Sunday, November 12, 2017

The New Season of Curse of Oak Island Begins

Oak Island, of course.
Well, the new season is off and I wasn’t disappointed. By that I mean that the same sort of hyperbole that has inflected the first seasons has returned. We have overblown hype and then the big letdown. We are told, almost from the beginning of this new episode, that storms during the winter have battered Oak Island and done damage. The road that lead around the perimeter of the island has been eroded to the point of nonexistence and that will prevent them from getting the big equipment in to location of the old Money Pit.

We see parts of the road that look little more than a narrow levee keeping the sea at bay (yeah, I did that on purpose). We are told that this might just wreck their plans for the season, but, of course, we all know that’s not true because here we are at the beginning of the new season. They do manage to repair the road so that they can bring in all the big equipment.

There wasn’t much else in this show. There was a recap of what has happened in the past. We are reminded about all the “major discoveries” which included a Spanish coin, evidence of an English camp, the that strange, gold, metallic thing they had seen on a camera sent down one of the boreholes. Now, they send a diver down into that area again to see if he can find it. I have to admit that I wouldn’t do that. Seems to be too dangerous, but then the diver seemed to know what he was doing and was able to get out alive. But he didn’t find that bit of gold, whatever it might have been.

They also used a metal detector to reexamine the material brought to the surface during those boring operations (and yes, I did that on purpose too). In it they found a long spike that they thought might be evidence of a ship or something. They don’t often think that what they find might have been left by all those who were searching for the treasure during the 220 years since the discovery of the alleged Money Pit. It could easily have been part of the structures erected during all that digging on the island. It could be parts of the numerous shaft dug all over the place. It could be nothing of importance, except in the show, anything found seems to be of overwhelming importance.

I probably wouldn’t have bothered with even mentioning these new episodes that kicked off the season except for the tragedy that hit the Tester family. We learn that Craig Tester’s 16-year-old son, Drake Tester, had died just a few weeks before the Laginas and their team returned to Oak Island. I can’t image the pain of losing a child. The tribute done at the end of the broadcast was touching and gave all of us watching a different look at those who have attempted to learn the truth about Oak Island. I am saddened by the loss and wish the family the best in the future.


TheDimov said...

I know you find it boring Kevin but to me its very exciting, like the Roswell Incident being unravelled week by week, piece by piece. I guess for me its a case of 'the journey can be more exciting than getting there', or whatever the saying is. I've finished reading most of the stuff on the Oak Island Compendium site, and there is much mention of the probability of underground tunnels, there was a bit in the last 'Curse' trailer that shows they may have found one of them.. so this is exciting for me, the what-ifs. And if nothing eventuates its the human element, I like these guys and feel for them, and as you mentioned, what a tough thing Craig must be going through with the loss of his son.

Lorna Hunter said...

I rather enjoyed this episode. I thought it was one of the best ones yet. I wondered if anyone else thinks that with the unfortunate death of the young man, does that count as the 7th person to die looking for the treasure? It is remarkable that Craig and his step-son were even able to be out on the island after losing Drake.

I also wondered why the idiot with the metal detector was looking inland in an overgrown patch of weeds, when the discussion was that he would be checking the washed out road area and closer to the shores?

But we're going to keep watching! This has to be the last season.

Mr. Sweepy said...

Kevin, Have you ever noticed everything on the show surrounds the number "one". Meaning, one coin in the pond, one board, one nail, one piece of something that looks gold in the hole, one metal bracket and so on...

It seem either oblivious or just plain dumb that if you find one board from a possible ship, then you would find many boards? One nail? come on who ever put together anything with one nail?

The point here is when you find "one" of something that you usually find in multiples why are they only finding just one. Why is that?

Last, you mentioned the so called nail they found in the new show. Again only one. If they found 4 or 5 or a dozen then I would say they are on to something to prove or disprove their theory. None would be easier to understand than one.

Gal220 said...

I think you are too hard on them Kevin, the show gives them the funding to keep searching. I do feel like even if they find the treasure or whatever, it wont have been worth the effort they have taken... but still interesting none the less. DVR and fast forward I say.

TheDimov said...

the last ep I found most interesting indeed.. the privateer that lived on the island who died just when McGinnis and co supposedly found the money pit had a chest, possibly 4, so the story of the 3 other chests being found may well have been true.

But even more interesting to me was how much the privateer fellow (captain Anderson was it?) looked like Marty Lagina! I mean that took me back, the likeness was so uncanny... so my new theory is, Marty is the reincarnation of the privateer captain who lived on Oak Island and Marty's mission in this lifetime is either to proclaim what was rightfully his, or to show the world there is no longer a mystery on Oak Island.

Or I could be spouting a whole lot of utter rubbish only likely to be found in the likes of 'Fortean Times' :)