Friday, January 15, 2021

Coast to Coast - More UFO Occupants

One of my reports on UFO occupants caught the attention of one of the listeners. He, or she, contacted me, wondering how many UFO sightings included reports of the occupants, which is, of course, a good question. Jim and Coral Lorenzen collected such stories long before most of those in the UFO community were willing to talk about occupant sightings. They (or rather Coral) wrote several books about UFO occupants. You can learn more about their books here:


Along with the enquiry about UFO occupants, the writer added this detail. “One my bosses in the USAF said that one night he was flying an airplane and got a call from ATC [Air Traffic Control] that he had fast moving traffic approaching. It slowed and flew in formation with him for a bit. He did not describe it, other than to say, ‘I’m telling you that was a ship from another world.’ Then it did the usual zip maneuver and ATC said they lost track of it.”

Of course, we can’t do much with the story without additional information. I find it interesting but without being able to communicate with the actual witness, it just falls into the category of anecdotal evidence, which isn’t much in the way of evidence. However, when added to the hundreds or thousands of other stories, it does take on some added weight.

It also reminded me of a story that I had heard while researching the Roswell case. I was told about a retired Air Force colonel, who had been a pilot on Air Force One during the Kennedy administration. The story was that the man had flown the president out to a base to see the alien bodies recovered in Roswell.

After a month or more, I found the man. I caught him as he was walking into the business he owned and asked him about this tale. He confirmed for me that he was a retired colonel and that he had been an alternate pilot on Air Force One in the early 1960s. He had flown President Kennedy to various locations at various times. And, the colonel said that one night, while flying a fighter, he had been approached by a domed disk. Through some sort of cockpit window, he seen the alien pilot of the craft. He didn’t get a good look at that pilot, other to know that he wasn’t a human.

I have more confidence in this report because I talked with the witness in person sothat I had a chance to gauge his reactions and body language as he talked, but in the end, it too, is anecdotal. Oh, I should mention that almost all of the elements of the rumor checked out. He was an Air Force One pilot; he had seen an alien and he had flown Kennedy around the country. It was just that the tale was a combination of more than one incident. And, most importantly, he hadn’t flown Kennedy anywhere to see the Roswell bodies.

I will note here, that I don’t know how many UFO reports contain descriptions of alien creatures. If we limit ourselves to Project Blue Book, there are three sightings labeled as unidentified that contain descriptions. These are Socorro and Lonnie Zamora, of course. Then there is Pittsburg, Kansas on August 25, 1952, and finally, Temple, Oklahoma, on March 23, 1966. The other cases in Blue Book involving occupants label the witnesses as unreliable or as having psychological problems. I will have a link to the unidentified sightings at my blog.

For those interested in the Socorro landing, take a look at Encounter in the Desert, which is my investigation into that sighting. You can find the book here:

It also details some of the other reports of landings and alien creatures. To learn more about the other landing cases labeled as unidentified, you can find the information here:

And for those who would like to look at more occupant cases found in the Project Blue Book files; you can read about it here:

Finally, I had another occupant case that came in over the transom, which means that I have not had a chance to vet it. The report comes from the Dallas – Fort Worth area. A couple, in the area south of Arlington, reported they had seen a low, hovering domed disk on January 8 of this year. Like the colonel, through a window, porthole or cockpit windshield, they could make out the shape of what they thought was a small humanoid creature. Given the distance, they couldn’t see much detail, other than they didn’t believe it was human. After a minute or so, the object lifted up, into the clouds and was gone. I’ll try to follow up on this but I don’t have any additional information at this time.

Again, this tale falls into the category of anecdotal evidence. However, following the lead of Len Stringfield, I offer the case without critical comment in case there are others who have additional information about the sighting. Without more to go on, it joins a long list of interesting UFO cases that can’t be verified. 

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