Monday, July 27, 2020

UAV's and a Little Corroboration for the Latest Story

In Ufology, it seems that every time there is an issue that has a clear solution, someone, somewhere comes up with a new problem. Just last week Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal reported on the continuation of a secret program to gather UFO information. There had been some definitive statements made about crash retrievals and “off world vehicles not made on this earth.”

I talked with John Greenewald about this and he offered an interesting scenario that suggested the “notes” provided by Dr. Eric Davis read more like a scene from a movie script than it did the sort of thing that would be written down during a meeting. His theory is interesting and not completely outside the realm of possibility. You can listen to our discussion here:

I had said that Davis’ brief mention of the Del Rio UFO crash as a real event was problematic. It was single witness and he had radically altered his story from his first telling of it. Robert Willingham, contrary to his claims, had not been an Air Force fighter pilot and had not retired as an Air Force colonel. With those revelations, he took down the Del Rio crash proving it was a hoax. He lied about who he was and how he had been involved. Given that Davis seemed to accept this tale as true suggested that Davis was not the insider he claimed to be.

Now, however, I learned that Lisa Rein, who is the Digital Librarian for the Timothy Leary Archives, has released an interview that she conducted with Dr. Edgar Mitchell in 2010. During that interview, Mitchell said, “…another contact… [ellipses in original] encountered the Admiral in Las Vegas, where he had been looking for and trying to get into the so-called ‘strategic access program’ around the UFO incident and had been denied.”

This sounds suspiciously like the tale that was told to Davis by Admiral Thomas Wilson. Of course, those of you who have been paying attention, realize that no names were appended to this revelation and that Mitchell apparently never said anything like this to anyone else… not to mention that Wilson has denied that the conversation ever took place. So this might refer to something else.

I’m not a fan of plugging in the names here so that it fits with one of the current stories going around the UFO field. I mention this in the interest of fairness, because it is suggestive of some sort of reality behind what Davis has claimed. There are the other problems with Davis’ version of some events and his seeming lack of knowledge about the discredited Del Rio UFO crash is evidence of that. This isn’t actually enough to validate the claim but it is enough for us to say, “Well, maybe, but probably not.”    

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