Saturday, December 11, 2021

Coast to Coast: The National Defense Authorization Act and Two Interesting Sightings


On Tuesday, December 7, the House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 363 to 70. The law contains statutory mandates, and places accountability for dealing with UFOs out squarely on the shoulders of the Secretary of Defense with some of the responsibility shared with the Director of National Intelligence.

The bill contains some of the same sort of vague language that plagues so much in the government. They are required to “develop procedures to synchronize and standardize the collection, reporting, and analysis of incidents, including adverse physiological effects, regarding unidentified aerial phenomena across the Department of Defense and intelligence community.... Evaluating links between unidentified aerial phenomena and adversarial foreign governments, and other nonstate actors .... Coordinating with other departments and agencies of the Federal Government, as appropriate, including the FAA, NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, NOAA, and the Department of Energy.”

What all this means is that there is now the first push to create another UFO, well, UAP, investigation but much of the required activity seems to be focused on how to coordinate with other agencies rather than gather meaningful data. It seems to be just another government bureaucracy that will not provide the research capabilities necessary to find the answers. I will note here that all this has been going on for about four years and the best they had come up with is a high school level report on 144 incidents.

Here is something they might want to check out. On December 3 of this year, a woman in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said that while driving on a foggy night with poor visibility, spotted five lights moving in different directions. The light eventually merged into a single light and then she saw three oval, blue-purple lights that seemed to be flying through the clouds. She then saw green lights that were moving very fast. The sighting lasted about forty-five minutes and she took several photographs. You can see the pictures here:

The next day, in an incident that might be relevant, she said she lost her Internet connection. She called the cable provider. Her phone, cable and her modem were all out. Nothing she tried, or the cable company tried could get anything to work. The technician then looked at the equipment and said that something had fried it. All had been plugged into a surge protector. Electrical magnetic effects are a well-known symptom of the close approach of a UFO.

On November 6, the witness in Marietta, Georgia, reported that a strange, cigar-shape was flying overhead. The witness took several pictures of the white object that looks like an elongated tic-tac, which seems to be the new name for cigar-shaped craft. It was moving in a westerly direction and there were no signs of a contrail. The witness lives near the Atlanta airport and has seen many aircraft over head. You can see the picture here:

Finally, last week I reported on a sighting and a photograph at an airshow in Houston, Texas. In that report, I noted that on October 9 of this year, at Ellington Air Force Base, there was a multiple witness sighting. According to the investigation by Texas MUFON the witness reported that while his father was photographing airplanes at the Wings Over Houston Air Show he noticed a small, metallic object at a much higher altitude than the performing aircraft.

The witness wasn’t sure about the altitude of the UFO but believed it to be around 12,000 feet. The witness said that his father pointed the object out to him and two others in the crowd. They watched the UFO for about five minutes. The object seemed to hover, then drifted to another point in the sky and again hovered.

The object was metallic and rounded. It left no trail as it moved and there was no evidence of engines or engine exhaust. They lost sight of the UFO when it moved behind some clouds.

About a week later, as they were reviewing the pictures from the air show, they examined the picture of the UFO. They were able to zoom in and saw that the object was disk or oval shaped and was bright silver.

The MUFON report noted, “This field investigator finds it intriguingly coincidental that the object happened to comply with the temporary flight restrictions by flying above 15,000 feet.”

I have reached out to a couple of people to see if we can’t find additional witnesses and photographs. It struck me that if we could, it would allow us to do some additional investigation. I did receive a reply that might provide an explanation for the sighting. Although the sighting was closed out as an “Unknown,” the investigator wrote that he believed the true answer might be some sort of a balloon. He suggested that the object looked like to a U.S. Army “LEMV” (Long Endurance Multi Intelligence Vehicle) hybrid blimp. He noted that the program had been cancelled by the Army but that the aircraft was still in production in the United Kingdom, it might have made an appearance at the Houston Air Show.

The "Tic Tac" Blimp

The Army's Blimp

The real take away from this is how similar these vehicles look to the tic-tacs that have been disturbing the Navy. No, they wouldn’t have the speed of those objects, but it does make for an interesting theory. I posted the pictures so that we all can become aware of the variety of these blimps because, at the distance, they certainly look other worldly.


Joeschmoe said...

Is this another example of the "hitch hiker syndrome" regarding the Green Bay witness who captured photos and successfully uploaded the same to post on social media??...I don't see any other correlation

Brian Wagner said...

I'm sorry the video is just crap. Is this the best there is after I became a UFO enthusiast in the mid 60s? UFOlogy really has no future does it? Modern UFO videos look worse than old 60s photos ala Heflin. This is why UFOlogy has no future, just and endless retread of hucksters and charlatons and wishful thinkers. But enjoy.

John Steiger said...

Brian Wagner -- I must protest. UFO cases are much more than photos and videos. Kecksburg, Delphos, Pascagoula, Rendlesham Forest, and Ariel School to name but a few that come to mind ... all post-Heflin.

UFOlogy not only has an important future ahead, but a proud past (at least in notable part) as well.