Thursday, December 29, 2016

X-Zone Boradcast Network - Noe Torres

Noe Torres
This week I chatted with Noe Torres who has published a number of UFO books and by published I mean published as opposed to having written. Make no mistake, he has written books as well and he, with his partner,Ruben Uriarte, have collaborated on other books that can be found at  During the radio interview, we talked at length about a reported UFO crash in Mexico in which a number of Mexican soldiers died when they attempted to recover the disk-shaped craft. Intervention by American soldiers sometime later, cleaned up and covered up the mess, and brought the object, whatever it was into the United States, eventually into the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. This all was revealed in a document that was received by various UFO researchers anonymously in the 1990s called the Deneb Report (Deneb, coincidently was the star that was featured in my science fiction novel, On the Second Tuesday of Next Week). You can listen to the interview here:

And as I say during the interview, you can often learn more about the topics discussed by visiting my blog. In this case Noe talked about what Len Stringfield had reported in one of his status reports. You can read the article about that and Len’s status report here:

Next Week: A retrospective show about what has been discussed over the last five months and what has been learned about some of those topics since then.

Those who might wish to ask questions should put them in the comments section of this post and I’ll try to answer them then.


Unknown said...

Noe and his partner have a knack for writing stories that stretch credibility in my opinion. The Cisco Grove incident was hard to believe but this story on the Mexico crash is even more difficult.

He claims the US military blew up a convoy of Mexican Army vehicles along with bodies without leaving a trace. Military stuff is built tough. My late brother backed his military dump truck over an anti tank mine while serving in Korea. Lucky for him the load of mud he had in the truck absorbed a lot of the blast, but the rear portion of the truck ended up about 100 meters out in a rice paddy, mostly intact.

Even luckier was the reason he had backed off the road was to allow a Mash Unit to pass. They saved his life. Later, after recovering, he went back and took a picture of what was left of the truck.

Adding even more doubt is saying that the UFO was transported by truck from Texas to Atlanta. Seems a dubious tale at best. I'm sure even the Military has to get permits for over sized loads. I doubt they would want a record of this convoy.

Gal220 said...


How much credence does Torres give to the coyame/deneb report? UFO hunters went down there(Torres was with them) and tried and to confirm details of this report, and they did find a mine with some airplane parts. However, nothing conclusive. I think Torres said he estimated 24-30 Mexican soldiers arrived first, I would have liked to have heard more information on that, did the military report that many deaths to families that year?

Its interesting to note that Wiki has decided the incident isnt notable enough for this report to have its own page, wasnt aware this sort of spirited debate occurred at wikipedia

J. T. Drake said...

Has anyone here seen this yet?
This is one of the most bizarre UFO videos I have ever encountered. Very good image on infrared, but can't be seen near as well in visible light waves, no radar signature and evulsed two plumes of some type of emission. Appears to be fairly far away from the observers - ~50 km - but seems to shadow the helicopter in speed and position. Has a definite shape - appears to be a two lobed object. About nine minutes of encounter video.