Sunday, September 03, 2023

Why Aren't There High Quality UFO Pictures Today?

A complaint that is often made is that nearly everyone is carrying a high-quality camera in their pockets, but we have no good pictures of UFOs. Ignoring the fact that there have been many high-quality photographs and even some perplexing film, there might be another answer for this criticism. It might be that there is a mechanism that blocks the digital cameras from taking those high-quality photographs of the UFO, while the rest of the photo is high quality.

UFOs over Colorado.

The first point is that we have evidence that some UFOs emit some sort of electromagnetic field that does interfere with the operation of systems that rely on electricity. We all know about the electromagnet pulse (EMP) that is the result of an atomic explosion and that can destroy electronic devices. In Levelland, Texas, on November 2, 1957, dozens of people reported to Sheriff Weir Clem that their cars were stalled by the close approach of a UFO.

Let’s take a look at the Condon Committee’s “scientific” search for evidence. The Levelland case was virtually ignored by them because they could think of no way in which an engine that had been stalled by an electromagnetic field could spontaneously restart when that field was removed. I made an analysis of more than five hundred vehicle interference cases that revealed that in the majority of them, the driver took some action to restart their cars. Very few suggested the car restarted on its own which negates the Condon Committee criticism.

In Levelland, one driver insisted that his car did spontaneously restart, but the other witnesses who were interviewed suggested that the car could be started normally when the UFO was gone. They started the car, but the Condon scientists just ignored that evidence by making a claim that was simply not true. Levelland was a case in which the UFO interacted with the environment, there are reports of landing traces, and there were, according to the sheriff, “hundreds of telephone calls” about the UFO.

The point here is that we have evidence that some UFOs generate a field that can alter the proper performance of a vehicle’s engine. The EM field also interferes the operation of the radio and there are many reports of a close approach of a UFO can dim street lights, knock radio and TV stations off the air, and cause other, reported effects, including responses from animals.

In just a single example of animal response, on April 5, 2018, the witness, in Deridder, Louisiana, reported, “My dogs began growling in the living room… and the cows in the pasture across the street were mooing loudly. I went to the large picture window in the living room facing west… I observed a huge round white light traveling slowly in my direction… For fifteen minutes, the light grew in intensity and pulsated.” When the light disappeared, both the dogs and the cows stopped reacting.

In a weird variation of some of the EM Effects, there are reports of car paint changing color after the close approach of a UFO. Otto Binder was one of the first to report that, after an approach by a UFO, the car’s paint changed from gray to purple with a strange patchwork of lines. There is no information about the date or location of the sighting and no witness is named. It could be overlooked as just a strange anomaly, but, over the years, there have been other such reports.

Robert Spearing, a dedicated UFO investigator with MUFON, who has been looking into cases of car paint changing color after being exposed to a high intensity magnetic field, has also noticed this. He asked the question: “Car paint has a number of possible oxides that theoretically can be victims of induced magnetic fields. But why are there not hundreds of cases of car paint changing color?”

According to his research, he found only two such cases. In November, 1953, while driving near Gjersjoen Bridge, Norway, three witnesses, identified as Trygve Jansen, Mrs. Buflot and a neighbor, watched an object as it rose from behind a hill. It oscillated over the lake for more than one minute, moved rapidly toward the witnesses and followed their car. The object passed over the vehicle and hovered ahead of them very low to the ground. Trygve stopped the automobile, and they watched the stationary object. During the sighting all three experienced mild electrical shocks until the object rose vertically.

When Jansen returned home, his wife ran from the house and asked if he had bought a new car. When he asked why she had thought so, she pointed that the car, that had been a dull beige was now a bright shiny green.

Spearing also reported that in 1978 there was a UFO sighting with EM Effects in Massachusetts. According to the witness, the Ford Mustang he was driving had the engine, water pump and the battery fried by the close approach of the UFO. The paint changed from white to grey and the car had to be junked rather than repaired.

The Condon Committee investigated a case that involved both the car’s paint and problems with the clock. This was Case No. 39 (page 380) in the Condon Committee final report. There is also a discussion of problems with the car’s clock as well.

