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Is Disclosure Slipping Away?


Last week seemed to be my week for everything Disclosure. On Coast-to-Coast AM, I provided some of the latest data on Congressional efforts to push through legislation on opening government files with an eye to transparency on issues dealing with UFOs, which they now insist on calling UAP.

(See my interview with Steve Bassett that discusses the use of UAP as opposed to UFO on the radio and television version of A Different Perspective. Link below).

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, who, with Senator Mike Rounds, proposed legislation that would establish a board to declassify government records on UFOs, are being opposed by House Republicans.

The Anomalous Phenomena Act of 2023, was aimed at increasing transparency about UAP. The Act outlines a process for disclosure of UAP records. According to Schumer, the House Republicans are, “Attempting to kill another commonsense bipartisan measure… to increase transparency around what the government does and does not know about unidentified aerial [sic] phenomena.”

According to The Byte, Sean Kirkpatrick, who was the head of AARO, said that government secrecy results in conspiracy theories. If there is a void in information that void will be filled by the right-wing public and various conspiracy theories and accusations. This is, of course, the old dodge that labels witnesses and those interested in UFOs as being slightly out of touch with reality. Slap a label on this, such as being right-wing and you can deflect the message, even when the facts are based in reality.

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick briefing a few members of the US Senate.

Kirkpatrick went so far as to accuse whistleblowers of derailing the work of AARO, which seems to be a suggestion that the whistleblowers are not relaying reliable information. As the ultimate man on the inside, the implication is that Kirkpatrick would know the truth about what is in the government files but we’re not allowed to see that. So much for transparency.

But here is the thing about counterintelligence. When you detect a leak, you then force false information into the leak to discredit all the information coming from that source. And you attempt to discredit the sources by suggesting them of creating confusion. Rather than AARO having an agenda to explain all UAP sightings, Kirkpatrick is suggesting that the problems arise from the sensational claims made by those whistleblowers.

In fact, Kirkpatrick that his work was stymied by the sensational claims of wrecked UFOs but the claims were unsupported. Advocates of the crashed UFO claims have ignored contradictory evidence but these claims have captured the attention of the public and governmental policy makers. Of course, he hasn’t proved his allegation either.

But the claims of some of the stories of crash retrievals are backed up by solid eyewitness testimony, government documents, and obviously half-baked cover stories, such as Project Mogul explaining the Roswell debris. Accepting that explanation means that you reject the field notes and diary entries of Dr. Albert Crary. Crary was the man in charge of the balloon launches in New Mexico in June 1947. According to those notes, made at the time, in the field, was that Mogul Flight No. 4, the culprit that allegedly dropped the debris outside of Roswell, had been canceled. If it didn’t fly, then it couldn’t have been responsible for the debris found by Mack Brazel, and that explanation collapses. This is contradictory evidence that Kirkpatrick along with various members of the general public, the skeptics and some government agencies ignored.

He said that the job of AARO was to determine the nature of the UFOs and not hunt for aliens. Kirkpatrick told CNN that often the strange craft being reported were secret military vehicles. This is the same excuse that has been offered in the past by the CIA among others, but a review of the records does nothing to validate that claim. Kirkpatrick added that transparency and messaging was the key to stop the public from jumping to conclusions with their wild speculations. I say that transparency would help us get to the truth much faster whatever that truth happens to be... unless there are agencies that don’t want that truth revealed.

At the other end of the spectrum, whistleblower David Grusch, the former Air Force intelligence officer, told a select group of highly-placed people recently that he had learned about a forty-foot craft that had been recovered by the government that could manipulate time and space so that it was the size of a football field on the inside. Those familiar with Dr. Who, the British science fiction program, recognized this as one of the attributes of the TARDIS, the doctor’s time machine using for traveling around the galaxy.

Here is something that Grusch said that changes the conversation if the information is accurate. According to Grush, he, with other intelligence officials, was trained to track UAP in the atmosphere or in orbit, using a unique frequency that is emitted by the UAP. This might have something to do with the EM Effects reported in the close approach of some UFOs. The most extreme example of this are the sightings and stalling of car engines in and around Levelland, Texas, in November 1957 which the Air Force wrote off as ball lightning, a ridiculous notion. I wrote a book about those sightings and some incredible revelations about some of the witnesses. That book was cleverly entitled Levelland.

