Saturday, November 04, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Derek Bartolomaus (Billy Meier)

Derek Bartholomaus
This week I spoke with Derek Bartholomaus about the Billy Meier UFO contact case. I had asked him how he had gotten drawn into this and it came about through his day job. He became interested in the photographic evidence and tried to obtain the negatives for examination. Yeah, that does sound like an imposition on Meier. Why would he turn over the original negatives for examination? You can listen to the reasons for that and the rest of the interview here:

We focused the discussion on the photographic evidence that had been offered to prove that Meier had been contacted by an alien species. One of the photographs, of two of these aliens, have been identified as dancers from the old Dean Martin Show. Although it was originally claimed that picture had been taken by Meier, it is now suggested that the MIB or the CIA somehow intercepted or replaced that picture, as well as many others, with fakes, to discredit Meier. You can read more about this at Bartholomaus’ website here:

and on this blog here:

This interview, was, of course, from the perspective of a skeptic of the Meier claims. He hasn’t been involved for a while. He gives, what seems to be, solid reasons for his skepticism and frankly, the arguments do make sense. But, of course, there is another side to all this and we’ll explore that in the weeks to come.

Next guest: Michael Horn

Topic: Billy Meier (and this is from one of the leader supporters of the Meier contact claims.


cda said...

So the CIA are alleged to have tried to discredit Meier. I am curious as to why the CIA should have any interest in Meier. Is there any reason to believe anyone at the top, or even the bottom, of the CIA has ever heard of Meier? Is there really any reason for the CIA or any other intelligence gathering or official espionage organisation to even WANT to investigate Meier at all, let alone discredit his claims?

Why this dotty attempt to link a contactee from a neutral country in Europe who has been in contact (so he claims) with ETs for over 60 years to an official espionage organisation in the USA?

What precisely is the connection between Billy Meier and the CIA?

Any ideas Kevin?

KRandle said...


As far as I know, the CIA had no interest in Meier. The idea seems to have originated after a number of the Meier photographs were found to be faked. The story is that these were not the photographs that had been taken by Meier but were, in fact, photographs that matched, to a limited extent "real" photographs taken by Meier. These fakes were substituted for the real ones to discredit Meier and the agencies most responsible for this were either the MIB or the CIA. The CIA connection, I believe, was made by Wendelle Stevens.

Sugarraytaylor said...

Get ready for every item of shoddy "evidence" being followed with "Do you really think a one armed uneducated man could pull this off?" From Horn.
Remember to ask him about the photos of the Pleadian in the foil spacesuit brandishing that incredibly menacing ray gun.