Thursday, July 02, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Calvin Parker (Second Interview)

This week I spoke with Calvin Parker who appeared on the show several months ago. We began with a brief recap of his original experience. For those who might not have been familiar with his story, you can listen to that earlier show here:

We talked about other witnesses to the case, that is people who had seen the original abduction in 1973. These were people who had not come forward then, but
Calvin Parker
who had made comments later. According to Calvin, Philip Mantle followed up on some of this, locating several witnesses who either saw Charles Hickson and Calvin carried into the craft, or had seen the craft. You can listen to that show here:

I had wanted to talk with him about something he had said at the end of the last show. He had mentioned then of another experience that took place twenty years later, in 1993. This seemed to be another encounter and he thought that it was with the same crew that had abducted him in 1973.

I also was curious if anyone had written anything down in 1973 that might provide some documentation about the events. Calvin suggested that the Coast Guard had some sort of record from 1973, but it seems that the event then was not directly related to the abduction. There should also be a Coast Guard record from the 1993 event because his wife called the Coast Guard when he didn’t come home for hours. While they hadn’t gotten the search off the ground before he returned, there should be a record of the missing person call having been made. And, of course, a record of the search being cancelled when Calvin returned home about 3 a.m. This all becomes clear when you listen to the interview.

Next up is John Steiger, who had created a series of plays, courtroom dramas, to examine, in that sort of arena, the evidence for some of the most famous UFO cases including Roswell and Rendlesham. This is an interesting way of looking at the evidence. If you have questions, append them here, and I’ll attempt to get them asked during the program.

In following weeks, I hope to talk with another former cast member of Treasure Quest for his insights into that program. For those who missed it, I spoke with another cast member, Keith Plaskett months ago. You can find the link here:


Woody said...

So refreshing, an investigator who cares about what was reported and when it was reported. Unfortunately, information that is not a part of the original reports, well within the time-frame of the supposed event, we view as 'new witnesses' and 'new evidence' which rises in us immediatley a feeling of foul dout. Such an amazing event, shall I claim that my unbelief left me unwilling to report at the time? Is it worth it? Will I be believed after so long? Can a serious investigator add much fucking weight to a case with newer witnesses? Are we pushing a boulder uphill?
Thanks for this post mate.

Clarence said...

"...Next up is John Steiger, who had created a series of plays, courtroom dramas, to examine, in that sort of arena, the evidence for some of the most famous UFO cases..."

If by this statement you mean that UFO cases can be examined via ordinary means employed in a US court of law, then I heartily agree. It's difficult to find a UFO skeptic who doesn't parrot the line "eyewitness testimony is unreliable", seemingly unaware the latter is one of the cornerstones of US jurisprudence. I've always been of the opinion that a number of disciplines should be brought to bear on the UFO question, especially and including historians and even lawyers, both trained in how to evaluate certain types of evidence...

John Steiger said...

Clarification: The first play in my new book THE UFO TRILOGY: Dramas for the Stage is a courtroom drama about Roswell. The second involves a Board of Inquiry about Rendlesham Forest. And the last play of the three concerns the Brooklyn Bridge alien abductions -- allegedly including the UN Secretary-General (!) -- and features a debate as to the event's veracity among the principals involved. Thank you for your interest.

Louis Nicholson said...

As a retired trial lawyer with a strong interest in ufology, especially Roswell, I am glad you mentioned Steiger's book. I have to get a copy.