Thursday, August 17, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Schmitt

Don Schmitt. Photo copyright by
Kevin Randle
This week I noted that the show has been on the air for a year.  I spoke with Don Schmitt. We covered the Roswell festival and how it had evolved into more of a circus than a symposium on what had happened in Roswell so long ago. The city sees it as a way of attracting tourists and the International UFO Museum and Research Center thinks of it as more of an opportunity to contribute something to UFO research. You can listen to the show here:

We did touch on the article that I had just published about Brigadier General Arthur Exon and his discussion of special teams deployed to investigate UFOs. It suggests the Air Force was taking the problem a little more seriously than they would have us all believe. For those of you too lazy to scroll down through one article, you can read the post here:

We also talked, briefly about the beginnings of MUFON and how Walt Andrus had started the organization in the late 1960s. We did lament the slow evolution from a UFO research group into a platform for too many New Age messages, but then, that was just us.

Next week’s show: “A Look Back at the Last Year.” 


Steve Sawyer said...

Any discussion of the Roswell slides affair?

If not, why not?

KRandle said...

Because we discussed during his first appearance. Because I have posted a number of reports on this. Because it is no longer an important issue and should be relegated to a footnote in the larger history of the Roswell case. Because there is nothing new to be said about it. Because I, like many others, are tired of the Roswell Slides issue. Because Don has said that it was a colossal mistake from the very beginning... anything else you need to know?

Steve Sawyer said...

Don has said it was a "colossal mistake from the very beginning"? You mean only after May 5th, 2015, once the placard was deblurred, don't you? Certainly not before.

Anyway, you've said more than enough. Somewhat rudely, also. And not for the first time, as far as I'm concerned.

KRandle said...

Well, I guess that I have failed in my mission to civilize since you perceived my answer as rude... though it is rude to point that out, but I digress...

Of course I meant after May 5, but he meant that they had made their colossal mistakes beginning when they first received the slides, they just didn't recognize them until after the placard had been deblurred.

Brian B said...

Wished the interview was longer. Enjoyed you two telling details of what you observed of Roswell witness behavior when you questioned them. Very telling. Some pretty odd behavior too. Not certain what that means but it was interesting.

Steve M said...

Based on this man's track record in ufology I'm surprised that anyone gives him the time of day nevermind inviting him to speak at conferences or radio shows.

TheDimov said...

I appreciate your Podcasts Kevin, and will listen today, looking forward to it.

The only question I would have asked Don about the Bewitness thing, and seriously, is if he had returned the money gained from it to people, or at least offered. Because to not do so is in my opinion, theft and nothing less.

Steve Sawyer said...

"Well, I guess that I have failed in my mission to civilize since you perceived my answer as rude... though it is rude to point that out, but I digress..."

Your mission to civilize? Please -- it's not like I'm some "barbarian at the gate" in need of civilizing. I asked a legitimate question. I did not know you'd discussed the slides affair with Schmitt in a prior podcast. So, my apologies.

But there do remain a number of unresolved issues and unanswered questions regarding the Roswell slides affair.

For example, did Don or Tom return any appearance fees or other remuneration they may have received from attendance at the BeWitness event, or donate them to charity, as Tony Bragalia did when Maussan tried to pay him $5000 for finding an alternative photo of the mummy? If not, why not? It's an obvious ethical issue.

Did Don or Tom ever seriously consider trying to sue Beason and Dew for their fraud, either filing complaints for defrauding them or for defamation? You'd think they would try to go after B & D for what they did, reputationally at least. If not, why not?

Where are Beason and Dew now, and how much money did they make from their con job?

I guess essentially my questions relate to how Beason and Dew pulled off a sophisticated fraud via their manipulated images to Don and Tom, who fell for it, and how they apparently got away with their hoax scot-free, with little to no repercussions, and by profiting off the gullibility of thousands, made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That still bothers me quite a bit, and the impact it had on diverting Roswell research.

There are still questions unanswered and two people who still need to be called to account for their actions, but it's likely that will never happen now. They got away with it all.

KRandle said...

Steve -

You called me rude, which is no a civilized thing to have done, especially on my own blog. A truly civilized person would have seen my response to you as somewhat benign since I was answering your question.

You have now gone beyond your original question with a number of others... I will tell you that right after I began the radio show, I communicated with Dew about coming on it. He said that he would some time in the future... I now have no communication with him. I have had none with Beason, though I once had his address in Chicago, he had moved, as I understand it, to the west coast.

You should take up your questions with Don and Tom...

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin. My understanding is that the slides might be getting a little write up in the Guardian in the next few weeks. Maybe now is a good time to come on the podcast if you still have interest.