Thursday, July 23, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - John Greenewald

This week was a two-part show with John Greenewald, inspired by the renewed interest in the Dr. Eric Davis notes about an alleged meeting with Admiral Thomas Wilson. We began, however talking about the recent events at the top of the MUFON organization and how that might hurt them in the long run. You can listen to the shows here:

We then talked about John’s theory that the notes Davis took read more like a
John Greenewald
Hollywood script than the notes of a meeting. John explained his theory on that, and that he’d, in the past, emailed Davis a number of times without response. John also mentioned why he didn’t accept the notes, finding fault with Davis’ discussion, in another interview, of classified documents. Davis had said that classified documents wouldn’t be released for 25 years, even under FOIA. Both John and I knew that wasn’t correct.

 I mentioned Davis’ claim that the Del Rio UFO crash was real. I have investigated that, and the alleged witness, Robert Willingham, and determined the case to be a hoax. You can read about my investigation here:

Well, I think that proves the point if not bury it completely. Willingham’s claims annoyed me because of his creation of an Air Force career that he didn’t have and wearing of medals that he hadn’t earned (with the exception of those awarded by the Civil Air Patrol).

In the second hour, we shifted to the idea of Disclosure and to the AATIP program. John provided some information that the sightings from the USS Nimitz might not have been anything of an extraterrestrial nature. He cited documents that he had recovered through FOIA. Some of the earlier documents didn’t actually mention UAPs (the new term for UFO) but suggested terrestrial explanations. John did make it clear that there is not, at the moment, a clear solution for what was seen, only that there is some ambiguity in the witness statements and the evidence.

I said that I had thought, upon the first release of the videos, that we were moving closer to Disclosure, but John thought that hadn’t really moved us in that direction. He, like me, just don’t believe that Disclosure is close. Assuming for the moment that there is any great UFO secret to disclose, the government and the military have no motivation to disclose anything.

John did say that he thought of Disclosure as more of a personal event, meaning that each person could look at the evidence and decide what it meant. For some, the evidence of alien visitation was solid and for others the question was still open… neither of us actually thought about the skeptical point of view that there was nothing to disclose and therefore would be no Disclosure.

Next up is John M. Tiller who is a member of Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies and who edited their latest publication. We’ll delve into their mission and what that latest publication revealed.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of SCU, but have done little with them in the last year. If you have any questions, submit them through the comments section here.

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