Grusch said that at one point, one of the competitors with the US, was going to tell of the existence of non-human intelligences to gain some sort of advantage over the United States. This might be a reference to a head of state confirming that there were crash recovered vehicles. Steve Bassett did point out some interesting aspects of that in my conversation with him just last week. (Yes, the link is below).

Grusch did provide the name of one of the other officers involved in this, Jay Stratton. This was in connection with claims that he, Grusch and other whistleblowers had been threatened in an attempt to silence them.

Stratton served for more than 32 years in the Army, Air Force, Air Force Reserve and the Federal Civil Service (As did I, except for the Federal Civil Service. I was in the Army National Guard instead.) His current assignment is the Senior Analyst, Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center, ONI (Mine, for those interested, is retired officer). He is responsible for delivering comprehensive intelligence to Navy leadership that would include information about crash recoveries.

All of this suggested to me that Disclosure is not close. I had once believed it was, especially after Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal partially opened that door in 2017 with their revelation of sightings around the USS Nimitz. Bassett discussed this as well during my conversation with him You can listen to that interview here, which touches on some of the points I made above:

And for those with a more visual philosophy, you can watch it here:

The discussion was wide ranging and it provided a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes maneuvering that has gone on in the last several years. He provided some interesting history behind the “fight” for Disclosure and provided an answer for why the government maintains the secrecy after all these years.

In UFOs and the Deep State, I provide an explanation as well. Our two points of view aren’t all that much different. Public panic in the world today is not one of the considerations, given how far society has changed since 1947.

Bassett does suggest that the cloak of deniability would be lifted when a head of state came out claiming that UFOs, that is UAP, were off-world, that is, extraterrestrial craft. Secrecy will persist until something happens in a public arena that can’t be denied such as the remains of a craft and bodies were found in a way that the government couldn’t deny it or if a head of state made the announcement about it.

Stephen Bassett

Bassett suggested that David Grush altered the plans for Disclosure by discussing what he knew before some of the other aspects were in place. As I say, you can listen to Bassett’s commentary at one of the above links to understand the whole picture.

You can find links to my show A Different Perspective on this blog. They range from those about UFOs to occasional commentary about lost treasures and gold mines and a few other esoteric topics that interest me.


starman said...

Never once in the past 45 years did I think disclosure was close. I always dismissed claims of imminent disclosure. It'll happen someday but IMO only under future conditions which are radically different, in a number of ways.
Long ago, UFOlogist Robert Bletchman rejected my views. For decades, he fought for disclosure. Robert went to his death in 2008 without realizing his dream. Sixteen years later, it still hasn't happened.

Sky70 said...

Disclosure, just what this mean to anyone, inside and out of the UFO field? Does one think that our federal government is going release all of those UFO/UAP photos, documents, etc., etc. to the public? Think again my friends. If there is ever any type of UFO/UAP disclosure, it will be limited in scope (remember that the military concentrates on UFOs over military airspace only) IF they have any UFO/UAP evidence in the back room. A sure bet is to focus on recent UFO sightings and crashes where most people have iPhones with resolutions greater than ever. Heck, if there were all those UFO crashes in the 1940s & 50s, why not today?

Sky70 said...

Disclosure, just what this mean to anyone, inside and out of the UFO field? Does one think that our federal government is going release all of those UFO/UAP photos, documents, etc., etc. to the public? Think again my friends. If there is ever any type of UFO/UAP disclosure, it will be limited in scope (remember that the military concentrates on UFOs over military airspace only) IF they have any UFO/UAP evidence in the back room. A sure bet is to focus on recent UFO sightings and crashes where most people have iPhones with resolutions greater than ever. Heck, if there were all those UFO crashes in the 1940s & 50s, why not today?

starman said...


As people have said before, the bulk of UFO crash reports are fictitious. Only a few are credible.

David Rudiak said...

So let's suppose governments, including ours, have known for a long time UFOs/UAPs are quite real, some have crashed and we have some plus biological bodies/remains, and highly secret attempts are being here and probably elsewhere to back-engineer the technology and understand the biology and agendas of the NHIs, whomever or whatever they are. There are two primary reasons (plus some lesser ones) in my mind why governments would still want to cover this up:

1) A horrible truth or truths about the phenomenon/phenomena that would indeed trigger massive public panic and social disintegration.

