Sunday, December 26, 2021

Coast to Coast - Interesting Videos


This will be somewhat brief given the time of the year and everything else that is happening. I will note here, again, that I haven’t had a chance to completely vet the reports. These are the ones that I find interesting given the circumstances and that they are usually accompanied by some sort of visual evidence, either pictures or video.

Just a few days ago, on December 16, the witness in Wayland, Michigan reported watching and filming an amber sphere that was changing colors as it pulsated rapidly. The witness said that the same thing, or maybe another similar one, had been spotted a couple of nights earlier. This time, however, the witness got up and went to the back door. The UFO was about a half mile to a mile away, amber in color and moving quickly.

According to the witness, he had never seen anything like this and filmed it for about 51 seconds until he could no longer see it. This means, of course, that the UFO was in sight for more than a minute. The fact there had been an earlier sighting is also intriguing.

A witness in Raleigh, North Carolina, reported seeing strange red orbs on December 12, 2021. The orbs came out of the east and flew toward the west as they climbed higher. There were other witnesses to the sighting. The witness said that family members thought orbs might be satellites, though the witness had never seen anything like that before.

William Puckett noted that Jupiter and Venus are very bright in the evening sky at the time of the sighting. Saturn can be seen in that section of the sky as well, but is not nearly as bright because the moon sometimes outshines it. Puckett suggested that the lights might be Chinese lanterns. You can see the video here:

I do think that it is illustrative to see what else is up in the night sky. On December 3, the witness, along with his brother-in-law saw a light of objects traveling 

southwest to northeast at a high rate of speed. The brother-in-law shot video of the object. Puckett identified the UFO as Star-Link communications satellites. I found the video and photograph to be very interesting because it shows a very strange aerial display that has a rather mundane answer. You can see the video here:


And just for a little variety, here is an unidentified sighting from December 16, near San Diego, California. The witness was driving home and thought there was a helicopter nearby flying very low. It wasn’t loud like a helicopter. Looking through the windshield, the witness saw a black, triangular-shaped object with an open middle. There were scattered lights seen around the craft. The object continued moving away, but remained at a low altitude.

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