Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tom DeLonge and Alien Writing

Isaac Koi alerted many of us to an interview that Joe Rogan had with Tom DeLonge about DeLonge’s announcement about his UFO research. For those of us who have been around for more than ten minutes, some of the things that DeLonge believes are quite disturbing. You can watch the whole interview here:

Koi pointed out some of the trouble with this interview and I would be remiss if I hadn’t checked just to be sure, though Koi is reliable and careful. He noted, for example, that at the one hour, two minute and forty-two second point in the interview, DeLong begins to talk about Atlantis and how some of the survivors, a small number of them, escaped. These people had been directing… maybe influencing, human development.

But then he slips off the rails and talks about Greek writing found on the Roswell wreckage. They, Rogan and DeLonge, say you can look it up online. Just type in Roswell Wreckage and you’ll see Greek writing on the I-Beam. The photo they bring up at that point is a shot of the I-Beam (actually more of an H-Beam) as shown in
Jesse Marcel, Jr. and the mock up
of his I-Beam. Photo copyright by
Kevin Randle
the old alien autopsy video which allegedly showed some of the Roswell wreckage. That whole thing is an admitted hoax.

I did type Roswell Wreckage into Google and didn’t get to the alien autopsy footage immediately. I first found the symbols as described by Jesse Marcel, Jr., with an illustration of what he had seen, which, by the way, looks nothing like Greek writing. You can see that here:

I did, eventually, get to another URL that showed footage from the alien autopsy, but this isn’t what DeLonge had talked about. You can see that here:

I finally just typed Roswell Symbols into my search engine and came up with a site that had all sorts of pictures of all sorts of symbols that related to Roswell. You can see that here:

The actual link that they found, which seems to be the one shown on Rogan’s YouTube video of the program can be found here:

And to really complicate all of this, the main photo in that sequence actually links to another site which doesn’t seem to agree with the alleged translations given by Rogan and DeLonge. You can see it here:

To make it worse, if possible, the symbols on the H-Beam are from the alien autopsy and were created by Spyros Melaris as part of the alien autopsy hoax. The point, however, is that the image shown by Rogan and DeLonge were clearly part of the long-discredited alien autopsy. That doesn’t bode well for the quality of the research that has been conducted by DeLonge and his fellows.

I was going to end it at this point, but then remembered their discussion of the discovery of Pluto. Fortunately for them, they had access to the Internet which provided the information they didn’t have. They then suggest that the Sumerians knew about Pluto. They find a picture that seems to show the sun surrounded by a number of circles they call planets and use this to prove that the Sumerians knew about Pluto long before we, in the modern world, knew.

You can read the whole article about the artifact so that you can put it all into some sort of context here:

The sun symbol is between the two standing
figures with the circles surrounding it.

As you’ll see, there is nothing to suggest that the small circles that surround the alleged sun were the planets of the Solar System. Those names shown by Rogan were obviously added later, much later, and include not only the planets that were visible to the unaided eye, but those dwarf planets that have been discovered in the last decade or so. This way everything is labeled, but it is not evidence that the Sumerians knew, not only of Pluto, but several of the other dwarf planets. It’s all wild speculation that looks and sounds good until you take the time to look at the evidence.

Here's the real point. We have an opportunity to listen to Tom DeLonge talk about what he knows about alien visitation, ancient history and UFOs. What we see is that he has not subjected this to any critical thought but rather talks of inside sources who know all this and who have shared it with him but he fails to identify those sources. Even a cursory search of various websites seems to indicate that little of this is true, and if this is the direction of his research and his new organization are taking, then there is little hope that it will accomplish anything except make money for a few people involved in it.


purrlgurrl said...

My perception is that the sole purpose of DeLonge and his enterprise is to make money. Period. If they wanted to hide that intention, they've done a lousy job of it.

Maybe DeLonge, et al, have been inspired by the apparently successful long-running begathon conducted by a certain paranormal podcaster I won't name here.

Anyone who sends money to support DeLonge's circus deserves to be fleeced.

ElSopa said...

I feel sad for the guy, he looks like kinda wants to achieve some disclosure, but he's borderline mentally challenged, seriously. I watched the interview and there was a part when this poor individual talks about this ufo video...and it just turned to be a BLATANT poor quality CGI video, even Rogan say its fake as sh*t...
DeLonge is pathetic.
By the way Kevin, what do you think about this picture?

Robert Sheaffer said...

As I've been saying, DeLonge believes every crazy story he hears. He was apparently born without the gene for critical thinking.

TheDimov said...

I find DeLonge annoying and far too into himself to warrant any futher listening time I have already wasted on him. I don't see his presence as a positive in the UFO field.

Sugarraytaylor said...

On the (somewhat) bright side....it wasn't anywhere near as bad as when Rogan had Greer on his show. Even by Greer's standards the level of BS was off the charts and if anyone can sit through that entire 3 hour episode without exploding through frustration then they're either not human or probably Steven Bassett

couldbebetter said...

I agree with all the posters here who believe that DeLonge views on UFOlogy are "challenged."
The group of people who are with him on the financial venture are suspect in many ways as well. As I have mentioned before, all of the UFO hucksters seem to get the most publicity while those doing the serious research, like Robert Hastings, are ignored. What could be a more important subject (as well as a security concern) than that of UFO's engaging with nuclear weapons/facilities. Of course, UFO's are not a threat to national security. Yeah.