Monday, February 28, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Tom Deuley, Del Rio UFO Crash and Alien Abduction

This week I spoke with Tom Deuley, who has been around the UFO field for a long time. I believe I first met him in San Antonio at a UFO conference in the 1990s. One of the things he talked about was the Del Rio UFO crash. This was a tale told by

Tom Deuley

Robert Willingham, who claimed to be a retired Air Force colonel, fighter pilot and a veteran of the Korean War. I had investigated his background in the early 2000s after learning that no one else had done that. He had been accepted as an Air Force officer without much in the way of question or documentation. For those who wish to explore the Willingham saga at length, you can read about it here:

Embedded in that article are links to other stories about Willingham and his tales of UFO crashes… yes, crashes. Eventually, he claimed to have been on the scene of seven crashes. What are the odds?

Tom added a note to the Willingham saga that provides additional insight into the man and his stories.

We also talked about the Ambient Monitoring Project, which was designed to monitor the surroundings of those who have reported abduction. It’s a passive system without either audio or visual capability. The system records a variety of conditions in the bedroom and according to Tom, if the temperature varies by as little as a degree, that is noted. The theory was to gather data in a scientific way that could provide clues about the abduction phenomenon.

What I found interesting, on one hand, was that they had trouble finding people to participate in the program. However, thinking about it, I’m not sure that I would want a device that monitored the conditions in my bedroom. They did find a few who participated and the amount of evidence collected, given the way the system worked, seems to be overwhelming. Although the monitoring aspect has been concluded, analysis of that data is a Herculean task and is continuing.

Anyway, you can listen to the show in the audio player on the left, or you can link to it here:

Next up is Terry Lovelace. I haven’t had him on the program in quite a while. We’ll be talking about his abduction experience, his abduction research and his delving in to past lives… which will give me the chance to bring up Conversations, which is the book I wrote about my experience with a woman who seemed to have had a past life, or rather, several of them. 

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