Friday, December 23, 2016

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Chris Rutkowski

Chris Rutkowski
Chris Rutkowski showed up for the latest edition of the A Different Perspective on the radio. We talked, briefly about the number of UFO sightings in Canada and his annual survey of the sightings that had been reported. For the rest of the program we talked about cases from 1967, of which there were three he thought to be important. We spent the most time on Shag Harbour because there was a lot of Canadian government documentation about the case. You can listen to the program here:

Next week: Noe Torres

Topic: His UFO investigations and his books.


Gal220 said...

Seems you knew more about the Shag Harbor case than Chris, by his account, Im not sure why anyone would even care about it.

Anyone interested can find a detailed write up on

Much of the source material for the link comes David Rudiak, I think he would have been a better interview.

The history channel also did an excellent episode covering the case, including many of the witnesses involved.

If you want the short version, start in at 28:54 of the video.

The best corroboration for the UFO rescue operation comes at 40:30 in the video, to the hour, there is corresponding UFO sighting of 2 objects leaving by a family in the area.

From the diver as reported by Styles in Dark Oobject
When Styles suggested that maybe what he saw was wrongly identified as a UFO, Harry angrily responded, "I don't know what it was down there and I don't know where it came from. But it didn't come from this planet." (DO, pp. 67-71)

KRandle said...

Gal220 -

Chris knows more about the case than I do, including many of the small details that often get overlooked in the accounts of the case. I just asked some questions that I thought would clarify some points.

David Rudiak has been invited on the show but had to cancel due to family plans. Once we get through the holiday season, and once he returns home, I'll invited him back. Since Chris Styles and Don Ledger did the real work on tracking down the documentation and interviewing the witnesses, I would suspect they are the ultimate sources for the data on Shag Harbour.

KRandle said...

Michael -

No such plans exist at the moment.

Gal220 said...

Ill take your word about Chris Rutkowski, and source was definitely the wrong word. Styles and Ledger are the original source for almost all the information.

Without them, we would know next to nothing about this case. No telling how many other cases exist like it that have been successfully hidden.