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Understanding Roswell - Addendum 1

 As has become normal, in reviewing one thing, I find another that is of interest to all of us here. To get to that point, let me explain that for decades, I have believed that the Glenn Dennis tale of a call from the Army about small coffins and later of a nurse who had seen the bodies of the alien flight crew killed in the Roswell crash, was bogus. I believed that because, after we had proven there was no nurse in Roswell named Naomi Self and that there had been no nurse anywhere in the Army named Naomi Self, Dennis changed the name. Not exactly a small difference.

Glenn Dennis

I’ve laid all this out in several arenas, explaining why this, and a few other things, led me to the conclusion that the Dennis testimony was fabricated. There was some evidence to the contrary. L. M. Hall, a former military police man at the Roswell Army Air Field, and later a motorcycle police officer and then police chief in Roswell provided some confirmation of the Glenn Dennis tale. Hall signed an affidavit about his experience. He wrote:

One day in July 1947, I was at Ballard’s on a break, and Glenn and I were in the driveway batting the breeze. I was sitting on my motorcycle, and Glenn stood nearby. He remarked, “I had a funny call from the base. They wanted to know if we had any baby caskets.” Then he started laughing and said, “I asked what for and they said they wanted to bury those aliens,” something to that effect. I thought it was one of those “gotcha” jokes, so I didn’t bite. He never said anything else about it and I didn’t either.

Ballard's Funeral Home in Roswell, New Mexico.

I hadn’t thought about this little bit of information in a long time because I didn’t believe Glenn Dennis. However, there is another aspect to this story. After I had published a story about all this in April 2020, in a post to the blog, I received an interesting comment. You can read that story here:

There were 47 comments on that story, some of which were others repeating the same tired arguments about the reliability of the Dennis testimony. However, you can read the comment here (it is number 47):

I'm Chief Halls Granddaughter, Cynthia (Hall) Ortiz. Ramm is my mother's maiden name and an alias. My Granlaw [sic] didn't say anything that he actually saw but just verified what Dennis said. He was a city councilman at the time of his affidavit. That museum makes a ton of money for Roswell so they revived the story for that reason and frankly it was a brilliant idea. The story at home from was that he didn't believe aliens even exist much less that they landed in Roswell and his affidavit is frankly indicative of that as it's basically benign. It's not a smoking gun for sure.

The point is that if Dennis was lying, then the affidavit is in error. Dennis may well have told Hall the story, and Hall believed it but it probably wasn’t told to him in 1947. Dennis didn’t become involved in all this until the 1990s. Prior to that, Dennis was a non-entity in the Roswell tale and now he has been rejected as a participant.

I just thought that it was interesting that we have a different perspective on both Dennis and Hall at this point. All Hall ever did was suggest that Dennis had told him the story about small coffins in 1947 and I believe that is in error. At this point, Hall becomes a footnote in the sorry saga of Glenn Dennis and his ordering child-sized coffins.

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