Thursday, September 14, 2023

Jaime Maussan and those Small Creatures

There has been news from Mexico about the recovery of small, intelligent creatures that might not be of human origin. The news was announced by Jaime Maussan, who has been involved in UFO research for decades, and who has presented what appeared to be non-human beings in the past.

According to the testimony, given under oath to the Mexican Congress on September 12, the beings were recovered from Cusco, Peru, and that thirty percent of their genetic composition is unknown. Carbon dating by the Autonomous University of Mexico (a reputable organization with three alumni having earned Nobel Prizes), suggest the corpses were more than a thousand years old. They appeared to have stereoscopic vision, three-fingered hands and no teeth.

Maussan said that the specimens are not part of our terrestrial evolution. He also noted that they had not been associated with any UFO wreckage. He said, “Whether they are aliens or not, we don’t know, but they were intelligent and the lived with us. They should rewrite history.”

This is not the first time that it was announced that evidence of alien visitation or strange humanoid creatures captured media attention. In the mid-1990s, it was announced that several small, 16 mm film canisters had been found containing what appeared to be an autopsy of an alien being recovered from the Roswell crash. In the end, the film was an admitted hoax. Those who created the film provided photographs showing the creation of the aliens. I have covered all this on this blog and you can read it here:

In 2013, Dr. Steven Greer announced a documentary about a tiny creature that had been found in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The humanoid being was only about six inches tall. Genetic research identified nearly all the DNA as human but suggested that some of the DNA could not be identified. The argument was that the unidentified DNA suggested an other worldly connection.

The ultimate conclusion was that there was nothing alien found. You can read a scientific analysis here:

The paper is from the National Library of Medicine and if you don’t wish to read the whole paper, which is short, I note they concluded:

This was a girl with many DNA mutations, not anything more exotic. Further functional studies of these alterations may lead to a clearer understanding of the genes that regulate bone development and might help the world diagnose and treat other children with genetic diseases driving bone growth abnormalities.

This probably is the reason why there is nothing much heard about this discovery after the paper was published. I did wonder, and I don’t believe anyone has ever addressed this. Would an alien species, evolved on a planet outside the Solar System reproduce using DNA?

Just a few years ago, Jaime Maussan was heavily involved in what I call the Not Roswell Slides fiasco. Just like with the Alien Autopsy, this received worldwide interest that culminated in a spectacular presentation in Mexico City. Within seventy-two hours, it was learned that the alleged alien body was that of an unfortunate child whose mummified remains had been discovered in the late nineteenth century. The photographs of the body were taken in a museum in 1947. You can find many postings about that on this blog and a few of the more relevant ones are here:

This is an interview with Tom Carey and in the article are the links to more of the postings.

The point is that we have gone through this sort of thing for the last thirty years or so. Each of these presentations and announcements have ended the same way. The evidence, when examined dispassionately and by disinterested third parties, has failed to withstand the scrutiny. One was an admitted hoax, one was exposed as a hoax by the available evidence and one was, to be kind, a misinterpretation of the anthropological and archaeological evidence.

I will note that in each of the cases, there were various experts consulted who suggested that hoax was impossible, that the evidence suggested an alien visitation, and many times when confronted with new data, refused to reverse course.

I also noted that the wording by the experts in this case was very careful. They were not claiming these were aliens but the tests suggested the bodies were a thousand years old. Even Jaime Maussan was careful, saying that they did not know if the bodies were alien or some sort of alternative sentient life that evolved on Earth.

If these bodies represented another sentient race from Earth, I must wonder why there isn’t some sort of record of them somewhere. If the bodies are only about a thousand years old, then I would expect that we would have found other evidence of them. It is not as if they were a million years old or ten million years old. These are relatively recent in the history of the planet.

Like many others, I’m skeptical. Some of the reasons are laid out here, but another is that we have yet to see a wide range of scientific investigation. There is so much more that must be collected before we conclude hoax, misidentification or alien visitation. I will be interested in that scientific investigation when conducted and what conclusions are reached then. Until then, well, I’m skeptical but I don’t reject any of the hypotheses at the moment. We need more evidence. 


Paul Young said...

I see they managed to trick Lt Ryan Graves into being at the same event in Mexico...

"Lt Ryan Graves, who also spoke under oath at a US congressional hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), joined a panel of experts discussing the issue in Mexico City on Tuesday, but was apparently not made aware journalist Jaime Maussan would be revealing the alleged aliens.

"Writing on Twitter, Lt Graves said: ‘After the US congressional UFO hearing, I accepted an invitation to testify before the Mexican Congress hoping to keep up the momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAP.

‘Unfortunately, yesterday’s demonstration was a huge step backwards for this issue.’"

Sky70 said...

The evidence I see is that these bodies were not scientifically examined before being presented to the public. If this was done, then Jamie would have a leg to stand upon. I can't help but think (based on all the other phony alien beings' events) that this is just another hoax.

TheDimov said...

Maussan should have hidden away forever after that embarrassing BeWitness scandal, never gave patrons their money back, never paid up when he promised to pay $5000 or something if the photo was proved fake but no, the guy has no shame, keeps on cashing in to maintain the upkeep of his heated indoor swimming pool, and the media just keeps on steamrolling ahead giving him attention and embarrassing the UFO community who are more interested in the truth and not wishing to get a blue ultraturf surface for their multi flood-lighted outdoor tennis court instead of boring old green.

Louis Nicholson said...

Great analysis of the alleged nonhuman creatures claim. I agree we have to be very skeptical of such claims until substantial proof is presented. I should know. When Schmidt and Carey publicized the Roswell Slides creature as being an alien, I, having a lifelong interest in ufology, got caught up in the hype to the point of contacting them to volunteer to assist them with their next Roswell digging exploration. They were looking for volunteers at the time. I was VERY much looking forward to traveling to Roswell (at my expense) and working my behind off in the dig even though the chances of finding anything was practically zero. But before the dig occurred, the truth about the Roswell Slides child was revealed, and to put it mildly, my sails became utterly and completely devoid of wind. Learned my lesson!

Dr. Okuma said...

The jury is still out on this for me. I recently watched a forensic analysis of the published MRI and CT Scan images and I have to admit that the debunking narrative seems legit.

The only issue I am aware, of that I wish would be addressed, is the claim that the mummies' DNA shows only a 70% match with humans.

I hope these "so-called" aliens are presented to the worlds' scientific community for further testing. A sort of peer review, if you will.

Joeschmoe said...

Content like what recently transpired in the Mexico symposium/ hearing does a disservice to the current body of work currently being undertaken by those in Congress and news media who would really like more transpareny by the military and government.Stuff like this will fuel the skeptics and debunkers.Ryan Graves expressed his own disappointment in a recent interview.

William G. Pullin said...

Hoaxed content. Period.