Monday, June 15, 2020

Ann Druffel has Died

It has been reported that Ann Druffel, whose work in the UFO field has been extraordinary, died last Friday, June 12.

Ann provided her own biography to the Internet Movie Database, which is short, but covers the things she thought most important.

Ann Druffel has been in the writing/research fields of UFO Phenomena, and other ancient unsolved world mysteries since 1957. She was an investigator/researcher for NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial PhenomenaK since its inception in 1957 and then with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) since 1973. She has authored six books including the most recent, Firestorm! Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science and How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction both of which have had huge impact on the scientifically-oriented UFO field. It's the former book, Firestorm! that follows the extraordinary years of atmospheric physicist James McDonald's contributions to both the public and the scientific communities. Firestorm is also the book that her screenplay, "A Man With Wonder", is based on. She has six other screenplays as well that are devoted to the field of UFOs and worldly phenomena, including a science fiction version of a "Man With Wonder", which is entitled "The Red Hand of the O'Neills".
The sad news was passed by her daughter. Ann Druffel was 93.


Skylaire said...

Such very sad news! Ann was such a pioneer - a member of APRO and Skynet, when I visited her South Pasadena home - she still had the original maps she would take phone calls about UFO sightings, to log, and in those old days, would then dispatch an interviewer to speak to the witness - all by phone and old fashioned map! She told me how all the groups she was part of, were infiltrated and dismantled by the CIA and others.. She was so amazing... and a devout Catholic... but did tell me that her co-author, D. Scott Rogo, dictated book content to her from the other side, which I found to be quite remarkable. I must dig out my hours of interviews with her... But 93! That's amazing! Condolences to her daughter, family and friends. - Skylaire Alfvegren

Unknown said...

As a fellow investigator of so-called anomalous phenomena and having followed Ann's
life career I can appreciate those marks of courage and curiosity in her life. She
was never afraid to share her beliefs nor was she fearful of criticism once her mind
was made up. Ann Druffel's Christian faith also showed through as, indeed, it should.
For we don't yet know the reality behind UAP; perhaps it is as spiritual as it is
physical. Somehow I think she recognized this. I will miss her welcoming smile.
- Richard F. Haines