Sunday, October 15, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Tony Angiola and Ben Moss

Ben Moss
A few weeks ago, I had said that I’d have Ben Moss on the program, but various problems kept that from happening. This week I had planned to talk with Tony Angiola and we were able to get Ben to the microphone as well. The topic was the Socorro UFO landing. They had been continuing their investigation into the sighting, and as I said, some of the things they had told me a year ago sparked my interest in the case. For example, they had said that three people had called the Socorro Police Department to say that they had seen a blue flame or a light in the sky the same evening that Zamora had found the landed craft. I was able to find a report written by Captain Richard Holder that very night that mentioned those telephone calls (Well, it wasn’t much of a find because it was right there in the Project Blue Book files for all to see so we have a very good provenance for it.) What was interesting was that the calls were
Tony Angiola
made prior to Zamora reporting anything about the landing to the police dispatcher. Unfortunately, the police dispatcher didn’t take the names of those reporting the sighting. Holder’s report does verify that the calls had been made and what was said. You can listen to the program here:

In my book, published in the last few days, I report on the trail to that specific information that tends to corroborate Zamora after a fashion, and the documents created at the time that do verify the telephone calls. During the program we do talk about why no one in Socorro in 1964 tried to find those witnesses. It wouldn’t have been all that difficult since the path of the object over Socorro was known, Socorro wasn’t all that large, and there was huge interest in the story… though, I suppose the counter argument would be why didn’t those people come forward with their information.

For those who wish to learn more about the Socorro case, including what I discovered in my investigation over the last year, you can find the book here:

The cover of the book, obviously.
I should also point out that the Socorro landing didn’t happen in a vacuum. There were other sightings around that time in New Mexico. True, some of them were hoaxes, and I believe that two men who claimed to have been driving through Socorro at the time of the sightings were not telling the truth. However, we did talk about some of the good sightings that happened within days of the Socorro landing. We gave a good overview, but for those who want the full story, take a look at Encounter in the Desert, my book about this.

Next week’s guest: Brad Steiger

Our topic: Halloween Spooktacular (yeah, I’m a little embarrassed about resorting to that Spooktacular phrase, but hey, it fits… more or less.)

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RedTornado2008 said...

Great interview as always, Dr Randle. I have your book on my wish list and can't wait to read it as there is a lot of information on this case.

I also can't wait for the podcast with Brad Steiger who is a favorite of mine.