Saturday, June 15, 2019

President Trump, UFOs and Disclosure

And the story just keeps getting bigger. President Trump said that he has been briefed about the Navy UFO sightings. Interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, and asked about it, the President said, “I want them to think whatever they think,” meaning the Navy fighter pilots.

The President added, “I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly.”

All this comes on top of the announcement by the Navy that their protocols on reporting UFO sightings had been updated. According to the New York Times, and to History’s Unidentified, the pilots, including retired Commander Fravor, these craft were flying at hypersonic speeds at about 30,000 feet with no sign of engine or exhaust fumes.

Fox News and the New York Times have both reported on other sightings. Lt. Ryan Graves, a Super Hornet fighter pilot, said that he had reported sightings to both the Pentagon and Congress.

Another F/A-18 Hornet pilot, said that he had almost hit one of these objects. An official mishap report was filed. This incident seemed to spark a change in Navy policy and resulted in new guidelines being issued.

As I have said, this is somewhat different from the way things have been in the past. We have been talking about Disclosure here in the last few weeks and now it seems to be getting closer. In years past, we have been treated to a program of deception, in which various government officials have ridiculed the idea of alien visitation. The University of Colorado studied the subject for 18 months, concluding that nothing of a scientific value could be learned by further investigation and suggesting that those seeing UFOs might not be the swiftest of individuals.

But we have learned that 22 million dollars were recently spent to study the subject and although the project has been ended, some of the results have only just been released into the public arena. These include the statements by the Navy fighter pilots and video from the Heads Up Display. Since this has been released through the Pentagon and the AATIP project, it seems that the Navy and the military might becoming a little more candid on the subject.

Giving us a little more evidence that Disclosure might be around the corner, the President, when asked if there was evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, said, “I think our great pilots would know. And some of them see things a little bit different from the past. We’re watching, and you’ll be the first to know.”

Coming up on Wednesday, June 19, I’ll be chatting with Steve Bassett, one of those behind the Disclosure movement, about his thoughts on these developments. If you have questions for him, put them in the comments section and I’ll try to get them answered.


Larry said...

The key question is why Trump was briefed in the first place. I don't think he asked for it because I don't think he is curious about that kind of thing. Furthermore, I don't think he would necessarily even know who to ask. So that means someone from inside the program wanted to brief him. When that kind of thing happens, it is usually because the program wants some kind of decision or approval from the POTUS. Oftentimes, that is agreement to support (or at least not oppose) a budget request. This suggests to me that the program wants to pursue some new initiative. Whether that's disclosure or something else, I can't say.

Richard B said...

If Roswell or a Roswell like event has ever taken place, it is unlikely disclosure will happen in our lifetimes. Can you imagine Russia or China‘s reaction upon learning that the United States has access to alien technology and DNA? And what about the United Nations?

Of course, it’s entirely possible that the alleged visitors have asked for disclosure.

Erickson said...

What if disclosure revealed that there was nothing there? To me, many people who advocate disclsure want validation for theories that they already hold and anything other than that would be dismissed as a false flag.

Sugarraytaylor said...

Richard b ....

If there is indeed a disclosure to be made, and it does involve an extraterrestrial life form of some kind, it does not mean that a Roswell crash is validated as being an extraterrestrial crash. The fate of the whole subject of the UFO issue should not hinge on Roswell for crying out loud.

Woody said...

I ask how much more can I reasonably assume must be gained besides truly curious unidentified sightings and definitely strange radar returns before we can fairly claim to know anything at all about the subject of 'visiting alien spacecraft'. I feel a jump in assumptions and would be surprised that no-one else feels it. Just thinking out loud, thanks for reading !

starman said...

Richard B:

Indeed disclosure most likely will not occur in our lifetimes. I doubt the "alleged visitors" have asked for disclosure.


Disclosure implies something tangible to disclose--substantial physical proof, resulting from a crash or capture (and Roswell is one of the very few credible crash cases). Certainly Roswell is not all there is to the phenomenon, far from it. I suspect, though, that if a case as well-publicized as Roswell is ever debunked definitively, people would tend to dismiss the whole subject.

Brian B said...

In response to most of the posts already made here, I have to agree that something more is happening here than meets the eye, and it doesn’t seem to be the “big anticipated event of all human history” as some ET proponents desire.

