Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Sightings with Video


To begin, on Wednesday morning, April 27, a bolide flashed over Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. It was bright enough to be seen in the morning sky and made a roaring sound, something often reported with large meteors.

While this, in and of itself, is relatively unimportant, a comment about this, is. One commentator suggested it suggested something about the capability of American military defense. They hadn’t spotted the meteor and that meant, I suppose, a hole in our defense system, except…

This bolide probably was no larger than a softball, maybe a basketball, was traveling at something around 50,000 miles an hour, and would have been lost in the hundreds of items of space debris now in orbit around the Earth. This is not to mention that our sensor arrays and radar facilities are often set to discriminate, looking for threats to national security rather than a high-flying bolide that probably burned up before reaching the ground. There are some very good videos of meteor falls and you can watch them here:

I just thought I would mention this because, in the following reports, it is mentioned that the object sighted, at least at Midway, made no sound. In other cases, the witnesses heard a low rumbling but the passage of a bolide has been described as sounding like an artillery round flying overhead, and yes, I have heard many of those.

So, I thought I’d take a bit of a tour around the world and see what is being reported in other areas. First, is an interesting report from Midway Atoll in the Pacific. On November 24, 2021, the witnesses said that they saw an object that was moving away at high speed. There was no sound and no trail that might suggest a fireball.

One of the witnesses said that it was an airplane, but others said that it was not. The witness reached for her cell phone and began to record. The film lasts for two and a half minutes, meaning that the witnesses were able to get a good view of the UFO. It moved quickly and steadily and seemed to be descending as it disappeared.

Here's the important point with this sighting. The witness attempted to find a way to provide the video to the Pentagon, but was unable to do that, the current interest in UFOs not withstanding and I believe it is because the source was not military.

UFO seen over Midway Atoll.

The preliminary analysis by William Puckett, was that the object might have been a balloon, but the witness said that it was moving faster before she began filming. The sighting did not take place during the normal balloon launchings and has been ruled out by Puckett. You see the video here:

On March 8 of this year, the witness watched a slow moving, triangular object as it flew over Meyerton, South Africa. The UFO made no noise but did cause a slight rumbling. It was very big, the size of a football field, but given this is South Africa, I’m thinking that meant a soccer field. It was very low. The witness said that friends had been searching for her for thirty minutes, but she was there the whole time, which is an intriguing detail suggesting some sort of missing time.

Finally, on March 9 of this year, in Harwington, Connecticut, the witness said that she had seen a massive black triangle with curved corners, and red, yellowish and blue round lights under each side.

According to her report, it was dark outside and she turned on the garage lights. When she reached the driveway, she heard a low, but deep rumbling. The triangle was right above her and extended over part of the roof. She thought the only reason she could see it was because of the lights underneath it. As she watched, it moved very, very slowly until it was completely over the house roof and then was gone in seconds.

She was concerned about the sighting and lost sleep for several nights because, as she said, her good fortune in seeing the UFO. She decided to report it and sent the information to the National UFO Reporting Center.

The MADAR network had a hit in the Newington area, about 21 miles east of Harwington, which when the times were converted to UTC matched. Although the witness said that she watched the UFO for about two and a half minutes, the recorded anomaly was eight minutes long and the MADAR node also recorded a compass deviation at the time of the sighting. That does, to an extent, corroborate the idea that some UFOs do emit a strong magnetic field.

This is an important sighting for two reasons. One is the independent corroboration of the event by the MADAR system and second, the witness did report the sighting but not to an official government organization. Again, the report probably would have been ignored by this new UFO investigating office because it came from a civilian.


Thomas T. said...

Could it be that this guy just zoomed in on a moving cloud to make it appear as if a stationary object was moving? There seems to be no ground contact.

RWE said...

Check this out:

Brian said...

It's always hard to get a sense of distance/speed from a video, but it certainly looks like a classic example of seeing a high altitude object (ie a jet or a balloon) that is catching the rays of the setting sun. The sighting took place in the evening when it would be reflecting the sun, which may have already set. This amplifies the brightness of the object.