Thursday, May 06, 2021

Coast to Coast: Mogul and Updates


Here’s something that annoys me a great deal. I was reading a list of Conspiracies that people still believe and I think you know where this is going. There list contained things you’d expect – Moon Landings Faked, the Earth is flat and Aztec was a real UFO event.

And then we came to Roswell. I had hoped they would leave it off the list, and if they didn’t, they would have, well, a good excuse for including it. Instead, they trotted out the Mogul balloon explanation.

Mogul array flown in NM.

Yes, we know it was claimed that Mogul was highly classified, and the fact that it was an array of balloons and radar target might have made it look unusual. But the truth is, the culprit in this tale, Flight No. 4, did not fly. It had been canceled due to clouds. CAA regs (FAA in modern times) required cancelation for cloudy weather. These arrays were hundreds of feet long and could pose a hazard to aerial navigation if pilots couldn’t see them. Dr. Albert Crary’s field notes confirm cancelation. Crary was in charge of the balloon experiments in New Mexico at the time.

I do not understand why skeptics will believe documentation except when it conflicts with their beliefs. Crary’s diary is quite clear on the point. For those who say that it also mentions a cluster of balloons being launched and we don’t know the make of these clusters, I say, the documentation tells us. 

And contrary to the Mogul myth, Mogul flights in New Mexico were not classified top secret. Crary even mentions Mogul in his unclassified field notes. The ultimate objective of project, to spy on the Soviets was certainly classified, but this has no relevance to what was happening in New Mexico.

We have an acceptance of this poor and debunked explanation by too many who should be asking questions about it. I have gone over this many times and for those who wish to follow up, you can read more about it here:

And if that isn’t enough, just type Mogul into the search engine here and you’ll find more articles discussing Mogul, probably in excruciating detail. I have provided a more cohesive study in Roswell in the 21st Century. However, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention that Tim Printy, at his Sunlite website, has come at this from the other side of the fence. He believes that Mogul is a viable explanation, as do many other skeptics. I simply disagree with them. As far as I’m concerned, there currently is no terrestrial explanation for what fell northwest of Roswell in 1947. You can find Tim’s website here:

But this report, wasn’t just about what I found on a poorly researched website about long lasting conspiracies. It is about what is happening in the world today. From William Puckett’s website, I found a photo taken on February 8. The witness had taken a photograph of two eagles at the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge near Portland, Oregon. He didn’t see the object, which appears in two of the photographs until he was reviewing them later. The object is a silver-colored, fuzzy oval with some sort of a contrail. The preliminary analysis seems to rule out aircraft. You can see the picture at:

In keeping with the trend of UFOs with contrails, there was a sighting from Florida on April 23. The witness, who had gotten up for morning coffee saw a bright object that was too small to be the sun and too large to be a star. I mention this sighting, not because it was a UFO, but it was identified as the Space X Falcon Rocket and the booster that had been launched at the time. I thought it important to point out that we all receive many UFO sightings and most of the time they turn out to be mundane craft. This is one of those times that follow up research provided a plausible explanation for what might be considered an implausible sighting.

And, moving back to Oregon, the witness said that she saw an object about dawn. She thought it looked a bit like a shooting star. She attempted to catch her husband’s attention and when she looked back the UFO was lower, larger and had changed direction. She described the object as a long, cylindrical object with round lights on the underbelly. She reported that there was no noise. She went back inside to get her husband and when she came back out, the UFO was gone.


Lemurian said...

Aztec was a real UFO event!

jlmet said...

I've looked at that contrail photo on UFOs Northwest & it clearly is an aircraft to me. The eagles are the subject of the photo & are in clear focus, but the "contrail object" is out of focus, since it's at a greater distance than the eagles. That’s simply a depth of field issue. As to the round shape of the object at the leading edge of the contrail, that’s likely just a specular reflection from one especially reflective point of the aircraft. I live under multiple high & low aircraft routes & see similar events to this every clear day.

Lemurian said...

Aztec UFO Crash: Yes It Happened:

E8 said...

We know that Charles Moore was launching experimental balloon flights during this time in addition to full Mogul arrays. He was testing balloon materials and radar return targets during the beginning of June using the existing Alamogordo V-2 ground based radar. An in between experimental flight consisting of balloons and radar reflector/targets is likely what crashed. NOT full Mogul array #4. This explains Mac Brazels, who found the debris, newspaper description on July 9, 1947 of rubber strips, foil, tough paper, sticks, scotch tape, and eyelets. Fits a crash of an experimental flight perfectly.

Mogul was not a fully developed program and was still in the experimental stage when it moved to New Mexico. The entire program was in fact canceled in December 1949.

I'll point out again that a spacecraft with debris consisting of rubber, foil, sticks, tape, and eyelets would have to be an astronomical coincidence is made up of the same materials as a balloon flight of radar targets being flown out of Alamogordo in June 1947 only 90 miles away from the crash site.

Unknown said...

Just take a step back and take a clear look at the whole situation. There is zero chance the soldiers at roswell would think rubber tinfoil scotch tape and paper would be something out if this world. Im assuming those guys were the creme of the crop and its insulting that people would think they were dumb and they would be fooled by crap they have seen before. I remember reading they had lots of guys lined up to make sure everything was picked up and repeated this for months and if thats true do you teally believe at no point someone would realise we ate picking up the same foul used for my hershey bar? If ya just take a step back and use common sense the amazing becomes the truth