Saturday, October 08, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - William Puckett


This week I spoke with William Puckett who runs the website where he posts the latest UFO reports. I thought we’d talk about current trends in UFO sightings, but we did stray from the topic periodically. You can listen to the show here:

Or, if you prefer seeing the show as well as listening to it, you can view it here:

As I say, we did slip off topic simply because Bill’s background in meteorology provided him with an interesting insight to the operation of radar and how that affects UFO reporting. He pointed out there are many sightings but the vast majority of them are what we think of as IFOs. People are fooled by the natural phenomena around them and terrestrially based events that look strange to us all. He was thinking, as was I, that we’re talking about SpaceX rocket launches that provide spectacular photographs the rockets and the Starlink satellites.

Spectacular SpaceX rocket over Memphis.

But, of course, not everything is manmade or natural. The O’Hare sightings of about a decade ago is one example. Bill did investigate, searched for radar records and found one that might have shown the UFO. His take on the sighting is interesting.

But, according to Bill, radars are designed in the world today to screen out objects that are not within certain parameters. In other words, if something is moving too fact to be a conventional aircraft, then there might not be an object displayed on the radar screen. In other cases, objects that are too small or move too slow, might not show up on the radar.

Of course, we talked about the stealth technology and the design of aircraft that absorb radar signals, or deflect them, so that there is no return on the screen. Composite materials and the removal of shape angles tend to defeat radar, and descriptions of UFOs often contain a suggestion that the object wasn’t a good radar target.

For those interested in some of the technical aspects of UFO investigation, this is a show to listen to or watch. The program will help to understand that strange world in which we live today.

Next up is Curt Collins and his Flying Saucers that Time Forget series. We’ll talk about all the current topics in UFOs including the possibility of the coming of Disclosure.


Joe P. said...

The O'Hare sighting took place almost 16 years ago
The FAA and UAL initially denied that anthing happened..Until the Chicago Tribune staff member who covered transportation filed a FOI request followed by a retraction in their collective positions ...followed by a feeble stance that it was due to a temp inversion when the current weather conditions on that particular day were not conducive to an inversion They also discounted and made light of the punch hole phenomena in the overcast sky when the object rapidly ascended.I respect meteorology..But there are other times when they should " stay in their lane " and avoid the tendency to become armchair QB's

Anonymous said...

Weather and Air Route Surveillance Radars are indeed designed to filter out anomalies but other systems like the one Raytheon uses on the Patriot and the radar for the THAAD missile system as well as the big missile defense arrays like COBRA DANE are designed to spot unusual motion, speed, etc as it could be a ballistic missile or its reentry vehicle moving extremely quickly or behaving oddly to avoid detection and potential intercept. I doubt anyone could spend the time or money to do this but the raw radar data from emplaced ADA batteries as well as BMEWS and COBRA DANE would probably be quite enlightening if it were FOIAed and properly analyzed.