Trump was casual about his response. He could be hiding something, lying about something, or not even really interested as he said.

I would agree that someone briefed him because the Defense Department isn’t scrambling and scared of disclosure, but probably orchestrating something to get more funding from POTUS. He’s pro defense anyway, and likely to give more funding if requested just as he has. So yes, why not just advocate for more funding by beating the drum about potential threats?

Seems plausible.

And no, if such a disclosure were to ever happen I suspect the scientific community would be briefed first and allowed to deliver the message. Why do people think the Pentagon would be the one to break such news to the entire world?

George Kanakaris said...

What if Trump was lying ?

couldbebetter said...

Perhaps the people briefing the President are very likely not disclosing what is actually
known about Alien interest in Mankind. My guess is they keep Trump in the dark just as much
as the public is kept from "sensitive intelligence." If "you" were in charge of knowledge
that really could cause grave damage to the security of the US, would you be willing to trust
that information with Trump? My guess is that those who really know what is going on with
Alien visitations are not going to tell the public nor would they ever risk telling Trump.
For anyone who believes we will see disclosure in our lifetimes I say, "wake up." Nobody
will disclose anything meaningful on the subject. "They" will tell us enough to keep us
chasing our tails or they will tell us tales if only to manipulate our behavior...but
to be honest with us and give us the full story? No Effing Way!

KRandle said...

George -

What if he wasn't?

Larry -

After the story came out in the New York Times and was treated with a certain amount of respect, that could have triggered the question.

Larry said...

Politico is reporting today that key Senators received a classified briefing on the UFO subject yesterday. Someone is going around DC giving briefings to important decision makers.

Paul Craddick said...

Kevin, in case you haven't seen it —

Clarence said...

Brian B states: "...And no, if such a disclosure were to ever happen I suspect the scientific community would be briefed first and allowed to deliver the message. Why do people think the Pentagon would be the one to break such news to the entire world?...".

Those are interesting questions/comments. I think the Pentagon would be in a far better position to announce First Contact for a number of reasons; for starters, they would have the actual evidence, since that radar footage was captured by a military aircraft, not a university observatory. Secondly, the scientific community has been the biggest adversary to UFO research/sightings, at least in the US, since the first sightings. There's no way any scientist should be involved at all. If you are seriously proposing they should deliver the news, who would you suggest, Bill Nye or Neil Tyson? Surely you can't be serious. One can only imagine Tyson saying, "...after calling UFOS the pinnacle of lunacy, along with my cohorts, for over 50 years, I am now proud to announce that we were wrong...."...

David From AU said...

"What if Trump was lying ?"
The impression held by many people is that he doesn't know how not to . . .

Brian B said...

From yesterday’s article — apparently the USN on the East Coast having been seeing similar behaving objects as the Nimitz pilots.

Also the USN said, “A Navy official told CNN at the time that the Navy does not believe aliens have been flying around US airspace.”

Clarence said...

Brian B states: "...Also the USN said, “A Navy official told CNN at the time that the Navy does not believe aliens have been flying around US airspace...”

Honestly, what would you expect the Navy to say..:)...?

Brian B said...

@ Clarence

I’d expect them to say just what they did. There’s no confirmation these objects are extraterrestrial. Zero.

It’s only speculation and hypothesis by a few of the radar and pilot observers that suggest they’re potentially extraterrestrial. They don’t know either.

So yes, the USN should say just what they did.

Your response implies your own reasoning that the USN already knows they’re extraterrestrial and are just denying it.

For all we know it’s ours.

We had stealth fighters in 1980 — but they were only declassified in 1992, 12 years later.

Clarence said...

Brian: a this point I'm neutral about what they are, I agree could be one of ours, however a bad idea to put them squarely in an ops area, as I believe there was a near collision with one of them. I'm not sure who the Navy spokesman was, but given the nature of how classified info is handled, there's a pretty good chance he was just saying what he was told to say, obviously. If they are ET, that knowledge would be probably be contained much further up the chain of command. At any rate, maybe we will know soon enough?

Rusty L. said...

It seems odd to me that no one (that I have seen) has criticized the Safety Center for failing to issue a safety of flight alert. Regardless of the source, it seems that an alert was warranted for the area around the Southern Virginia coast.