Friday, January 22, 2021

Coast to Coast - EM Effects

As I have mentioned in the past, I’m a fan of multiple chains of evidence and in UFO cases, one of those chains is electromagnetic effects. These are cases in which the UFO interacts with the environment often by stalling a car engine or dimming the headlights among other things.

William Puckett at his website reported an interesting case. On June 23, 2009, a truck driver who was hauling cars from Denver to various dealers in New Mexico spotted a UFO. He had delivered three cars to a dealer in Vaughn, New Mexico, very early in the morning, and was on his way to Alamogordo, when he stopped at rest area. As he got out of his truck, he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He looked up and saw a very large, black triangle-shaped object overhead. At that time, the truck, which had been idling, stalled, all the lights went out. Then his flashlight failed. He got another flashlight, but it didn’t work and even the light on his watch went out.

The object, coming from the southeast was getting closer, and he went to pull one of the remaining cars off the trailer, something he does in an emergency, so that he can drive it to get help. The car’s lights would not come on. About this time, the object began to retreat into the southeast. As it moved away, all the lights on the various vehicles and his flashlights came back on. Everything was working again and he had no further trouble with the truck.

Later, and here is another interesting aspect, when he arrived at his final destination, he had a chance to look at the mechanical alarm clock he keeps in his cab. It was thirteen minutes faster than the truck’s clocks and when he checked the clocks in the cars, he noticed that they, too, were thirteen minutes behind the alarm clock.

In an interesting twist to cases of EM interaction, Robert Spearing, a dedicated UFO investigator has found an interesting and unreported aspect of the EM Effects. He is looking into cases of car paint changing color after being exposed to a high intensity magnetic field. He asks the question: Car paint has a number of possible oxides that theoretically can be victims of induced magnetic fields. But why are there not hundreds of cases of car paint changing color? 

According to his research, he found only two such cases. The first is from Norway in 1953. The UFO circled car and blocked the road. According to the report, the paint changed from beige to dark green but changed back the next day. Spearing noted that UV light can cause the paint color to change but the effects are irreversible.

Spearing also reported that in 1978 there was a UFO sighting in Massachusetts: According to the witness, the Ford Mustang he was driving had the engine, water pump and the battery fried by the close approach of the UFO. The paint changed from white to grey and the car had to be junked rather than repaired.

Levelland, the granddaddy of all EM Cases. Photo copyright by Kevin Randle.

The only case I have found in which the car’s paint was mentioned was Case No. 39 (page 380) in the Condon Committee final report. There is also a discussion of problems with the car’s clock as well, which fits in with this report.

In early morning of November 8, 1967, an unidentified business executive, driving in a remote region of the South Pacific area later identified as Lake Elsinore, California, when his engine failed. He said that the lights went out and the radio went dead at the same time. It was at this point that he saw an object that flew over his car and then hovered above the highway in front of him.

He later described the object as about thirty feet in diameter, saucer shaped and red orange with rotating lights around the rim. He couldn’t see a sharp edge to the craft, saying it had a hazy outline. It hovered about 160 over him.

He watched the UFO for about ninety seconds before it disappeared into the fog ahead of it. Once it as gone, he said that his headlights came back on, the radio cleared up and he was able to start his car.

He told his story to both those at the Condon Committee and to NICAP, but under the condition that his name wouldn’t be revealed. The NICAP investigators who inspected the car and found the clock has stopped at 3:46 a.m. The found spots where the paint was easy to rub off and that there was pitting in the glass and the paint. Music tapes that had been in the car had also been affected by the UFO. The back window had a bizarre optical distortion that hadn’t been noticed before.

The investigator for the Condon Committee, Roy Craig, interviewed the man and then they drove to the scene of the sighting. He said that the details of the case as given to him matched what the witness had said earlier, except a few changes. The witness now said the object was 55 feet in diameter and flew over his car at 50 or 75 feet.

Craig saw the same distortions in the rear window and saw the pitting and thin spots in the paint. He didn’t think much of this, suggesting it was what would be expected in a car that was four years old. Craig also said that a car dealer said that it was not unusual to receive a car from the factory where the paint was not even.

As had the NICAP investigators, Craig noticed that the clock had stopped at 3:46 a.m. The witness, however, wasn’t sure that the clock had been running the day before, which was another departure from his original story.

Although Craig thought the changes in the witness’ story were significant, he believed that this was a perfect case to test the magnetic mapping theory. They were able to locate another car that matched that of the witness. He mapped the hood and the trunk of the cars and compared the numbers. He wrote:

Some points of sharp change in the magnetic orientation may have displayed that change because of structure beneath the hood. However, the comparison car did show some readings very similar to those of the witness’ car throughout, including corresponding points of sharp change. Even with this crude check, it appears reasonably certain that his Chrysler had experienced no reorientation of its magnetic signature, as one might expect if the car had been subjected to a strong magnetic field.

In the conclusions wrote that the vagueness of the witness description of the object, and the wide inconsistencies in his estimate of its size and distance and that there were no other witnesses to the “alleged event” and because the car showed no evidence of a magnetic field, he concluded that no further investigation was needed which is probably a fair analysis.

If anyone has any reports of cars changing color after the close approach of a UFO, I’d be interested in hearing them. I’ll pass them along to Spearing. Just append them to the comments section here. Include contact information but these reports will not appear on the blog so that your contact information will not be compromised. 


Unknown said...

When I was in elementary school a strange neon blue light came into a oblong shaped room where I was with my cousin. The light was intelligent. The intelligence of the light manifested itself as not just simply being there within the oblong shaped room where we were. The light came through a broken window in a mathematical progression. The oblong shaped room was dark and the neon blue light made a gradual progression in a strange way. It started out by coming through the broken window progressively consuming darkness in the room only in the area where it wanted to go making a warping type sound as it slowly moved toward us.We could clearly still see the darkness of the oblong shaped room in front of the light but strangely there was a precise line boundary of neon blue light behind the darkness turning everything neon blue along with it's color as it slowly moved. The neon blue progression was mathematically precise in appearance as the neon blue went in measurement consuming the area from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor and from one side of the wall to the opposite side of the other wall still making a warping type of sound. If one could imagine two big sumo wrestlers holding a long thin piece of metal tin sheet from it's corners and shaking it then this would be probably be pretty close as to the type of warping sound that this neon blue light was making. The light wanted to come where we were but my cousin and I came to our senses and left our paralytic state of awe and ran into the next room of where we were. (There is also other lengthy information involved with this scenario).

RRRGroup said...

Tell us more "Unknown" -- as your episode isn't off-topic.


RWE said...

Recall that police car in the Midwest that supposedly got hit by a UFO? Was there some color changing in that case?

And I recall an incident where a car encountered something and part of it looked kind of "melted."