Thursday, November 04, 2021

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Greg Lawson and His Roswell Book

Greg Lawson was the guest today. He is a former police officer, former soldier, former airman and former sailor. He has been studying the paranormal for decades, and

Greg Lawson

has a special interest in the Roswell UFO case. His book, Roswell: The After Action Report is different from the other books in that he attacks the question as a police investigator rather than as a UFO researcher. It means that he comes at the case from, well, a different perspective. You can listen to the show here:

He did surprise me by suggesting that Thomas DuBose, the Chief of Staff for the 8th Eighth Air Force in Fort Worth in 1947 was a major witness, and maybe the most important of the witnesses. He thought that because DuBose was on both ends of the coverup, whatever the cause of the coverup was, he would have a special insight. Others who fit into that category such as General Ramey and Colonel Blanchard had died prior to the renewed interest in the case. DuBose left some video evidence about what he had seen and done.

We also talked about Jesse Marcel, Sr. and his involvement in the case. I’d just gone through the interview with Bob Pratt done in 1979. You can see Pratt’s notes and transcript of that interview here:

The pages of the interview are at the end of the posting. You can see Marcel’s words, and the way the notes were taken. That provides some insight into this aspect of the case.

Having gone through that interview again, I was a little disturbed by some of the claims Marcel had made about his military service and his educational background. These have been reported on in the past, including Marcel’s claim about shooting down five enemy aircraft. No record of his claim exists, and as I learned, records of this sort of activity do exist. The Air Force (okay, the Army Air Forces) kept track of that during the war. One sergeant flying as a gunner in a bomber is recorded as having shot down 17 enemy planes. The list begins with those having downed a single enemy craft but Marcel’s name does not appear on the list anywhere.

That and other embellishments would be devastating to the Roswell case if there were not other witnesses to the crash. That means, simply, that if Marcel was stand alone, his testimony about the crash could be dismissed, but there are, literally, dozens of other witnesses to some aspects of the case. That includes the majority of Blanchard’s primary staff, to other officers and enlisted soldiers who participated in some aspect of the recovery and civilians who found debris or witnessed some other aspects of the case. In other words, Marcel’s tale of the UFO crash and the look of the debris is corroborated independently by others.

We eventually got around to Mogul and the Air Force offer of the balloon arrays as the culprit in the recovery. Here, I probably should mention, again, that everyone agrees that something fell near Roswell. It’s the identify that is in question. I’m not going to report the list of reasons that Mogul doesn’t work here again. Those interested can pick up a copy of Roswell in the 21st Century for a detailed analysis, or just type Mogul into the search engine on this blog and you’ll have more than enough information.

There were many other things that I wanted to explore, but we just ran out of time. The conversation was interesting, at least for me and that’s what counts (well, it’s really the audience interest that counts. My interest is a gauge of that). I’ll have Greg back on the program in the future so that we can hit some of the other points.

Next up is the long-promised interview with Stan Gordon. We’ll get his take on the Kecksburg UFO crash. And the following week, I’ll talk with Dr. Peter Strassburg about his book, When Einstein Went to Roswell. 


starman said...

Many claims in WWII were honest even if unverified. Numbers of German or other fighters downed by gunners were often exaggerated by a factor of three, not because the gunners intentionally lied but because most were mistaken. Many times two or more gunners on different bombers shot at the same enemy fighter and each one thought his bullets scored the kill.

John Steiger said...

Kevin: A wonderful, fascinating interview! Thank you very much for having Mr. Lawson on.

The Greased Weasel said...

Hello Kevin,

I only recently found your podcast and am enjoying it very much. I work as an analyst (not in the USA) and have to say that generally I am a sceptic. However, my scepticism is tempered by the adage that 'as the truth changes, so does my mind'. I suppose I'm saying that I need some level of proof about any exceptional claim, and as Sagan said 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence', which I think is a perfectly reasonable position to take. In the episodes, and I freely admit that I am new to all this, I'm often amazed at the claims by some of your guests of what I've come to think of as the 'magical alien'; an entity able to bend, or even ignore, what we understand as the laws of physics; to pass through solid walls, ignore gravity, conduct procedures on people and leave not as much as a scratch, and to bend time and space to their will. Aliens may be magical but humans most definitely aren't, and its my long experience that almost any invasive surgical technique used on a person almost always leaves some evidence behind. Any counterpoint by you isn't met with a reasonable rebuttal, but with the rhetoric of 'feelings' and 'opinion'. Your comments about Special Relativity meaning that it's impossible for anything with mass to travel at the speed at the light, to say nothing of the major issues around accelerating to and decelerating from light speed, are met with "well its my opinion...", or "I feel that...", or "we just don't understand yet...". Einstein's genius, and decades of theoretical and experimental physics, defeated by someone's feelings and opinions!!! What a strange world I've stumbled into. I apologize for going on and on, and I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful to your guests, but some of their beliefs, as far as I can tell, seems analogous to that of religious faith, where dogma trumps everything. Again, its not that I don't believe in alien life; the chances of it existing somewhere, in some form, seems likely to me even if its only microbial. If you ask me does complex life exist, able to harness technology and voyage vast distances through interstellar space?; well that's a very different question. Keep up the very fine and interesting work and I look forward to many more episodes from you.

Thank you and regards.

The Greased Weasel said...

Hello again - I should clarify that my earlier comments don't necessarily relate to the guest you had on this episode; rather they were reflective of some of the many episodes I've listened to over the last few days. Apologies for any confusion caused. Thank you.