Wednesday, January 20, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - James McQuiston and Oak Island


This week I moved from UFOs back to Oak Island. James McQuiston was the guest who has worked with the Laginas at Oak Island, been in their “War Room,” and has offered his insights into the source of the treasure. For those interested, you can listen to the interview here:

James McQuiston

McQuiston provided an earlier history of Nova Scotia and Oak Island, suggesting an occupation in the area going back to nearly 1600. He suggested that Scots had been induced to settle Nova Scotia and they had arrived with those who had a variety of technical skills to include blacksmiths and carpenters. Their job would be to construct, well, basically, a village or town.

According to McQuiston’s history, a couple of decades after they arrived, they were forced out of the area. They had brought with them, originally, a treasure to be used to finance building the settlements. When they were forced to leave, in April (1632, I believe he said) they decided to bury their treasure because travel on the North Atlantic was dangerous given the weather. I think Titanic proved that. You can learn more about all this here:

One thing that had always bothered me was that I didn’t believe the pirates, hiding their booty on Oak Island, would have had the ability to build the Money Pit, as it has been described. But the retreating Scots would have had the people with the necessary training to do just that. So, we have moved from pirates to Scots, which is a much better solution.

Although I believe that Joy Steele had provided us with a solution that fits more of the facts, and much of what the Laginas brothers and their team have uncovered on Oak Island supports her theory, McQuiston does offer a tempting alternative. Some sort of British military facility seems to fit what the Laginas have found there. Joy Steele’s theory covers that. I do have to say, however, that extending the history of the island by a couple of hundred years does change the dynamic to a degree.

McQuiston also provides some insight into the behind-the-scenes workings on Oak Island. Although an NDA prohibited him diving too deep into what is going to happen and information about some of the finds, he did describe what he believes will be the end game here… and no, he didn’t rule out the finding of a treasure, but it seems that he’s more excited by the quest than the outcome.

Next up is Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb, to provide insight into his theory that an alien artifact passed through the Solar System over two years ago. If you have questions, post them to the comments section and I’ll get them answered during the show.

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John Steiger said...

From a historical perspective, this is a fascinating interview! Mr. McQuiston really knows his subject.

Kevin, thank you for having him on the program.