Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Latest NAVY UAP Video

One frame from the latest Navy video of a UAP.

As I have mentioned, John Greenewald and I had discussed the Navy release of videos that seemed to show a triangular-shaped object near their ships. In one case, it was said that the object was a mere 700 feet over the USS Russell. The Navy verified that the videos were authentic, meaning only that they were videos taken by Navy personnel and had come from Navy sources. It didn’t mean that the Navy was saying that the videos showed alien spacecraft, though, at the moment, there is no terrestrial solution for the sightings. You can see the video here:

During our off-line discussions, John suggested that this might be Condon 2.0. Here he was referring to the 1969 study of UFOs made at the University of Colorado and chaired by Dr. Edward Condon. Although it was wrapped in the trappings of science, it was clear, from both documents released years later and comments by Condon at the time, that this was not a serious scientific study. The conclusions were drawn before the research began, and those conclusions were the ones reached at the end. Illustrative of this point was a letter written by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hippler to Dr. Robert Low, of the Condon committee. I have written about all that at this blog and you can read these postings here:

What all this means is that the real purpose of the Condon Committee was to end the Air Force investigation into UFOs and convince the public, and science, that there was nothing to the sightings. All could be explained in the terrestrial.

Condon was actually the second attempt at this. The first took place in 1953 in a panel chaired by Dr. H. P. Robertson. Their conclusion was that there was nothing to UFOs other than a great deal of misinformation, misidentification and a misunderstanding of science. The panel suggested that sightings be debunked and when sightings that had once seemed mysterious were explained, the public fascination with UFOs would disappear.

They also saw a national security aspect. The military communication channels might be flooded with UFO reports at a time of national emergency. The panel wanted to alert the government to this possibility. You can read about the Robertson Panel in many sources including The UFO Encyclopedia by Jerome Clark, UFOs and Government by Dr. Michael Swords and Robert Powell (and many others) and several of my books, including The Conspiracy of Silence.

So, how does that get us to the latest Navy release?

John was suggesting that we have been presented with some intriguing information that seems inexplicable. He thought that there might be some classified drone project that was responsible for the sightings. He thought the plan might be to allow these seeming unidentified objects gain some national exposure and then they would be revealed as a drone project. People would hear these explanations and believe, as they had in the past, that once again, the UFOs, or in this case, the UAPs, had been identified. Nothing to see here.

And while that is an interesting theory, there might be another reason for this. A fellow calling himself JoeWhip provided another solution for the Navy sightings. He wrote, “This seems like the explanation for the triangle UAP. Color me totally unimpressed with these leaks. None show anything interesting, other than the tic tacs.” He then provided a link to a YouTube video:

Before you go look at that, let me add a little history here. Back in the 20th century, when video tape and video cameras were all the rage, I was often shown or given copies of UFO sightings that had been taped. In one case the object hovered in the distance for a long time until it slowly faded away. It was described as the “Bat Signal,” meaning that it had a couple of semicircles as the top and one at the bottom that vaguely resembled the Bat Signal. But this was the result of attempting to video tape a point of light in the distance. The camera, unable to resolve the image compensated so that it looked like a circular object with those markings on it. The point is that this was a camera artifact created when someone attempted to tape Venus early in the morning. Venus, of course, faded away as the sun rose and overpowered Venus as a light source.

Take a look at the video JoeWhip linked, and then look at the Navy videos. It seems that here is a good explanation for the videos that we have. I find it hard to believe that someone in the Navy didn’t know exactly what the videos showed. The similarity is difficult to reject.

I will note that this doesn’t explain all the sightings by the Naval personnel, and it doesn’t explain why there are reports of the object following one of the ships for 90 minutes, or how they determined that the UAP was 700 feet over the ship. It does seem to suggest that the video released by the Navy is an artifact created by the night optics in use and the video equipment in play.

This is why the John suggested we are at Condon 2.0. We have a mystery. It has received play in the mainstream media, and then, suddenly, we be given an explanation. Once again, UFOs, or in his case, a UAP, is explained in the mundane. This doesn’t negate all the great UFO information that has been collected but it does seem to explain this latest video. People tend to remember the explanation rather than the mystery and then reject all the other relevant information.

No, I’m not 100 percent convinced that these latest videos are explained, but I have to say, it does look that way. What we need now is more information about the visual sightings by those who weren’t using night vision equipment, and if the objects were tracked by radar. We need more information before we can mark explained to the whole body of sightings, but all that is lost in the videos the Navy released.



RWE said...

I think this explanation makes a good point. Recall that 20 plus years ago people were reporting the existence of bizarre but unseen insect like creatures? They were being found by people outside at night with the new digital videocameras.

Eventually I think everyone realized that the creatures were just ordinary insects that were reflecting lights and the videocameras were recording it as strange shapes as a result of the movement and the internal processing of the cameras. This looks like the same kind of thing.

Note also that some of the new video was taken by aircrew holding a cellphone up against the canopy. The opportunities for distorted pictures appear to be numerous. The question is, though, what were the aircrew seeing that led them to try to take pictures of it?

Now, note that the original "Tictac" and "Gyro" pictures were taken with on-board built in tracking equipment and presumably are not as subject to such problems, but neither are they immune to them. The equipment used seems to be IR, and in the case of the Chilean helicopter the object being tracked apparently had a temperature of 700F, which is much too warm for an ordinary aircraft. On the other hand they say the "gyro" shows a lot of cold air around it. You have to wonder that even if the equipmentis working Okay if what really is there is being masked because it is IR.

John Gosling said...

There's another intriguing explanation offered here.

Capt Steve said...

The bigger mystery here, and this is just my opinion, is WHY are these videos being released? Where is the advantage for the Navy in releasing this material?

And does any of this tie in with the Colorado mystery drones from 2019-2020?

Clarence said...

I agree with Captain Steve: why create a mystery for no good reason? If the navy had just denied the videos were real, or didn't originate with the US Navy, who could prove otherwise? Fatso Joe Nickell would just blog "see, I told you so". The only thing I can figure is that in a few weeks the navy will admit the objects are either ours, or photographic artifacts, and then use it against UFO researchers who have jumped all over what they think the film is showing....

Lemurian said...

Aztec UFO Crash: Yes It Happened:

Unknown said...

Late to the discussion here, but in this "pyramid" UAP video - nobody (at least that I have seen) seems to mention that these craft appear to have FAA approved anti-collision strobes.

Pyramids, lens distortions, alien craft, drones, whatever - they have strobes... WHY?

If they aren't ours, if they are ALIEN or enemy craft, why would they have pulsing strobes?