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David Grusch and the Latest Crash Retrieval Story


By now nearly everyone interested in UFOs, or rather UAPs, has heard about the latest revelations that the US Government has recovered not only alien artifacts, but apparently intact craft and the bodies of the pilots killed in UFO crashes. There are those who say this is the first time that anything like this has received positive public scrutiny, and all is backed up with endorsements by high-ranking military and government officials who are the same ones who have been making claims for years or who are not all that high ranking.

David Charles Grusch, who has some interesting credentials, has been interviewed by several journalists, who also have some interesting credentials, saying that there is evidence suggesting a secret program to recover the UFO material. We do know of a program called Moon Dust, that was originally hidden behind a curtain of classification, that had the mission of recovering unknown objects that have fallen to Earth that are of either foreign manufacture or unknown origin. This project, however, was not highly classified and operated in various government agencies including the Department of State. My book, cleverly called Project Moon Dust covers a great deal of that material, including reporting on the retrieval of many of these objects.

David Grusch and his visible resume.

In fact, Air Force Brigadier General C. H. Bolander made a statement in 1969 that said, “Reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security… are not part of the Blue Book system... [and] should continue to be handled through the standard Air Force procedure designed for this purpose.” He meant that some sightings were not reported to Project Blue Book, the official and publicly identified entity responsible for UFO investigation. This then, could be interpretated as evidence of a secret investigation that was not known to the public, which is indirect confirmation of what Grusch has claimed.

Grusch was adamant that there are several craft, intact, and that the bodies of the pilots were recovered. Unfortunately, and one thing that we need to remember, is that he said he had not seen these himself but was telling what others he respected told him. He said there were documents, but those were not available at the moment. This is the same problem that has plagued such claims for decades.

I did talk to Daniel Sheehan, a lawyer who consulted for a time with the Carter Administration, who said that he too, had seen photographs of downed craft with American military personnel on the site and related, highly classified documents. That interview was reported in UFOs and the Deep State.

I mention those two books because, my research tends to validate some of what Grusch said. But we’re in the same place without the documents or photographs of the debris that we have always found ourselves. I have talked with people who claimed insider status, but who are reluctant to go on the record but talked of secret studies and investigations and recovered artifacts.

This is not the first time that someone has suggested evidence of a secret government program to gain some attention by the main stream media. However, in the past, those claims have never been proven and some of the documentation has been discredited by members of the UFO community.

In the mid-1980s, the media, the UFO community, and most of the United States were fascinated to learn of something called Majestic Twelve or MJ-12. The proponents, who had received several documents anonymously through the mail, alleged that the MJ-12 was a highly placed group of scientists, military officers and government officials who were responsible for the investigation of a UFO recovered outside of Roswell, New Mexico and other alleged crashes.

Those proponents were seen on various TV shows including Nightline, were the subject of a two-hour nationally broadcast documentary that described the whole MJ-12 operation, and were interviewed by countless newspaper reporters. There was very little initial skepticism because they had the documents to show, including a letter or memo written by and signed by then president Harry Truman. Although the coverage was initially positive, it was later shown that MJ-12 and all the subsequent documents were faked. I outlined all this in the book, Case MJ-12, which was updated not all that long ago. You can read more about it here:

And, of course, you can read more information about it in Roswell in the 21st Century and in Understanding Roswell. There is also a section on the Majestic War Plan, a real document that was code named Majestic but that has nothing to do with the MJ-12 or alien spacecraft but does suggest a real problem. There wouldn’t be two separate programs using the same classified code word because of the obvious confusion that would create. The Majestic war plan has a known provenance but the MJ-12 documents have none.

And another worldwide sensation that received positive media coverage was the announcement that several cans of black and white movie footage had been found that showed the autopsy of an alien being. There were claims that some of the footage showed President Truman on the UFO crash site. This was going to blow the lid off the whole UFO question.

One of the creators of the Alien Autopsy video with the crash victim.

Documentaries were prepared about the footage. Most of those documentaries provided little in the way of critical content. In a press conference held in London, attended by reporters and other interested parties from around the world, some of that footage was shown. Naturally, there were critics, but they were mostly ignored because there was actual film footage shown and a promise that more would becoming.

