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The American Airlines Sightings and Other "V"-Shaped UFOs


I was looking for additional information about a sighting reported by George Noory on Coast to Coast, when I stumbled into several reports of chevron-shaped UFOs. You can read that report here:

When asked for more information, American Airlines referred the reporters to the FBI. There has been no explanation for the sighting at this time. Later reports suggest both FAA and FBI investigation and the possibility of something from White Sands.

This means, obviously, that the sighting is being taken seriously by the press and various government agencies. This almost reminds me of the beginning of the modern era in which such reports were taken seriously rather than ridiculed. And in the last couple of days, former air traffic controllers have reported similar incidents.

In the course of my search, I came across multiple reports of chevron-shaped objects. These are objects that looked like the rank worn by soldiers and Marines and differ from triangular UFOs because the base is open. David Marler provided commentary about triangular UFOs in his book, Triangular UFOs: Estimate of the Situation. You can listen to that conversation here:

The Lubbock Lights.

This all lead to the chevron-shaped UFOs. One of the earliest of those reports came from Albuquerque on August 25, 1951. This report was made 90 minutes before the first of the Lubbock Lights sighting. The witnesses described a flying wing like aircraft, with a series of lights along the edge of the wing. Later, several college professors would report objects passing overhead in Lubbock, which became the first of those sightings. Carl Hart, Jr. took five photographs of those lights a few nights later, which showed a chevron-shaped, or flying wing like craft. Only four of the photographs have survived. Hart told me in 1995 that he didn’t know what he had photographed. You can read more about the Lubbock Lights here:

In reports from MUFON and Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center, I found the following. On January 10, 2021, the witness in Philadelphia, said that while star-gazing, saw a massive V-shaped craft that traveled from north to southwest. The witness said that it was very large and was silent. The V or chevron, was dark with dim running lights along the edges. The witness said the most interesting part was that it seemed that light was bending around the body of the craft and that the ‘stars behind it were visible though were stretched or distorted as it flew.

On January 5, at about ten p.m., the witness in Richmond, Missouri, heard a noise that might have been a snow plow but I kept getting louder. Stepping outside, the witness saw an aircraft that resembled the B-2 Bombers from Whiteman Air Force base. The witness said that the object so low, that it was vibrating the house. It was flying extremely low. The only lights were two solid red at the wingtips. The shape seemed to be a triangle, but the B-2 is more chevron shaped. It was cloudy so that the witness said that “It didn’t silhouette very well.”

In a case from Los Angeles, a witness, only identified as Miguel said that he saw a boomerang flying over the area. He said it was about 300 feet in size and had a dark surface with white lights. He said it emitted nothing and made no noise but did maintain a constant speed and elevation. It had “fuzzy edges,” and he said there was a mist or shroud around it.

One of the best sightings of a chevron-shaped object was reported at the same time as the Phoenix Lights. The object, that could be described as a flying wing with lights in a “V” formation, was first seen in Nevada rather than Arizona. Just before seven (Pacific Standard Time) a man living in Henderson, just outside of Las Vegas, said that he saw a “V”-shaped object that he thought was about the size of a Boeing 747 and that sounded like the rushing of wind. There were six lights on the leading edge. He watched as it flew to the southeast, eventually disappearing over the horizon.

Others reported the lights as they flew from northern Arizona to the southern corner, a distance of about two hundred miles in about thirty minutes, or at about 400 miles per hour. The speed is not outside that of conventional aircraft.

Dana Valentine, a laser printer technician, said he was sitting in his yard when he saw the lights. He ran inside to alert his father, an aeronautical engineer, and both saw the lights, an estimated 500 feet above them. They could also see a mass behind the lights. Neither could see a definable shape, just the formation of lights with a wavy, gray mass behind them. Neither of them could explain what they had seen.

Peter Davenport, and his National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) received dozens of calls from witnesses in Arizona that night.  According to him:

One group of three witnesses, located just north of Phoenix, reported seeing a huge, wedge-shaped craft with five lights on is ventral surface pass overhead with an eerie “gliding” type of flight. It coursed to the south and passed between two mountain peaks to the south. The witnesses emphasized how huge the object was, blocking up to 70 – 90 degrees of the sky.

