Thursday, February 03, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - William Puckett


This week I invited William Puckett on the program to talk about what was happening in the world of UFOs.  He hosts a website,, on which he posts sighting reports made to him. Many of them include pictures and videos of those sightings that allows the reader to decide if the object is something strange or something that has a terrestrial explanation. You can listen to the show here:

Before I brought on William, I mentioned something that bothers me. I have been

William Puckett

working on a book Understanding Roswell, which is a deeper look into the backgrounds of some of the witnesses. The dilemma is what to say about someone’s background in this world of cancel culture. I’m thinking specifically of Jesse Marcel, Sr., because it seems, based on everything that we have seen, read and heard that Jesse tended to spin a tale or two.

I mentioned specifically, the tale about preforming an appendectomy on a soldier while being given the instructions by a surgeon using the radio. In Linda Corley’s book, For the Sake of My Country, she mentioned Jesse beginning to tell the story and his wife, Viaud, saying something about it, suggesting she didn’t believe it.

There are other areas of embellishment that can’t be proved and, in some cases, have been disproved. I hesitate to mention all this because of the family. Jesse

Jesse Marcel, Jr.

Marcel, Jr., was a man of great integrity. I know of no embellishments he made to his testimony about the UFO recovery.

The other side of this is that Jesse Marcel Sr. telling of his involvement in the retrieval isn’t stand along. There are many others who talked about those events, corroborating what Marcel, Sr. said. If we didn’t have that additional testimony, we could easily reject all that Marcel, Sr. said. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of embellishment to that tale.

My hesitation is what good does it do to mention all this? It doesn’t alter the case, which, if it was stand alone, it certainly would. Take Marcel out of the picture and we still have every member of Colonel Blanchard’s senior staff that we were able to interview suggested it was something extraterrestrial other than a single officer.

William mentioned that he had the opportunity to interview Jesse, Jr. a number of times found him, as did I, an honest man. Jesse, Jr. was a good man, and if he was still alive, I probably would have kept some of the trouble with Jesse, Sr. to myself. As it is, in the upcoming book, Understanding Roswell, I look at this a little more deeply.

When we finally got around to talking about William’s website and experiences, I asked about the Star Link Satellites because it seemed they were responsible for a number of UFO sightings. Such reports had become so common, that William stopped noting them at his website. There are some pictures of those satellites on his website.

We talked about the number of pictures that have been reported over the last few years. William explained that there was a way to determine if a picture had been manipulated by looking at the meta data available. If there had been an alteration, that could be determined and the photo could be rejected. He also said that he doesn’t post pictures that are obvious fakes.

One of the interesting things he mentioned was that in many cell phone pictures of anomalous green objects might be an artifact from the camera. When the camera was pointed, more or less, in the direction of the sun, the “lens flares” tended to manifest as something green.

I also asked if the upswing in triangular-shaped objects might be the result of some sort of evolution in terrestrial aviation technology. It seemed to me that with so many sightings of them in the world today, it might be a new technology that is Earth-based, rather than something interstellar. He had noticed a similar trend.

He did provide information on a couple of interesting cases that suggested EM Effects as well. It was a wide-ranging conversation. There is a link to EM cases on his website, and, of course, my book, Levelland, is all about EM Effects for those interested in pursuing that line of investigation.

Next week, I’ll be talking with Dr. James Horan, who has done some scientific research into the Roswell case in general and the Ramey Memo in particular. He is also the editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. We’ll delve into the Ramey Memo and some of his other UFO investigations. If you have questions, put them in the comments section of the blog. I won’t post them, but will try to get them answered.


L. Barker said...

Why do you insist on ignoring the testimony by the MP? I don't know for sure but I think he is dead but he had a son.
The MP's story is different from your story in some detail, but not in general.
But I think he was there and was willing to describe what he saw. The discussion we had back in the day at Updates began on April 1st. But it wasn't a joke.

KRandle said...

Unknown -

I don't know what the hell you're talking about here. There was no testimony from an MP (Monty Python?). I suspect I know who you are, and this will be another conversation that will go nowhere... Name the MP.

John Steiger said...

Kevin: I am eagerly looking forward to Understanding Roswell and its presumed discussion of Jesse Marcel, Sr.

Two (2) points of reflection: Just how important is the evidence offered by Jesse Marcel, Sr. to the overall Roswell UFO crash case? In my play The Roswell Trial, although Major Marcel was a primary witness, I intentionally limited his testimony to cover only what he had to add that others could not. This is common trial strategy and not an underhanded measure to circumvent the truth. I did this because, as you have so insightfully demonstrated, there are questions regarding certain matters in his background.

Alternatively, the testimony proffered by the chief military witness, Captain Sheridan Cavitt, is highly questionable given his initial denials of any involvement at Roswell in July, 1947 and subsequent admissions as to the falsity of his own statements. And this doesn't even include the contradictions of Cavitt's story by Major Marcel, Sgt. Rickett, and perhaps others.

L. Barker said...

We discussed the MP on Updates, several years ago'
The discussion began on April 1st and you suspected a hoax.
The MP is Thomas L. Evans Sgt.
I sent the list everything Thomas sent me
I'm not trying to hide my identity. I didn't realize that you didn't know who I was.


L. Barker said...

Try this link