Dr Scott revealed the full information in her book ‘UFOs TODAY, 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up’ and I published it in various UFO publications and it was also featured in the online editions of several of the UK’s national newspapers.

One of the reasons for releasing the testimony of the late Charles Forgus was in the hope that either a family member of a friend might come forward with some further information. We knew this was along shot but there was no reason why we should not give it a try.

It therefore came as a surprise that I was contacted via social media on July 17th by a nephew of the late Deputy Sheriff Forgus. He does not wish his name used in public but I do have it on file. This is what the nephew had to say:

Hello, I just discovered the video you posted of the interview with CH Forgus. He was my uncle. Interestingly, he never spoke to us about this incident when I was young and I only recently found out about the story from an east coast MUFON investigator. I can tell you, he is not a person who would have fabricated this story. He was very straight laced and no-nonsense type of person...that's why he was in law enforcement. I have the full transcript of the interview if you would like to read and post it. Thank you.

Quite naturally I replied and informed the nephew that I already had the transcript in question as it was me who had released it. He went on to add, “One thing I will mention, my uncles' sighting was not at Roswell. He was a deputy in 1953. I have a very good MUFON report I will forward to you on the event.”

Again, I thanked him for this and I have the MUFON report in question. MUFON had researched the claims of Deputy Sheriff Forgus and had speculated that he might have been witness to an event in 1953 and not 1947.  One thing that is certain is that the Sheriff he stated he was with at the time, Jess Slaughter, was not the Sheriff in 1947. He was a Sheriff in the 1930’s and the 1950’s but not the 1940’s.

The nephew supplied me with his email address and he added to his comments on July 19th:

I don’t have any other pictures of him. He has a son, Glen Lee Forgus, and a daughter Toma Forgus, but I haven’t kept in touch with them.  I know Glen Lee lives in California and he has two daughters as well.  I found a phone listing a few months ago and called Glen Lee and left a message, but never got a response. I would guess CH spoke to them, but I don’t have any current contact information.  We were not a close family.

The only other person that might know the story is his nephew, Charles Buzzbee in Big Spring, Texas. You might try and contact him.  His mother was CH’s sister. I would also believe he would have mentioned it to his brother, my father, but if you knew the Forgus family and west Texans in particular, Uncle CH would have been roundly made fun of for sharing his experience. That’s what assures me all the more that he is telling the truth.  He was ex-military and ex-law enforcement and was not the type of a person to make up a story like this. I knew him well and can tell you his personality was not one that liked or sought the spotlight.  He was also not an imaginative person to create such a story.

He was very straight laced like all of the Forgus men and women for that matter. It was certainly a very different time when they grew up and my father’s family grew up very poor. So, they were extremely pragmatic and not ones for hyperbole. They believed only what they could see and hold.

I hope this is of some help.

The nephew has supplied me [Philip Mantle] with two contact numbers and addresses of these other family members and I am in the process of contacting both of them as we speak. If I get a reply I will of course let you know.

Unfortunately, the nephew could shed no light on the claims made by his late uncle but we feel vindicated in releasing this material as we did as it has brought this gentleman forward who in turn has supplied the details of another two, family members. Whether they will be able to offer any further information remains to be seen.


Paul Young said...

110 foot UFO! (I'm presuming we're talking diameter here?)
This more resembles the size described of the flying saucer in the Aztec story.

KRandle said...

Paul -

Timing doesn't work for Aztec.

Lance said...

Kevin, the timing is ALWAYS right when the story isn't true.

james tankersley said...

If we could find out the exact date and day he saw all this, it could validate another crash retrieval we as yet dont know enough about. Roswell was not the only case, and i am sure there have been others we could find out more about, and who really knows how many crashes have occured we know nothing about? It could also be possible he saw the craft and bodies while they (the military) were moving it around from the impact site.

Michael Redmond said...

Sigh. Will ufologists ever stop rehashing old cases about which the most basic facts cannot be verified? Let's face it: At this point Roswell is best understood as a full-blown religious myth.

Erickson said...

I suppose Forgus could have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Kingman Arizona just in time for the 1953 crash (or crashes). If everyone is to be believed, these things were falling out of the sky all over the Southwest. But apart from speculating on design errors and whether any craft had insurance, it might shed more light on the nature of memory and human experience, even if someone is a straight-laced and no-nonsense person.

cda said...

The Roswell centenary in 2047 should produce a flurry of new 'witnesses', be they 2nd hand, 3rd hand, 4th hand, etc. It will be a Roswell reincarnation event. Book your places now.

John Steiger said...

Michael Redmond: Bullcrap! What research of Roswell have you undertaken ... if any? There is plenty of evidence to support the Roswell ET. But you have to do your homework!

Brian B said...

