Thursday, October 27, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Clas Svahn (And Swedish Abductions)


This week I reached out to Clas Svahn. I was curious about Sweden’s UFO scene and if it matched that of the United States. The first case we talked about was an abduction case. I wondered if the abduction situation in Sweden mirrored ours and learned that abduction in Sweden is somewhat rare and it is often a combination of contact and abduction, rather than just abduction. The case was interesting because there was another, independent witness to it, who called the police. There is much more to the tale than this first, single abduction. Unfortunately, the police arrived after the UFO was gone, and the mysterious telephone caller has not been identified. You can listen to the show here:

And Clas mentioned what he called an interrupted abduction. This was something I have never heard of and found it interesting. Not sure what to make of it, but there are some implications that might provide an answer or two about alien abduction.

Clas Svahn

We did talk about crashes of strange craft or phenomena, in Sweden as well. It seems that witnesses see strange craft that dive into lakes. No wreckage of any kind has ever been recovered and apparently, these objects don’t hit dry land. It is another phenomenon that seems to be unique to Sweden, or maybe unique to all of Scandinavia.

I also asked about the reaction of Sweden to the current UFO sightings here. Clas said that the Swedish Air Force hasn’t been bothered in the way our Navy has been and that they have not chased UFOs for a long time.

One of the take-aways here is that the UFO phenomena in Sweden is different than what we have here. I found it interesting simply because you would think there would be an overlap in the types of reports. Of course, that might be explained by the cultural differences or the difference in emphasis in the UFO reports.

And, of course, we did talk about the Archives for the Unexplained (AFU), which covers more than just UFOs. This is an effort to create a repository files, documents and other material covering the paranormal with an emphasis on UFOs. You can learn more about the AFU here:

The show is, I believe quite provocative given the wide range of the discussion. For those interested in the UFO phenomenon in the rest of the world, this will provide some insight.

Next week, I’ll talk with Curt Collins about his The Saucers Time Forget series as well as his blog,

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