Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Don Schmitt, Adam Dew and the Roswell Slides

Adam Dew
In the last several weeks, I have been asked if Don Schmitt had ever said anything about the interview I had conducted with Adam Dew in November 2017 on the X-Zone Broadcast Network. Since I interviewed Don a couple of times, I thought that those interested could figure out on their own what his reaction might be. Listen to what Don said and what Adam said, compare the two and decide who is telling the truth and who is not. For those interested, you can listen to the interviews, starting with Dew, here:

And Don Schmitt here:
and here:

And you can read my somewhat short analyses of the shows, again starting with Dew, here:

Don Schmitt. Photo copyright
by Kevin Randle
And Don Schmitt here:

And here:

This, I think, will provide the information necessary to form an opinion about the veracity of the various tales. I did ask Don if he had listened to Adam’s interview. He emailed me that:

These were what we relied on as provided by [Joe] Beason for attempted analysis by Rudiak and others. We were never allowed possession of either slide or any slides for that matter for dating, examination, or independent testing. We relied strictly on scans provided by Beason [the man who had the slides originally] throughout our association. The second slide was only a tight shot of the body which did not enable us to see what was clearly a museum setting in the background. When I confronted [Jaime] Maussan in his office in Mexico City the day after the presentation, I demanded to see the image of the entire second slide. Placard withstanding, it was indeed a museum. Now, reexamine the placard image as provided by Beason and tell me that what you see is not undecipherable script writing - not the block lettering which truly is in the originals. You will also recall that after Mexico City I confronted Dew and demanded that they publicly release the slides to end any final dispute. He declined stating "What good would that do? They have been tested enough." I persisted and believe my wait will be infinite.
Placard scans supplied to Don Schmitt.
He did include a copy of the scan that had been supplied to both Tom Carey and him, which was supplied to David Rudiak to see if David might be able to draw out something of significance. They don’t supply much in the way of information and are only of the placard and not of the whole display.

As I have said, I’ll let both men, Don and Adam, speak for themselves on this. I believe that each of us can infer from their statements where the truth lies. I will say, however, that it seems to me, when we find ourselves in these sorts of situations, the truth is usually found somewhere between the two opposing camps. Though I don’t solicit comments but let those who wish to comment do so, in this case, I would be interested in anything anyone has to say about all of this. I have my own bias which, naturally, will color what I believe to be the truth, though I try to be as objective as possible.


Unknown said...

I was wondering when the Roswell Slides disaster would be brought up again.

KRandle said...

In the last several weeks I have received about half a dozen emails asking about Don's reaction to Adam's interview. Seemed appropriate to answer those, and for the others who might be interested, in this fashion.

Unknown said...

Sounds good to me. As an outsider looking in I find it all fascinating none the less.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

Been a lurker her for more than three years..

was wondering if you could do a post on black triangle UFO

TheDimov said...

damn right the Roswell Slides should be mentioned, and that goodness Kevin is doing it because look how they got off scot free!! They made money, still writing books, haven't so much as had a slap on the wrist, Maussaun said he'd pay up if the alien proved to be a human and he didn't as far as I know - so I am glad Don and Adam will have to prove their case because they have a moral obligation to, if anything. They sure as hell wont be giving refunds to anyone, never would have, never will.

Sugarraytaylor said...

I was one of those who asked Kevin about this. In the aftermath of what in my opinion was one of the most embarrassing and infuriating episodes in the history of this subject, Don Schmitt's initial reaction to stick to that ridiculous claim of this poor childs mummified remains being an alien being made my blood boil. I was glad when he finally saw sense (or decided to drop the act, if Dew's claims are true)

When I asked Kevin, I had also recently seen Cosmic Whistleblowers and wanted to hear Don's rebuttal to Dew so I could make a final judgement in my mind about what went on here. I am of the same opinion as Kevin and believe the truth is somewhere in the middle.
As for Tom Carey, how this man could possibly have a background in Anthropology and look at that unfortunate child and announce it as the "Smoking gun" because it "looked insect like" and all of the rest of his Jerusalem Cricket/Child of Earth ramblings really is beyond me.
Thanks for following this up, Kevin.

Lance said...

I trying to determine if Don has a "tell" when he is telling the truth. But I can't find any examples to test my theory.


TheUFOGuy said...

I was in the audience at American University when Carey announced the slide, which I then posted on Facebook and it became a shot heard around the world.. After the talk, I spoke with him and said I would be willing to help the release it if he would let me see the picture first, which never happened. When I ran into Tom at a Pennsylvania conference late last year. I told him I could have saved him a lot of grief if I had had a chance to look at it and analyze the slide. He made a sad face and said he wishes he could do it all over again, but hindsight is always 20-20. I felt his pain, but in Ufology it is always best to get as many eyes as possible on something of this nature before you make it public. Lesson learned the hard way.