We already know he picked and chose various elements of saucer crash stories to assemble this nonsense into a testimony that I presume would "write him into history". Move along, move along. Nothin' to really see here folks - just another Roswell wanabee IMHO.

Brian B said...

@ John Steiger

No John, not any evidence which conclusively and beyond any question proves ET crashed at Roswell. You have 2nd and 3rd hand testimony at best, a few first hand testimonies, and quite a few purposely fake (lies and deceptions) testimonies from supposed "key" witnesses which are the rock on which the myth is built.

At best, at least for me, we can't claim the event was a Mogul balloon gone astray because the official record doesn't document that any flew which would account for the debris (which was first described as balloon in nature). An error in the records? Perhaps, but we can't prove that either.

Paul Young said...

Kevin Randle..."Timing doesn't work for Aztec."

Absolutely. I suppose I was just stating the obvious; The craft described by this "Johnny come lately" is enormous compared to the fragmented debris described at the Foster site and the tiny object described at the "escape pod" site. I have never heard anyone describe the Roswell object as being anywhere near the size described by this man.

I have to agree with Brian Bell that this chap seems to just want to "get in on the act" using a mish-mash of stories he's heard about Roswell and Aztec.

I think KR would be safe to put him in the "Walter Mitty" file alongside Frank Kaufmann, etc.

John Steiger said...

Mr. Bell (Brian) -- For once I don't think we're in complete disagreement. The proof depends upon the evidentiary standard one requires.
Conclusive proof is one standard. Beyond a reasonable doubt another, and preponderance of the credible evidence still another. The evidence of a Roswell ET meets the preponderance of the credible evidence standard, and as such is not a myth.

cda -- new 'witnesses' 100 years after the fact, very funny! Very Funny indeed ... fortunately, the resolution to the entire ET question shall come to pass BEFORE the Roswell centenary. Have faith!

james tankersley said...

If we could just research a UFO crash that happened recently and more credible people came forward who could supply more evidence for that event, then maybe that proof would automatically open more flood gates to solve the mystery of the Roswell crash once and for all without all the endless speculation of secret balloon flights and military experiments that are also without documentable proof as well, and this just confuses the issue even more if no such activity took place. John Keel was also correct when he stated it is useless investigating a case that is 50 years old since all the first hand witnesses are dead! In the book UFO ENCOUNTERS by author J.B. Michaels is a UFO crash that took place in Brookhaven New York in 1993 or 1994 that i personally believe actually took place because within that time period, I and countless others observed one of these giant orange amber orbs hovering over the airport in Hendersonville N.C. on the early morning hours of 5 AM just as i was going to work Febuary 14 and this thing just sit there for a long while before it started moving and it did not make a sound at all! It was incredible to view this and no satisfactory answer that would explain it in logical terms could be found and was never given! No one knew what it was! And i have never seen anything like it before and since to this very day!

John Steiger said...

Mr. Tankersley (James) -- I hear your pain at the ongoing and seemingly everlasting churning over historical UFO crash analyses, but as Dr. Randle has pointed out in his two in depth books focused on UFO crashes - A History of UFO Crashes (1995) and CRASH: When UFOs Fall from the Sky (2010) - there simply are not many credible UFO crash cases extant, and this is from my perspective as an ardent ET believer. I disagree with John Keel on the point you cite because witnesses are only part of (albeit an important part) of UFO investigation. There is a possibility of a physical finding at one of the Roswell crash sites, as well as the possibility of supporting documentation [and I am not referring to the MJ-12 documents here] being uncovered.

Thank you for the references to the Brookhaven NY crash and to the book by J.B. Michaels. I will research these as soon as I am able.

james tankersley said...

John Steiger.....thank you for your input.i am still 99% convinced there have been UFO crashes and if there was a MJ-12 control group, then those records leading to their existence would be destroyed if they were in violation of any laws, since there are claims they did just that to preserve that precious secret of the Roswell crash being alien, so i am not at all surprized no one has found any proof they existed. There are claims by some who were in the military that they were ordered to destroy records that would tell all the information that would lead as to what exactly did happen at Roswell, and those in charge did not want to take that risk so a lot of the paper trail naturally would be gone. The crash in J.B. Michaels book has a date given sometime in November 1992, but i am wondering if it occured at a later date since i know i saw a giant orange amber orb fitting the description given in that book.Regardless, there may have been a flap going on in late 92 that lasted through 1993 and 1994!

james tankersley said...

John Steiger....i forgot to mention that you and Kevin Randle might want to check on THE BLUE PLANET PROJECT series of books by Gil Carlson BLUE PLANET PROJECT.COM. They contain information about MJ-12, alien races, alien symbols found on crashed UFOs, alien language, everything having to do with aliens and their space craft can be found i have not heard before anywhere else and there are some wild claims that should be investigated further by someone of military background!