It was later revealed to be a hoax, with those who had created the alien creature providing photographs that showed the creation of the creatures. But the real point is that, in the beginning, those making the claims had something besides the second-hand statements of a man with good credentials. You can read more about the alien autopsy here:

The definitive book on this is Philip Mantle’s Roswell Alien Autopsy. Given his sources, it pretty well ends the discussion.

Or the latest of the worldwide UFO phenomena with a promise of absolute proof including photographs of the alien bodies was announced just a few years ago. This was big news on the world stage for several months with the promise that all would be revealed. The story was that two people, from Midland, Texas, had been friends with President Eisenhower and he had allowed them to not only see the bodies of the beings killed in the Roswell crash, but allowed them to photograph them.

In the beginning, a very poor photo was released online, as sort of a teaser to the big presentation to be held in Mexico City. It was to be streamed live throughout the world, and interest was high for weeks prior to the presentation.

In the end, it was all hype and little else. When we finally saw a high-quality photograph, it took only hours to identify it as an unfortunate child who had died several hundred years ago. You can learn more about it here:

Although this post has a long list of other articles about the Roswell Slides, this one post might provide the best evidence against that whole sad saga. Just type Roswell Slides into the search engine for a more comprehensive list. And, of course, Roswell in the 21st Century has a long analysis of the situation.

In other words, I’m cautious about all this latest interest from the whistleblower and would like to see some evidence other than second-hand statements before I climb out on a limb. As shown, we have been down this road before, and in many of those cases, there was some form of physical evidence attached to the claims being made. It might be in the form of documents, or it might be film of an alien being undergoing a rather cavalier autopsy, but it was something more than one man with good credentials making claims that can’t be backed up at this point.

Here's the thing. Too many of us want to believe, so we are sometimes blinded to the flaws in the story. I have talked to a general, who wished to remain anonymous, who said that the Roswell story was true. He had seen the evidence. Now, why would he risk his career to make a statement like that? I don’t know, but I heard him say it.

While two reputable journalists have reported on the story and the Grasch has been vetted, the point is that he has offered nothing in the way of corroborative evidence. He has promised it is out there but this is not the time to reveal it. So, I report on what has been said, I note that this is not the first time this has happened, and I wait patiently for the evidence to be presented. Until then, this tale joins all the others we have been fed over the years. Without the corroborative evidence, all we really have is an interesting story told by a man who has offered no evidence and that many of us want to believe.


William G. Pullin said...

Agreed Kevin, we have been here before, and likely will be again at some point.

Joe P. said...

The 2 respected reporters, who uncovered the Pentagon's secret UFO investigation between 2007-2012 have staked their reputations on this particular matter along with Coulthart, who is well respected in Australia.Lets hope that they can make headway especially since they will be contesting a massive federal bureaucracy with an arsenal of legal council to contest every move they attempt to bring forth transparency to the American public.

goldfive said...

My feeling is that Grusch isn't a fabricator, in the sense of a Frank Kaufmann or Glenn Dennis--just spinning stories because he's good at convincing people etc. As I understand it, Grusch has given testimony under oath to members of Congress. Generally, politicians don't want to touch this topic with a ten foot pole, given the ridicule associated with it--so if this guy makes them look like fools, they could end up making his life very difficult for lying under oath. It is possible of course that he's being used by others for disinfo, and then he'll be thrown to the wolves by those same people when his tales don't check out. But he's said that he's known many of his sources for his whole career,and trusts them. Also, the reporters that broke the story have other sources confirming what Grush has said. The lawyer representing him is apparently the former Inspector General of the CIA (or something like that) -- I mean all these people around him and supporting him have to be uber-skeptical given the subject matter-- none of them wants to be tarnished by false claims of such an unbelievable nature-- so we have to hope that they've done their due diligence on him and his claims.

andycher said...


This was one of your best articles and I've been reading you since UFO magazines were in cigar stores. I realize that my politics are definitely not yours, but I think you might consider this: people like generals lie all the time and don't consider your feelings for even a nanosecond. Joe McCarthy's list, Reagan's welfare queens, 'UAP insiders,' its all the same. Ever listen to Shootout At The Fantasy Factory?
I'm not from Missouri but the principle is the same. Talk is cheap.