Thursday, June 20, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Stephen Bassett (Disclosure)

This week I reached out to Stephen Bassett, he of Disclosure fame. Given what has been happening the last few weeks, with so much that is positive coming out, I thought it time to take another look at Disclosure. Bassett provided an interesting
Stephen Bassett. Photo
copyright by Kevin Randle
history of how we reached the point we have reached, including a suggestion of a plan for President Hillary Clinton to be the “Disclosure President.” Of course, that plan failed for the obvious reason. You can listen to the interview here:

In the last several days, I have had some inquiries about Admiral Thomas Wilson, who apparently met with Dr. Eric Davis (formerly of NIDS). Davis took notes and those notes have recently been published in a number of forums. You can read the notes for yourself here:

Davis had mentioned, on Coast-to-Coast, that the Del Rio UFO crash was real, which seemed to suggest that he wasn’t quite the authority on crash retrievals that he pretended to be. I discussed some of that here:

The problem is that the Del Rio crash is a hoax. It was started by a fellow named Robert Willingham, and I have gone over this many times on the blog. Willingham claimed to have been a fighter pilot, Air Force officer, and eventually claimed to have been involved in seven UFO crash retrievals. You can read about all that here:

(All of this is probably more detail than anyone really wants, but I believe it important to make it clear that the Del Rio data came from Willingham and Willingham is completely unreliable.)

One of the points I wanted to make, but it got lost in the discussion, was that the Wilson interview had taken place in 1997, and while they talked about the Corso book, I didn’t really see that as a fatal flaw. Corso’s book came out that same year, and if you accept the crash of an alien spacecraft at Roswell as true, then Corso writing about it suggests that he might have had inside information. But the flaws in Corso’s book are many and I have written about them here as well. (Can’t be surprised by that, can you?) The relevant posts can be read here:

We ended with a discussion about the convoy from Roswell to Wright Field, Ohio. I was attempting to point out that it violated regulations… but was told that regulations were often violated. This is a standard response to such a question but it doesn’t negate the accuracy of the information. We just ran out of time before we could finish the discussion.

Next week, I’ll be joined by Nick Redfern to discuss his book, Cover ups and Secrets. If you have questions for Nick, send them along to the comments section and I’ll see about getting them answered.

And, remember, I’ll be interviewing some of the guests at the Roswell Festival. If you have questions, the same applies. Send them along to the comments section here.


Sugarraytaylor said...

How many times have we heard the same drivel about this one or that one being the “disclosure president”? I admire Bassett’s passion and commitment, but there’s rarely an interview where he doesn’t sound ridiculous. The main issue I have with his disclosure ambitions, is that there will probably never be disclosure for folks like Bassett. If Trump was to call a press conference tomorrow and said “Yes, we have made contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation and they have indeed been responsible for some of the highly publicised UFO sightings ....etc”
It would never be enough for people like Bassett, they want all of their UFO beliefs validated whether it be Roswell, Rendlesham, Phoenix lights, Bob lazar’s tales, or even the one armed fraudster who we dare not name incase his bodyguard shows up to annoy us all to death.
Anything less than a validation of their beliefs will be met with cries of things like “fake disclosure” or claims of it being a hoaxed alien invasion of earth with the goal of establishing a “one world government”, the usual drill.

Paul Young said...

Though I take Sugarraytaylor's point that an official announcent of the reality of visitation (that some UFO's are ET)...will not be enough info for many, it has to start somewhere. I expect ONE of the reasons we have not had disclosure already is that, other than the knowledge that the ETH is accurate, not enough about who they are and what they want is known. Disclosure is going to be a real headache of a job for some poor secretary of state.