Thursday, June 16, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: Drones, Disclosure and Sightings


When the Navy released the videos several years ago, I thought Disclosure had taken a step or two forward. Congress demanded a report from the Director, National Intelligence that did nothing to move us forward. Now we learn that the 2019 sightings over Navy ships in the Pacific were, in fact drones. I haven’t seen the full report yet, but it seems that the drones might have been controlled by a “mother ship” owned by Hong Kong. This doesn’t bode well for Disclosure.

However, on the other side of the coin, NASA announced that they were commissioning a team to begin studying the UFOs this fall. The study will focus on identifying available data, how best to collect it and how NASA can use the data for a scientific understanding of UFOs… which is what the Condon Committee was supposed to do a half century ago but had a different, secret agenda.

This, however, seems to be a step toward Disclosure because, in years past, NASA wanted nothing to do with UFOs, no matter the scientific answers that might be found.

So, while NASA and the government are gearing up to do what has been done in the past, there are still interesting sightings being reported. MUFON’s Case Management System provided the following.

The witness, out walking his dog in Scotland on January 22 of this year said that he noticed a star-like object and thought it strange enough that he began filming with his cell phone. It was a triangular-shaped object moving at a slow speed. He said the UFO flew behind a cloud and he thought it should emerge quickly into a clear sky. That didn’t happen. He said that he waited for about thirty minutes and believed that cloud had drifted inland. About fifteen minutes later he filmed a helicopter returning from off shore.

The witness said that this was the third sighting in under a month. MUFON Field Investigator James Dallas investigated, closing the case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

In a report filed to the National UFO Reporting Center on the day it happened, May 30 of this year, from Ocotillo Wells, California, the witness said that the UFO popped out of nowhere. The object was spinning and seemed to be moving from side to side. The witness said that there was pod on top of the object like that seen on other UFOs, which I took to mean a dome. There were short legs under it and the craft had a disk shape. It was a yellowish-orange color that slowly faded.

The witness and his father took pictures of the UFO and video of the movements. Both Jupiter and Venus were visible in the sky and the witness was able to identify them both, ruling them out. Given the shape and the size, they ruled out a drone, and as the sky darkened, the UFO began to camouflage itself.

The Ocotello Wells, CA UFO

One of the interesting aspects of the report was that everyone saw many aircraft in the sky, except when the UFO was there. Then they didn’t see any aircraft.

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