Thursday, August 11, 2022

Coast to Coast AM - Alien Abductions


Those who follow my work know that I’m not a fan of abduction tales. I believe that many have a terrestrial explanation but also think that some, such as the Hickson – Parker abduction of 1973, with its multiple witnesses makes a good case for a 

Calvin Parker
limited number of abduction tales. In the Hickson – Parker abduction, there is an Air Force document dated October 12, 1973, the day after the abduction in which two other men are named as having witnessed part of the event. That makes for some interesting corroboration.

We now might be able to supply another case that has some outside, corroborating evidence, thanks to Fran Ridge and his MADAR network. On April 10 of this year, near Clarksburg, West Virginia, the witnesses, returning home, saw a cigar-shaped object hovering about 30 feet in the air displaying rainbow-colored lights. As the witnesses approached a blue-green light was shined down on them.

After about three or four minutes, the UFO shot up to a few hundred feet and disappeared into the northwest. The witnesses heard no sound but said they were aware of a low audible hum or buzz while it hovered near them.

One of the witnesses looked back down the hill and saw another object that seemed to appear out of nowhere. This second craft scanned the car with a blue-green light, paying particular attention to the woman, who was pregnant. The light seemed to linger on her, worrying the man greatly. This apparently lasted about ten minutes and then the UFO climbed rapidly and disappeared in the same direction as the first object.

Once the UFO was gone, the couple finished their journey home. They realized there was a time lapse of about two hours, suggesting an encounter that lasted much longer than they thought. Once they reached home, they both worried about possible contamination from the UFO. They both showered. The male witness said that he hadn’t felt right since the encounter.

Ridge reported that MADAR Node 192 recorded interesting spikes at the time of the incident. There were multiple sensor readings, including a compass heading deviation. This is, of course, suggestive of some sort of anomaly in the area at the time of the encounter, providing corroboration for the report.

Fred Saluga, the MUFON State Director for West Virginia and Brian Seech, a MUFON Field Investigator, made several attempts to contact the witnesses through phone, email and letters, but have received no responses. Fran Ridge tried as well and failed as well.

Ridge said that this was strange because the witnesses had reported the sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center and checked the box for investigation, meaning, of course, they were interested in someone following up on the case.

What they don’t know, which is important, is that the closest MADAR site recorded anomalies at the time of the sighting. That might influence them to cooperate with some of the investigating parties but if they continue to refuse, then there is little else that can be done.

Bob Spearing reported that this was similar to two cases from Yorkshire, England, including one told by Police Constable Alan Godfrey. While out on assignment in late 1980, he saw a rotating, diamond-shaped object some twenty feet tall and fourteen feet wide. He said that bushes under the craft were trembling though there wasn’t any wind.

Godfrey said that he was attracted to the object, but that he was also frightened by it. While he sat in his car, he realized that he was seeing something unconventional and tried to use his radio. When that failed, his police training kicked in and he made a sketch of the UFO.

He reported that one moment he was looking at the UFO and the next he was about one hundred yards down the road. The object was gone but he had flashbacks of getting out of his car and a voice telling him he should not look at the UFO.

Realizing that something did not fit, Godfrey was eventually put into a hypnotic trace by psychologist Dr. Robert Blair and psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Jaffee. That provided additional information. Godfrey said that he had gotten out of the car, but then returned to it, but it wouldn’t start. He was then struck with a light and lost consciousness.

He was floated to the craft and through an opening in it. There was a rounded room that had some corners, seemed to be carpeted, contained a bed and machinery. There was a man called Joseph sitting at a table, who was described as human with a thin nose, beard and moustache. Although sitting down, Godfrey said the man was six feet tall, was wearing a skull cap and sheet, making him look somewhat biblical.

Also present were eight metallic robots about three and a half feet tall, wearing what was described as lampshades on their heads, and eyes that were in a line. They touched him, making beeping sounds. There was a large black dog present.

Without resisting, Godfrey was led to the bed and laid down. A light from the ceiling shone down on him and through telepathy was told that all this was not meant for him. Joseph touched Godfrey and everything went black for a while.

He said that the robots removed his shoes and manipulated his toes while instruments were painfully attached to his arms and legs. While this was happened, Godfrey remembered a ball of fire he had seen as a child and Joseph explained they had met before.

Godfrey remembered other events that can only be called paranormal. In one, he and his girlfriend were driving when a woman stepped out in front of the car. Although he thought he hit her, they could find no trace of the woman. He said that when he got home, he could not account for two hours.

I’m not sure why Spearing thought this case matched the latest report, but it is one of the two he pointed out. There wasn’t enough information available, at the moment, to locate the other report.

All this information was assembled thanks to Fran Ridge, NUFORC, Jennie Randles (no relation, please note the ending “S”) and Dr. Thomas Bullard. I will attempt to learn more about that second case and will report anything of interest that I find here.


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Paul Young said...

Kevin... Alan Godfrey would probably be a really interesting person for you to interview on your show, though I understand he's not been in the best of health this last couple of years.

I've always found the Godfrey case to be the most compelling possible abduction to have come out of the UK...not only for what he believed happened to him that morning (around 05.30ish) but the Zigmund Adamski case that Godfrey was involved with a few months earlier.