Saturday, September 02, 2017

X - Zone Broadcast Network - Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop
This week I spoke with Greg Bishop of Radio Misterioso fame. I had thought we’d talk about some of the UFO cases that he found interesting if they weren’t more than ten years old. But he mentioned an interest in trends and patterns and we then ended up talking about some of the trouble with abduction research. You can listen to the show here:

When we finished our discussion of abduction research, which was more of an analysis of the research techniques and how out-of-date they had become, we switched topics. We both seemed to believe that MUFON had lost its direction, moving from UFO investigation and research into a profit driven organization which is to say that money was more important than the research. An analysis of the symposium program seemed to reinforce that view, suggesting the speakers had been picked because they might fill seats with their tales of alien wars on other planets. Although there is no real proof that any of that happened, those wars on other planets, this secret space program as they called it was of great interest to some. It didn’t really matter that most of what was being said was preposterous as long as they paid for their entertainment.

Next week’s guest: David Booher

Topic: The Gerry Irwin UFO encounter 


Unknown said...

This was a really good show, although I am partial because Greg is my favorite UFO researcher (sorry Kevin, you gotta come in second!). Project Beta was the best book on UFOs I have ever read and it is not even really about UFOs! Instead it was just a really well researched book about one of the strangest events in the history of the government's involvement in UFOs. Again. Great show Kevin!

KRandle said...

Bombastic -

I'm number 2... you are banned from this blog forever or until you realize your error.

Do I need to say, "Just kidding?"

Unknown said...

Now if you were someone with the surname Horn I might have not realized your joke!