Given that there is evidence that these EM Effects, there are some interesting sightings reported recently. On August 3, 2023, a witness in downtown section of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, spotted a series of lights that he first thought was an aircraft. As the light approached, he saw a solid dark triangular-shaped object.
He said, at the bottom was one white, steady light on each corner of the triangle, and in the center was a single steady red light. Along the sides were more white, steady lights. He said that the craft was about one hundred to two hundred feet long from point to point and was flying at about 1500 feet. The UFO made no noise.

For those who ask why we don’t have any good UFO footage because nearly everyone is carrying a good quality digital camera in a pocket, here’s part of the answer. The man took video of the UFO and saw the image on the phone screen. When he got home and tried to review the video, there was no image. He said that he didn’t know why it didn’t record. He also said that he watched the object for about three minutes.

 On July 29, Stan Gordon got a phone call from a witness who said that he had seen a massive, triangular-shaped object that emitted a bright greenish-orange glow. The UFO was hovering when he first saw it. The UFO then vanished only to reappear. There seemed to be an electric hum coming from it.

The witness took pictures with his cell phone. He could see the UFO on the phone, but the photographs showed a blurred image. He didn’t understand why that happened but it does suggest there might be some sort of electronic emission, invisible to the eye that affects the digital cameras.

From Boise, Idaho, comes a report on June 4, 2023. The witness spotted a bright object. He said it was tic-tac shaped, bright silver and made no noise. He tried to used his cell phone to take a picture but the image was little more than a white blob.

Las Vegas UFO.

The most exciting of these sorts of cases took place in August, 2013, as several Americans were in Canada hunting. It was about 9:40 p.m. when, as they were traveling back to the main lodging, they spotted some unusual lights flying low and slow approaching them. There was no sound and the lights were difficult to look at.  The witness pulled out his camera, a Sony Cybershot, but was unable to get it to stay on. He said that it would only stay on for one or two seconds and then would turn off.

The UFO approached to within four hundred feet and flying about 250 to 300 feet. It was as big as a house. There was what one witness called a plume of plasma and a cascade of sparks from the rear. The craft was made of shiny metal with a luminous finish and was in the shape of a dog bone or like a set of barbells.

Keeping with one of the bad traditions, one of the hunters fired at the UFO. He thought that the technology, whatever it was, would be impervious the lead slug from his rifle.

Now, one of the other witnesses picked up his Sony HD camera, and it stayed on. He hit record, but the screen was black though the UFO was still visible to the unaided eye. He picked up his cell phone but it was hot and the battery was dead. They all continued to try to record the incident, but found batteries were dead or something else was wrong. They video would not record, though they were able to record sound.

There is much more to the sighting. A full report was made in The MUFON Journal of March (No. 575) and concluded in April (No. 576) issue. The important point here is that the witnesses attempted to use multiple cameras including those in cell phones and failed to get a clear image.

In another example of this, on August 3, 2023, a witness said that his car was stalled by the close approach of a UFO. He picked up his cell phone but couldn’t get it to work.

Finally, there are a few other factors involved. In a sighting in Tremonton, California on July 16, 2023. The witness said that he saw a tic-tac shaped object. He watched it for about seven minutes and he did take some pictures and did get some video of the UFO. He did report, “Unfortunately, when it first descended, I forgot to push the record button.”

On July 24, 2023, the witness in La Port, Texas, reported seeing a large, silver disk-shaped object. The witness went to grab a cell phone, but the object was gone before a picture could be taken.

From Grand Junction, Colorado, on May 1, 2023, a man in his garage when a bright flash caught his attention. He saw what he called a classic flying saucer that had a slight dome on top. He said that he didn’t think of his cell phone at first. He turned to grab it and when he turned back the UFO was gone.

Here’s the real point. Remember, that some 95 to 97 percent of all UFO sightings have a prosaic explanation. They are strange clouds, sundogs, bizarre weather conditions, balloons, high flying aircraft and a multitude of other mundane objects. Many of the videos and photographs taken are of these things. Recently, dozens of pictures have been taken of SpaceX rocket launches and Starlink Satellites. They are clouding up the issue.

In studying hundreds of recent sightings, I see where the witnesses have attempted to photograph the UFOs, but their cameras fail. When the UFO is gone, the cameras work properly.

