Friday, August 12, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Tom Carey Retires


This week I reached out to Tom Carey, who, while in Roswell for the 75th Anniversary, announced his retirement from UFO research. I thought it would be interesting to talk about that and learn just what it meant. You can listen to the show here:

And for those with a more visual orientation, you can watch the show here:

Before we got to that, we did talk about how he had gotten into UFO research, and I learned it wasn’t so much an interest in UFOs as it was an interest in the Roswell case. He had joined MUFON and later CUFOS, for the publications rather than being sucked into UFO investigation. He did do some of that, but soon realized that a tale of another light in the sky didn’t actually advance our knowledge. There were lots of those stories but with little evidence other than the testimony of the witness.

Tom Carey at his table at the Roswell Festival.

This was a conclusion that I had realized as well. A private pilot flying over the town at three in the morning with his landing light on and the wind blowing away from the witness might only see the light. Without other information, just the witness on the ground reporting the light, there is no real way to find an explanation.

Tom concentrated on the Roswell case to the exclusion of most other cases. But he said that the witnesses are all gone now. If the soldier was twenty in 1947, he was now 95, if still alive. The case had devolved into the second and third hand witnesses. Those who heard the story from fathers or brothers or others who had been in Roswell in 1947.

I mentioned Dalton Smith who had popped up on my radar about a week earlier. As noted in the posting about him, we hadn’t run into that name before. I learned through the documentation available that he had served in Roswell and more importantly, had shared an office with Jesse Marcel.

What I hadn’t mentioned in that earlier post but did during the show, was that the diary, that had been the focus of a documentary a few years back, which wasn’t written by Marcel based on a handwriting analysis, might well have been written by Smith. It was in a “Memorandum” booklet that was everywhere in the Army as one point. Tens of thousands of them had been issued for taking notes. It is possible that when Marcel was reassigned and took his person possessions with him, had picked up the diary that Smith had been keeping… or when Smith left, he didn’t take the diary with him so that Marcel ended up with it.

None of that really matters because there was nothing in the diary about the UFO found near Corona in 1947. Not even a reference to the “official answer” of weather balloon. It was an interesting but irrelevant document.

And speaking of documents, I asked Tom about his opinion of the Ramey Memo. Tom said that the first time he had projected the memo in an enlarged fashion, he saw the critical term, “victims of the wreck.” That reading is not universal and there are other interpretations of it that do not lead to the extraterrestrial.

There were other questions I wanted to ask but we ran out of time. We could have talked about MJ-12 and the Alien Autopsy, for example. Next week, however, I’ll be talking with John Shirley who has a more skeptical approach to the subject of UFOs.

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CommanderCronus said...

I'd love to see a major motion picture made one day about the Roswell event, but one focused on the real life investigators that broke the story throughout the seventies, eighties, and nineties. It should be told in a respectful way that doesn't depict ufologists as insane conspiracy-minded crackpots (like so many UFO-related movies have done). I believe this a fascinating story that needs to be told.