Thursday, June 23, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: Updaptes and Sightings

Periodically, I find it necessary to update some of the reports. Last week, I mentioned the Chinese had detected a signal, using their Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope know as FAST. At the time, they believed the signal had been sent by aliens. Specifically, they thought the signal came from Kepler 438b, which would be the second planet in the Kepler star system. It is described as a rocky planet, estimated as being one and a half times the size of Earth and is in the Goldilocks Zone, meaning it was warm enough to have liquid water. Kepler 438 is a red dwarf star in the constellation Lyra.

The Chinese FAST Radio Telescope.

Dan Werthimer, from the University of California at Berkely, who, among others wrote a paper about the discovery said that the signals were radio interference from Earth. It is radio pollution.

This sort of thing has happened in the past. Each time the signals have ultimately been identified as natural phenomena or from a terrestrial created sources. The lone exception is the WOW signal detected by the Big Ear Radio Observatory at The Ohio State University on August 15, 1977. It has not been repeated which is one of the criteria set up as the standard for proof of alien life. I have posted information about the WOW signal and you can read it here:

I should note that I had posted an article about a possible identification of the signal which you can read here:

I mention that simply because it is necessary to view all the information available before making a decision on the importance of the WOW Signal. Given that, it is necessary to point out now that this theory has been discredited. Scientists with the Big Ear research team dismissed the claim because there were no comets in the right position as the time the signal was detected. Seems that there still is no natural solution for the signal.

I mentioned a sighting from Evansdale, Iowa, on April 21 and posted a photograph here. This was probably a picture of a Starlink satellite. More of these satellites are being launched and we’ll have to aware of them as possible sources of UFO sightings. You can find out about Starlink satellites at their tracking website found at

But there are interesting cases out there. Just last week, on June 16, two witnesses, a man and a woman, were eating dinner in their home between Weatherford, Texas and Mineral Wells. Out the window they have a good view of the prairie and to the west, saw what at first looked like a glowing ball of bright orange light. It came closer and they said that they could see that it was elongated, which is what I call cigar shaped. They estimated that it was about fifty feet long and they thought it was twenty feet in diameter. It was flying above the trees in a straight line. Although it was in view for about four minutes, neither thought about getting any video of it. They were just amazed at what they were seeing. It finally just flew out of sight.

A witness was preparing for bed in Comfort, Texas, and was looking out the window over the hay field. He saw a bright light flash across the sky. He said, “It moved extremely fast… the light was bright and did not have a tail or appear to be a shooting star.”

He said that the light seemed to be already in motion when it appeared and that it disappeared just as fast as it had shown up. He said that his wife and kids were in bed at the time so they didn’t see anything.

It was only about two to three miles away by his estimate. He said that he lives on a farm and is familiar with the night sky. He said that he was stumped by the sighting and said he reported it to see if anyone else had seen the same thing.

And finally, here’s a quick one. The witness in Middletown, Rhode Island, said he saw a slow moving, tic-tac shaped object that was in sight for about ten seconds. There was no exhaust. I mention this only because it resembles the case from the Weatherford, Texas, area. 

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Capt Steve said...

Hi Kevin,

If I recall Carl Sagan stated that SETI listening programs actually collected 10 or so candidate signals, none of them repeating or as strong a candidate as WOW. Not detecting repeat signals would seem to rule out attempts at deliberate messages (although, see David Messchersmitt's work) but might be detections of leakage or accidental signal propagation.

The problem with SETI is that it's very, very easy to fall into speculative rabbit holes. At least with UFOs we've got data.

Thanks for posting some reports. It always surprises laypeople when I tell them that UFOs *never went away*and that there are always new reports being filed. It's as if the idea of UFOs is so commonplace to most people that they're just part of the socio-cultural background (I'm looking at you, Vallee).