Or we see that the person has turned to find their camera, or they have gone to find their cell phones. When they return, the UFO is gone. The sighting didn’t last long enough for the camera to come into play.

Or, even stranger, the witness, carrying a camera in his or her pocket or purse or briefcase, until the UFO has disappeared has forgotten about the cell phone. The sighting was fleeting and before the since of wonder had disappeared, the UFO is no longer in sight.

Or, the object, which is well defined somehow produces an image that is little more than a blob of light. It could be that the camera detects some sort of radiation that obscures the object.

As I say, and as I noted here, we know that some UFOs create an electromagnetic field that interrupts the flow of electricity. All of this, I believe, explains, partially, the reason we don’t have more good pictures of UFOs. I would like to say that if the image is clear and distinct, then the picture is faked, but that is overstating the case.

I’ll leave it here. The evidence suggests that some UFOs interfere with the operation of the recording devices. This does not fully explain the problem but it does suggest a reason why we don’t have many good UFO photographs given the nature of society today. Maybe we just need to go back to good old fashion film and cameras that don’t require electricity to work. 


Paul Young said...

I don't know about everyone else but it's a good sixty second job for me to get my reading glasses out of one pocket and my phone out of another. Open it up, shade my screen from the sun, put my PIN in (that usually takes a couple of attempts if I'm in a rush), turn on the camera app,(which always needs to be rotated otherwise I just take a mugshot of myself) aim and shoot.
Considering UFO sightings tend to be over in a minute, it doesn't really surprise me that people can't get a good photo snapped in time.

As for the American in Canada trying to take a pot-shot at a UFO.....the mind boggles (You Yanks and your firearms, huh!)

William G. Pullin said...

I often wonder how many anomalous occurrences people are unaware of, simply because they are looking at their phones and not looking up.

09rja said...

"The evidence suggests that some UFOs interfere with the operation of the recording devices. This does not fully explain the problem but it does suggest a reason why we don’t have many good UFO photographs given the nature of society today. Maybe we just need to go back to good old fashion film and cameras that don’t require electricity to work."~ Kevin Randle

Even when we had those....we still didn't get quality photos. This is in spite of lots of film/photos of other events that were excellent. Speaking of that....

"I don't know about everyone else but it's a good sixty second job for me to get my reading glasses out of one pocket and my phone out of another.....Considering UFO sightings tend to be over in a minute, it doesn't really surprise me that people can't get a good photo snapped in time."~Paul Young

Look at some of the photos (for example) of the crash of PSA 182 (in 1978). There was a grand total of 30 seconds between the beginning of the accident and the crash. (With obviously no advance warning.) There were 2 high quality photos of the airliner going down....not to mention film of the crash of the single engine plane it had collided with. And we are talking better quality photos/film than of any UFOs I've seen. (Outside of the fakes, like Billy Meier's stuff.)

In other words: we've gotten better film/photos of plane crashes that UFOs.

KRandle said...

09rja -

There are some interesting film photographs of UFOs, but not many. It might just be that the sighting of a real alien craft is quite rare...

Or, it could be that many debunkers know that there is no alien visitation and therefore anything that suggests otherwise must be a hoax. Regardless of how good the photo might be, their attitude is that it must be faked and continue to look for any little thing to prove otherwise.

So, in other words, we have better photos of plane crashes because we don't have debunkers telling us was is wrong with them... with UFOs, we have those that will throw any mud on the pictures just to discredit them, rather than saying "I don't know what the hell it is." Which is the intellectually honest thing to do and just because it can't be explained, doesn't mean it is an alien spacecraft.

Anyway, my point here was that there might be other factors at work here, which again, doesn't mean alien visitation, just that we don't currently know all the answers.

09rja said...

Those are fair points Kevin. But as much contact we are supposedly having with alien civilization(s).....I've always found it a little suspicious that we don't have better photographic (and physical) evidence. (Maybe we just need to get lucky if this is happening.)

And I don't rule out alien visitation at fact I would welcome it...assuming they aren't hostile. Considering the mess we face with the climate and energy production....I think every sane person would love to get their hands on that technology.