2) A desire to be the first to understand and control the technology and use it unilaterally for military and commercial purposes, with a need for massive secrecy to keep our enemies from knowing what we know or don't know. In other words, a desire for absolute power and greed for massive riches. A subset of this would be a general desire to maintain the economic status quo, particularly regarding fossil fuels, worth 100s of trillions of dollars.

The "horrible truths" could be many. Here's a short list (feel free to add):

1) The old sci-fi trope: We're being invaded and we can't do anything about it. They're just too advanced and we are doomed. Could be slow-motion invasion War-of-the-Worlds style, or more along the lines of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (abductions, being slowly replaced by hybrids) Humanity as we know it is on the way out. That might get me running for the hills.

2) They're time travelers, know our future, know we're doomed (Nuclear war? Climate catastrophe/ecological collapse? Horrific pandemic, 100 times worse then Covid? Hit by large comet?) Corollary is there is no real free will. Nothing we do ultimately matters. We just think we are making choices and have some control over our fate, but it's all an illusion. Think of how that would mess with our minds. Would you bother getting out of bed if you knew this?

3) They are powerful psychics, are telepathic, can manipulate our thoughts and perceptions, wipe our memories, see through our defenses and lies we tell ourselves. There is no place to hide from them. We are both physically and psychologically defenseless against them. How does that make you feel Mr. Jones?

4) Mind/consciousness/sentience is not confined to our brains but is also a field that extends throughout time and space, in other words something which might be called our souls and linked to a universal consciousness. They want control over our souls, so maybe we can't escape from them even in death. This ties into the notion of "them" being "demons", which people like Elizondo and Pope say is common thinking in the Pentagon and British defense establishment among Christian fundamentalists and a big part of the cover-up.

5) Similarly our physical, observable measurable reality is just a small part of a much greater invisible, maybe non-physical reality. That's like a lot of religious thinking, but maybe the greater reality is much more mind-boggling than that, maybe TOO mind-boggling, making people unmoored, not knowing what to believe anymore, or feeling completely powerless and insignificant.

6) They created us out of some more primitive primate. Some people might be fine with that, but I suspect many would not be, especially the more religious.

Sky70 said...

@starman: I tend to agree with you, despite the fact the I do believe that there might/probably be life elsewhere in our unimageable immense universe (and it keeps expanding!). Like a broken record, I still say we need hard core facts looked under the scope of the scientific method. Often, I think that if all those UFO tales are true, then they are very unlucky to have travel billions of miles to earth only to crash at the last moment - doesn't make sense at all in my book. They have all that supreme exotic fantastic technology that the failed Space Academy wanted to produce, yet they seem to be dropping out of the skies in way out of places. The standard look of an alien is the egg-shaped head, the six finger hands, long neck, the grey look, and yet they are naked. One would think that if they had all the exotic technology, they would have invented clothing by now!

starman said...

@David Rudiak:

Most of the proposed reasons for the coverup, listed above, aren't credible.

#1, the possibility of people going crazy, may have much truth to it; indeed the bulk of the phenomenon might be interpreted as a long, slow process of getting humanity used to ETs.

#2 I don't this is the main reason, if it's a factor at all. The coverup has gone on for over 3/4 of a century. There is little if any evidence for new technologies resembling UFOs or duplicating their capabilities.

I believe abductions are real but Jacobs is wrong. If aliens really wanted to take over, they would've done so by now. At least one work, THE ALIEN GRAND DESIGN, views abductions as simply part of familiarization.

Time travel seems too far fetched, and I doubt we're doomed. AI might supplant humanity to some extent, but that's not the same thing; earthly civilization would go on.

I believe ETs can read our minds and manipulate our thoughts and perceptions. But I assume that's a rational, scientific capability not something "psychic." I don't think there are "souls," "demons" or a universal consciousness.

As for #6 there's no need to invoke ET to explain human origins. Our ancestors were Australopithecus and Homo erectus. It was a fairly slow evolutionary process whereas ET could've made it faster and without closely related transitional forms.

What do you think of the reason for the coverup given in THE ALIEN GRAND DESIGN? Sounds very rational even if it's too "grim" for most people to hear.

Paul Young said...

We talk about "disclosure/non-disclosure" as if USA has a monopoly on it. Considering every country seems to go along with keeping the public uninformed I have to wonder if some kind of UN mandate is at play here.

starman said...

To my knowledge, the US has had a monopoly on real proof from the start. The Italian crash and "Russian Roswell" were hoaxes. It's likely US intelligence agencies quietly advised other nations to maintain secrecy.