Thursday, August 10, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins - photo copyright
by Kevin Randle
This week I reached out to Peter Robbins to talk about his experiences in the world of the UFO. Yes, I sort of asked the lame question about how he got started but only because I wasn’t sure how it had happened. That took us into the world of alien abduction, a place that I hadn’t wanted to visit. But Peter had worked for a long time with Budd Hopkins, was familiar with the abduction phenomenon, and had a personal experience with abduction that I thought was interesting. You can listen to the program here:

For those who remember, Carol Rainey visited the program about a year ago. She is a documentary producer who was married to Budd Hopkins for ten years. Her take on this was somewhat different. For those who missed that program, you can listen to it here:

There were a number of topics discussed with Carol that concern the research by Budd into all of this. You can find that article, with those links here:

We spent the last part of the program taking about Rendleshaw Forest and the trouble with Peter’s book (written with Larry Warren). Peter was quite candid in what he said about it, and that there were things in the book that he now knows were not true. For more information see:

And to get to the other side of the road:

I have posted the information that Peter provided to clarify some of the issues in his book with Warren. They are lengthy posts and in the second part, the documents did not reproduce properly. They will be missing. They follow this post.

Next week’s guest: Don Schmitt

Topic: Roswell UFO festival/ Roswell UFO case/ MUFON.


Anonymous said...

I read the letters and somewhat agree with Gary Hazeltine. I certainly appears that Robbins is in damage control mode by pitching his partnership with Warren. All of the years that Halt (and others) had been screaming foul and Robbins never took the opportunity to do a little extra digging? Hmmmm, doesn't sound right to me.

Kevin, on another topic. Has anyone mentioned any issues with the search tool associated with your blog? It appears to not be working correctly for me. It is not finding a number of topics that I know exist.

KRandle said...

John -

I have had no trouble with the search engine on the blog. I seem to be able to find what I need.

Think Peter explained the situation on the radio show. We discussed how we all can be swept up in a story told by someone who seems to have the proper credentials. Warren was at the base at the time of the events and it was he who originally told the story to Barry Greenwood. Without Warren, we might not have learned of the sighting... There was no reason, originally, to believe Warren had injected himself into the story. It was only after years of research that the truth about Warren came out. It's to Peter's credit that he explained the situation as he did.