Saturday, October 01, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: MADAR and EM Effects


To bring the realm of science into the world of the UFO, we need to embrace the scientific method and establish multiple chains of evidence. As I have mentioned before, we need more than just witness testimony, which is why I search for pictures and radar cases, and, of course, MADAR reports. Only recently have there been several MADAR cases in which there were independent observations of the UFO.

On October 7 of 2020, in Spencerville, Indiana, one of the witnesses saw something and pointed it out to his father. They watched it for two to three minutes and said that the UFO was somewhere between five and ten thousand feet high. It was cigar shaped, clearly outlined, and had a silver or chrome reflective surface.

The man operates one of the Node centers but there was no alarm at the time. However, a review of the MADAR data showed minor deviations including the compass heading, but these deviations fell beneath the numbers needed to trigger an alert. The theory is that if the UFO is “idling” then the sensor numbers remain below the threshold for detection.

I have mentioned, in the past, a sighting at Lee’s Summit, Missouri on January 17 of last year. The witness said the UFO was about the length of a football field or about 300 feet long. She said that it looked like a tall building on its side and that it was about 300 feet above the ground. The object descended to about 100 feet looking as if it was going to land. The witness, who had been in the Air Force and now worked as a scientist, can be considered a competent observer. She said that the UFO was traveling at about 47 miles an hour. Although the witness attempted to take video, the camera failed to work properly.

MADAR Node 45, situated at Independence, Missouri, recorded anomalies about twenty-one minutes after the Lee’s Summit sighting.

Larry Tyree investigated and reported that the witness said that the time was approximate. He wrote, “The report mentions that node 45 at Independence was triggered 21 minutes later. It just so happens that the trajectory taken by the craft goes within 1,650 feet of this MADAR site. At a rate of 47 mph, if it did not slow down, it would have arrived close to node 45, 13 minutes later… So, I think that is pretty close. Not only the direction is virtually precise from the witness’s last sighting, but the speed of travel allows for it to arrive at nearly the time the Independence node was triggered.”

Of course, another form of evidence is a photograph. On August 31 of this year, the witness, in Great Falls, Montana, reported a diamond-shaped object that was in sight for four to five minutes. The witness said that he was watching a flashing star and stepped off the porch for a better view. He spotted something hovering overhead that was higher and faster than a drone, with a top and a bottom that was flashing red. The other lights were in a triangle formation that were yellow. There was an aura or haze around the object and he reported trouble with his camera, and suggested there were electromagnetic effects associated with the sighting.

I will note that these EM Effects have been associated with UFOs for more than a century. In 1909, a motorcycle headlight was dimmed as a glowing light hovered in a nearby field. From that time there have been hundreds of reports of UFOs stalling car engines, interfering with electrical grids and even upsetting animals. A comprehensive examination of this subset of UFO sightings can be found in Levelland, a book that feature the sightings in November 1957 as well as cases from around the world.

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Moonman said...

Has anyone ever proposed a theory on how EM fields can cause lights to dim?

I recall hearing stories how batteries are drained when a UFO flies by so the people could not take pics.

In fact, how many times have we heard ghosts do the same thing?

So, what are they doing to suck the energy from a battery? Has anyone duplicated such an event? Why don't we have commercial EM battery suckers to thwart drones or bad guys?

This does not sound like a EMP strike.