A second group of witnesses, a mother and four daughters near the intersection of Indian School Road and 7th Avenue [in Phoenix], were shocked to witness an object, shaped somewhat like a sergeant’s stripes, approach from over Camelback Mountain to the north. They report that it stopped directly above them, where it hovered for an estimated 5 minutes. They described how it filled at least 30 – 40 degrees of sky, and how it exhibited a faint glow along its trailing edge. The witnesses felt they could see individual features on the ventral surface of the object, and they were certain that they were looking at a very large, solid object.

The object began moving slowly to the south, at which time it appeared to “fire” a white beam of light at the ground. At about the same time, the seven lights on the object’s leading edge suddenly dimmed and disappeared from the witnesses’ sight. The object moved off in the general direction of Sky Harbor International Airport, a few miles to the south, where it was witnessed by two air traffic controllers in the airport tower, and reportedly by several pilots, both on the ground and on final approach from the east.

After this point in the sighting, the facts are somewhat less clear to investigators. It is known that at least one object continued generally to the south and southeast, passing over the communities of Scottsdale, Glendale, and Gilbert. One of the witnesses in Scottsdale, a former airline pilot with 13,700 hours of flight time, reported seeing the object execute a distinct turn as it approached his position on the ground. He noted that he witnessed many lights on the object as it approached him, but that the number of lights appeared to diminish as it got closer to overhead. Many other witnesses in those communities reported seeing the object pass overhead as it made its way toward the mountains to the south of Phoenix.

Other sightings occurred shortly afterward along Interstate 10 in the vicinity of Casa Grande. One family of five, who were driving from Tucson to Phoenix, reported that the object that passed over their station wagon was so large that they could see one “wing tip” of the object out one side of their car, and the other “wing tip” out the other side. They estimated they were driving toward Phoenix at approximately 80 miles per hour, and they remained underneath the object for between one and two minutes as it moved in the opposite direction. They emphasized how incredibly huge the object appeared to be as it blocked out the sky above their car.

What all this demonstrates is that there were more sightings than have been reported by most of those commenting on the lights. More important, some of the explanations offered in the days that followed did not account for the variety of sightings.

But the sightings didn’t end; they just became more controversial and produced a number of video tapes. These were lights that inspired the investigations as well as the media attention because nothing excites the media like a good visual. One of the tapes, shown repeatedly on local, national, and cable television, was analyzed using an impressive looking array of computers and some very sophisticated software. The conclusions drawn in those early investigations were that the lights were not natural phenomena and did not exhibit any of the features of manufactured lights. In other words, they were unique.

Others, including private researchers began to gather the stories of the lights that had moved across Arizona, some of them believing that all the sightings were related. There were those who claimed to have a triangular-shaped object and others who claimed to have seen individual lights in a triangular or “V” shaped formation. Some thought the lights were white, others red, and still others saw various faded colors in the lights.

It might also be said that this is where things become confusing. There is good testimony that one formation of lights was identified as airplanes. Steve Wilson of The Arizona Republic, reported about while others were sighting lights, one man saw an object. Wilson reported:

…Max Saracen, 34, is a real estate consultant who lives in north Phoenix. He and his wife, Shala, were driving west on Deer Valley Road when they saw a huge triangular craft. They pulled off the road, got out and watched it pass overhead. “It was very spooky – this gigantic ship blocking out the stars and silently creeping across the sky. I don’t know of any aircraft with silent engines.

Saracen was not alone in this. Mike Rogers, yes that Mike Rogers, told me that he had seen the large, triangular craft as it approached the Phoenix area. It was clear from what he said that he wasn’t talking about a formation of lights, but of a large, single object. He said that he was on a hillside when the craft became visible. It was not a collection of lights or objects, but a single craft. You can listen to our discussion about this here:

In my conversation with David Marler, he mentioned that sightings of triangular-shaped objects were becoming more frequent. He also mentioned that he “Tried to remain pure to actually focusing on actual triangular UFOs…” there is a gray area when looking at the various reports. He also said that these chevron-shaped UFOs, or boomerangs, were a category of their own.

The statistics do show more sightings of the chevron shapes. It’s almost as if there has been an evolution in the shape of the craft reported that might mean an update in the technology or another species is now visiting.

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