Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Bermuda Triangle Solved - Again, for the Fourth Time

No matter how many times I post about the Bermuda Triangle and the true explanation for it, someone comes up the scientific find that will explain it all. The latest was an article by Ryan Unger in an article entitled “Scientists Find Evidence that May Finally Explain the Bermuda Triangle.”

My response?


As those of you who visit here on a regular basis know, I have explained, repeatedly, that the Bermuda Triangle is a manufactured mystery. That means that those who have written about or investigated the Triangle have overlooked the evidence, misrepresented the case or just repeated what others have written about it. They haven’t gone to the original sources to learn the truth, just repeated whatever

seemed to support their belief structure.

As I have mentioned, I was, at one time, a member of the 440th Tactical Airlift Wing which lost a plane in the Triangle. Before you all go searching the Internet about this, I was in a subordinate unit, the 928th Tactical Airlift Group. While visiting the Wing Headquarters, I asked about the loss of the plane, and was told that it had crashed. They had some of the wreckage from it. That means, of course, it didn’t vanish without a trace, only that it crashed. You can read the longer article here:

Anyway, this latest “explanation,” was that Rogue Waves were the culprit in pulling down the ships. It is a very plausible explanation, given that the waves can be 100 feet high and can swamp a ship in seconds. There would be no chance for a distress call and if the ship turned turtle, meaning capsized, it would sink nearly intact.

The problem here is that Unger mentioned the loss of Flight 19. A Rogue Wave would not take down an aircraft. They just aren’t tall enough to do that. Although Unger mentioned Flight 19, he didn’t say a word about the impossibility of a wave knocking an aircraft out of the sky. There are some interesting ideas about what happened to Flight 19 and I did explore those on my radio show/podcast. You can listen to those interviews here.

My real point is that Unger didn’t address the problem with aircraft and he didn’t really write about anything that hasn’t been suggested before. This seemed to be click bait, which worked on me until I got tired of the story moving into arenas that has nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle. Just be glad that you didn’t have to click through 40 pages of three sentence text and 9 million ads to learn nothing new. I did that for you.

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Kevin: I have been reading your blog after discovering in while PBB was airing.Back in the day, when there was that page of UFO UPDATE links and you had an aol email, I sent you a note and you replied with a thank you.

I've been wanting to write again,to thank you for being the most balanced writer in the field. I still have my original copy of THE OCTOBER SCENARIO. I sent PROJECT MOON DUST to a friend in Houston and you have one more gigantic fan.

I'm still writing and back in the 90s I told you I was old as dirt and now I'm older than even older dirt. No need to print this, my actual email is, becaue being this ancient I often forget to look at gmail. All the best to you, sir. ---Wayne Allen Sallee, Chicago