Friday, July 01, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: Roswell Information and Current Sightings

I see where the mainstream media has finally started reporting on the story that drones might be responsible for some of those 144 incidents that started the latest interest in UFOs if we are to believe what they say. I, of course, reported on that last week. Now, however, some of the sailors are saying that it wasn’t drones.

That too is something I have seen before. There are times when witnesses with insist that a sighting is of something alien when there is a good terrestrial explanation for it. That’s not to say the sailors are wrong, only that we need more information and that doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. I’ll keep an eye on this.

We’re now beginning the 75th anniversary celebration of the Roswell UFO crash. I thought I would point out a couple of facts that have been overlooked by those who wish to push the Project Mogul balloon solution. The mainstream media and the debunkers keep coming back to this solution, rejecting the idea that the documentation refutes it. I always wonder why they ask for documentation and when it doesn’t confirm their beliefs, they reject it.

Mogul Flight #4, the culprit in all this, was cancelled according to that documentation. Charles Moore told me that they couldn’t put the helium back in the bottles, so they ran an experiment with a cluster of balloons, which was not a full flight. The make-up of those clusters did not include rawin targets which supposedly accounted for the metallic debris found by Mack Brazel.

In fact, according to the documentation, there were no rawin targets used on those first flights in New Mexico, which is more proof that the pictures taken of the alleged debris in General Ramey’s office were staged and did not show material brought from Roswell.

When Mack Brazel traveled to the sheriff’s office in Roswell, he brought samples of the material with him. In other words, Major Jesse Marcel saw remnants of the craft and had it been a balloon, he would have recognized it as such and there would have been no reason for him to go to the ranch. That material was sent to Fort Worth according to testimony by Colonel Thomas DuBose, the 8th Air Force chief of staff at the time. I have much more about this on my blog and in my book Understanding Roswell.

While that was 75 years ago, there are interesting sightings today. On June 20 of this year, in Pleasantville, Iowa, the witness was washing his car and taking pictures. Although he didn’t see anything unusual, when he reviewed the pictures later, he found a strange object in one of them. A picture taken moments later had no object in it.

The black UFO just to the right of the tree.

On June 19, in the Queens, New York, area, the witness was traveling southbound over the Whitestone Bridge and saw six to eight bright objects in the western sky. The UFOs were stationary but then would change formation in the blink of an eye. One of the objects broke off, flying off diagonally. The formation was close together and was in sight for about six minutes.

The Queens, New York formation photograph

Also on June 19, this time near Cordova, Alabama, the witness said that while sitting on the back deck, both he and his wife, saw a bright light that had a ring following it. He said that both the light and the ring moved in unison, and were in sight for about ten minutes. It eventually disappeared over the eastern horizon.

The spectacular Cordova sighting of a SpaceX launch.

There was a similar sighting, on the same date in Omaha, Oklahoma. The witnesses were sitting around a bonfire, when they saw a bright light, trailed by a smoke ring. They, of course, took a picture. I suspect these last two are of a SpaceX launch and mention them to let others know what these unusual displays look like.

The Omaha photograph taken about the same time on the same day, proving this
was a SpaceX rocket.


Linţă Petruţ-Valentin said...

Hi Kevin !!
What do you think of this witness? Could you write an article about this testimony?

‘FOUR dead alien bodies were lifted with a crane and hauled away’ after Roswell UFO crash, retired cop claims

KRandle said...

I have posted to articles about this bogus story. You can find them here:

And if that doesn't work, just type Forgus into the search engine.

BTW: I notice that the newspaper used my picture of the Kaufmann site with neither credit nor attribution.

KRandle said...

Yes, I clicked on the picture and found a credit for it... my bad.

Paul Young said...

The Sun regurgitates old UFO stories on a regular basis. Todays effort is the Thomas Mantell incident.